Angela Tong Cries Over Bashing of Daughter’s Looks

No parents want to hear that their baby is ugly. Angela Tong (湯盈盈) and Chin Ka Lok’s (錢嘉樂) one-year-old baby daughter, Alyssa Chin (錢凱晴), received many remarks on social media that bashed her looks recently.

Since giving birth in March, Angela often accepts interviews with Alyssa by her side. Recently, a family photo of the Chin family was uploaded onto a website, causing many netizens to laugh and comment rudely that Alyssa looked more like a boy.

One netizen wrote, “To be honest, [the baby] is super ugly!” While another commented, “If the mother were Lee San San (李珊珊), would the baby be prettier?”

Having read the offensive remarks, Angela reportedly cried from being angry and upset. In response the netizen’s mean posts, Chin Ka Lok bitterly joked that they will have a son next time. Ka Lok also urged Angela to disregard the comments as long as their daughter is healthy.

Before the posts about Alyssa’s boyish looks rolled in, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) previously teased Alyssa. Eric said, “It’s a tragedy for her to look like her father!” At that time, Chin Ka Lok only took it as a joke and responded, “The super trio master (Eric) said that my daughter looking like her father is a tragedy, but I said that she’s very beautiful. It doesn’t matter who she resembles. To me, it’s more like a comedy. She looks like Yuen Biao (元彪) and Meng Hai (孟海) right now, but she’ll grow up to be pretty.”

Tries For Second Child

Chin Ka Lok revealed that the couple has plans for a second child, and stated that Angela has begun exercising to maintain her health. Good friends, Janet Chow (周家蔚) and Annie Man (文頌嫻) will also try to have their second babies at the same time. Angela likes to exchange parenting tips with Janet and Annie when they meet up.

Nearly 40 years old, Angela decided to minimize her workload in order to rest and prepare for a second pregnancy. Angela also began seeing traditional Chinese herbalist, Chiu Siu Ping (趙少萍), so she can stay in good health. Known to providing medicine to guarantee having a son, actresses such as Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and Janet Chow have been her customers.


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  1. Those comments are very mean and uncalled for. And Eric’s comment are also quite disappointing. I’ve been laughed at my whole life by the way I look and was often compared to my sister In terms of looks. Don’t want alyssa to be made fun of the same way by those stupid internet trolls!
    Btw, I think she is very cute :3

    1. In English it does sound bad but in Cantonese it was probably made in jest. It is not to say the little girl is ugly but to say the father is not handsome. Everyone is compared to someone whether looks, success, money, cars, girlfriends, boyfriends, boobs, whatever. Reality of life. Ignore them.

  2. People say that babies who don’t look as outstanding as others will soon grow up to be very pretty.
    Personally, I think her smile is super sweet. She’s like a strawberry.
    Knock off the offensive comments.

    If ya don’t like it, don’t comment. If ya like it, compliment. 😉

    1. I agree!! She is such a little cutie pie!!! Her cheeky smile is definitely a gorgeous trait. I think that’s absolutely atrocious that ppl think its ok to criticise a baby based on their looks. It’s most hurtful to any mother to hear such taunts. Every mother adores their child regardless of their appearance. Some netizens need to just grow a conscience and show a bit of respect for others feelings.

    2. The childhood look hardly dictate what they will look like when they grow up. It always change.

      Think she is cute as a child.

    3. Yes it is! I have seen a lot of adorable baby girls during birth but turned out to be “normal”. Those “normal” looking babies instead turned from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. To be honest, I am one of it! 😛 I looked terribly ugly when I was young and my friends who had not seen me since my college’s time asked if I undergone plastic surgery now.

      1. Great Answer, Man! Now every one who has gone for PC could use that ‘logic’ to say that they are naturally good-looking now because they looked ‘normal’ when they were young.

      2. R u sure to didn’t gone under the knife aka plastic surgery 🙂

      3. Dam u must be real ugly for Ur friends to not recognise u. Esp if it’s only since college

    4. Alyssa is only a year old to receive ugly comments. Wait till you see her grow and you might be surprised… the ugly duckling you were saying turned out to be a beautiful charming princess!

  3. Agree..Alyssa’s very cute and chubby and its too cruel to comment that a baby or a toddler is ugly! and c’mon Chin kar lok may not be good looking but he;s not hideous or anything like that! And watch your words, Alyssa may grow up to be a beauty one day:)

  4. and by the way, its not like Eric Tsang is handsome himself but his daughter turned out fine!

    1. Yup, that’s a surprise. The daughter look nothing like Eric Tsang

  5. YEAH….i agree that chin kar lok’s Daughter looks exactly like him!!!! and i am saying that as when their Daughter grows up she will be very good looking!!!! 🙂

  6. A lot of people said that his Daughter looks exactly like his father and he said:”my Daughter looks so pretty and
    gorgeous also he said:”my Daughter is the most Beautiful Daughter in the world”!!!!! 🙂 but some people thinks that his daughter looks very ugly and doesn’t look that pretty like Angela tong!!! 🙂

  7. Gosh what is wrong with these people?! She’s just a little baby for God’s sake! Shameless! Hope Angela and Ka Lok can just disregard all these stupid people’s comments and let Alyssa grow up as she is! 🙂

  8. its only a baby and already all this bashing… imagine in another few years…

  9. Why are pple so cruel to make such bad comments on the little girl? Does looks matter so much. Let her grow up to be a happy little child, loved by both her parents. Parents – ignore uneducated remarks and be happy with yr little child. Love her for who she is.

  10. Sometimes if you have ou nothing good to say, just shut up! I m a mother n experienced 10moths bb in my stomach, even my bb looks like an alien but she is still the most bb in world. I couldn’t care what others say.

  11. Why are people so hurtful. Its a baby for god sake. This world is a cruel place

  12. Unfortunately, there are many petty and insecure people on this earth who have the sour grapes mentality. They either can’t or don’t have children, have ugly children themslves but bash others to justify their children are better looking than others, or just plain shit disturbers with nothing better else to do in life but just criticize others. More intelligent, understanding and sensitive people just don’t do that.

  13. Love the false outrage, actresses/actors get bashed on this site daily

  14. Angela should visit the handicaps and see the how lucky she is to hv a normal child. Eric Tsang is ugly himself.

  15. What a terrible thing to say? I think her daughter is cute, looks just like her dad. That is the biggest compliment to any parent. Besides, she is a happy, healthy child to doting parents.

  16. She’s so cute, what’s wrong with people? Once again people who had to voice out their negative opinion are just narrow minded insecure idiots. Hopefully karma will find their way!

  17. Baby features change a lot during growing up years. An ugly duckling may turn out a beauty when grown. Ignore those comments. …!
    Hope you hear this, Angela! When I was little I was nicknamed ” Blackie”. But when i am grown I turned out pretty fair in complexion. And even pretty. Sans makeup. Even my husband thinks I look pretty EVEN without makeup. He told me he likes my fresh, natural look. Nice features. Your daughter her features may change many times during her growing process & growing up years…! AT 17 or 18 that would be her set features. More or less.

  18. All babies are cute. It’s not because of their looks or smiles or chubby cheeks etc. It’s because they are so innocent, sweet and a miracle of life. That’s why each and every baby is precious. Shame on those who say negative things about any baby.

  19. Oh, please. Most netizens must have forgotten that the “beautiful” celebrities they see on TV are made of plastic. Why compare a natural cutie pie with plastic figurines? Dumb people.

  20. True fact most ugly babies turn out quite pretty later on at adult stage lol. And a lot of cute babies turn out quite ugly later on. Also, babies are going to grow :p judging a bit too soon there :p

  21. dun bother about the bad comments…is that really important to have a pretty look? so long the child grow up healthy with kind heart is the most prettiest in the world 🙂

  22. Its silly and mean to bash a toddlers looks, by the time she hits her teens she would look totally different. The when she reaches her twenties she’ll be gorgeous.

    Most girls who are pretty, generally were goofy looking as a child.

    Plus its rather common for daughters to be the spliting image of the father as a child before growing up lookin exactly like their mothers.

    Give a few years and she’ll look as beautiful as her mother.

  23. everyone who say the baby is qute or smart or something like that is not good in his head look only at her pig nose and you can imagine that she will become a super ugly women later..

    1. Please write proper English, or better yet don’t comment at all.

  24. Well, guys. Maybe we misunderstood those haters. I once heard from a friend of mine that traditionally, chinese people believe that the more you praise a baby, such as being cute, smart, good looking, etc, the higher the chance the baby will become the other way round. So maybe these haters are actually from the traditional one, and that’s why they kept bashing the baby.

    Okay, just kidding. Have a nice day, guys!

  25. Anyone who take punches to a baby is scumbags. All babies are cute and adorable, to say a baby is ugly is low, those people need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror.

  26. Alyssa is really cute! Not all Babies are gorgeous doll-looking!!!!! Come on… what matters is a child growing up Healthy and Happy!!!! Wait till she is all grown up then the naysayers will change their tune!!!

    1. I think your parents must be ashamed they had you then?

      1. look in a mirror and say that again, then comprehend what you just said to yourself!

  27. with that nose on an adult face and super trim body, she’s going to be intensely beautiful when she grows up given her mother’s bird face.

  28. shes going to be more dramatic looking than her mother but HK competitive culture will ensure that she will be super fit

  29. She’s not a cute baby, but it might just be an unflattering picture

  30. Is Angela plastic? I wonder. I don’t see baby resembling daddy too.

    1. She definitely had nose PS. Watch one of her old dramas to see her natural nose.

  31. It’s a baby for goodness sake! The people who judged the baby’s looks are despicable! I hope Alyssa grows up to be a strong, healthy woman and that her dad teaches her martial arts to protect herself from people that disrespect her.

    “Oh I’m ugly? So will you once I put my fist in your face!”

    Note: I do not condone violence…only to the ones that deserve it 😉

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