Angela Tong and Margaret Chung Hold Baby Shower Together

By on August 25, 2015 in NEWS

Angela Tong and Margaret Chung Hold Baby Shower Together

There has been quite a few mother-to-be’s in the entertainment industry recently. Angela Tong (湯盈盈), over eight months pregnant with her second child with actor Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂), recently attended a baby shower with her close friend Margaret Chung (鍾麗淇), who is also pregnant.

Their mutual friends, including Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Annie Man (文頌嫻), Janet Chow (周家蔚), and the pregnant Sherming Yiu (姚樂怡) hosted a baby shower for the two mother-to-be’s at a hotel recently. Carrying daughters, both Angela wore red and Margaret wore pink.

With only a month left until labor, Angela’s belly is large and round. The 40-year-old mother showed off her gigantic belly in a Weibo picture, wearing only a blank bra top and yoga pants.

“I am so thankful to my good sisters who had arranged such an adorable baby shower for me and Margaret to celebrate the little babies in our belly!”

Angela married Ka Lok in November 2012. Their first daughter, Alyssa, was born in March 2013.


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