Angie Chiu’s Son, Wesley Wong To Star In $200 Million Movie

Angie Chiu (趙雅芝) and Melvin Wong’s (黃錦燊) son, Wesley Wong (黃愷傑), will be starring in a $200 million USD film project co-produced by Grand Olympus Films. The movie, which is tentatively called The Hump <駝峰航線>, will be a collaboration project with a foreign production team, possibly with Hollywood.

Wesley, his father Melvin, and Grand Olympus Films executives Yu Yang (于洋) and Philip Chan (陳欣健) met with the Hong Kong press at Kwun Tong recently to talk about the upcoming film. This past summer, Wesley participated in the aviator reality TV series Top Fly <壯志凌雲> and won first place, which was one of the reasons why Wesley was cast to play a pilot in The Hump.

The 28-year-old said, “I do want to play a pilot. I’ve studied and learned lot about flying [through Top Fly]. Although it is only a reality show, the program really tested my physique and mentality.” Wesley said he injured his knee while doing a cycling segment for the show, but he is now fully recovered and ready to take on new challenges.

In regards to the new film, Philip Chan said, “The movie is slated for a release in early 2019. We’re looking forward to working with foreign producers. As long as they are interested in developing in the Mainland [film industry], it doesn’t matter if they’re from Japan or Australia.” The filmmaker said they are considering casting Hollywood actors to costar, such as Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

As both of his parents have filmed television dramas for TVB before, Wesley was asked if he would be interested in shooting a TVB drama some time in the future. The young actor said, “They haven’t approached me, but if there is an opportunity, I’ll definitely consider it. There are many seniors I would like to work with, such as Power Chan (陳國邦), who recently left [TVB]. I really admire his acting.” Would Wesley be willing to shave his head to film a Qing Dynasty drama? “I’ve never filmed historical period dramas before, so I’m definitely okay with shaving my head.”


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  1. Hummm..interesting. He looks cute but doesn’t really look 28, looks younger.

  2. His parents are well known in the entertainment industry. Its not hard for him to be an actor if he really wanted to seriously consider it as his full time job. If he’s tall enough he can do some modelling too!

  3. Hm! So they are expecting some Hollywood producers would come in, forking up US$200 M (budget along the size of a block-buster movie) and taking a chance on this unproven weasel-looking HK guy with a light to zero acting resume starring on what assumed to be an action movie.

    Sounds more like an interesting movie script than reality to me. As for Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise, I don’t think they would be waiting by their phones with baiting breath. LOL!

    1. @aiya The 200m is probably forked by a China Chinese investor. Hollywood provides the technical aspect. Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise will be eager if it is a big Chinese investor.Mainland China is a huge market. And why not this guy? If he can act, can speak English, good looking, why not? Most HK actors either can’t speak English or can’t speak Cantonese well.

      Oh I just discovered the HK actor who broke into Hollywood and no one noticed, the one in huge films with more lines than FBB in all her hollywood roles combined or even jing jingchu or however you spell her name.. watch The Martian. Credited as Eddy Ko. I know him as Ko Hung.

      1. @funnlim Bernice Liu had a new Hollywood movie named Lost in Pacific. She is one of the main leads, coupled with Superman Brandon Routh.

      2. @alluka not rushing to pop a champagne yet. Co star hardly big name.

        Gotta say eddy ko is like the only elderly Chinese guy in Hollywood. See him quite often.

      3. @funnlim
        I think no one even knows Brendon Routh was once SUPERMAN? all my American Colleague don’t even know his name? haha LOL…I almost forgot too. All I remember was he was definitely eye candy but movie was really really unbearable to even finish. lol…The Henry version wasnt good either although people probably knows the Henry guy more much more.

      4. @funnlim Is the Martian good? I read the synopsis in TGV website and didn’t find it interesting. I may go watch with my sis if it is good.

        A side story: My sis got 2 free tickets that have no deadline and another 2 that expire at the end of Oct. We already told the ticket selling in TGV to use the ones that expire at the end of Oct, but, she used the one with no deadline. Now, I have to find another movie to watch before Oct to not waste that free tickets. 🙁

      5. @kidd Sorry to butt in but Martian is so good :). Not something hard to understand with many explanations like Interstellar or the dialogue rules like Gravity but closer to life and realistic. Everything is well explained. It has some humourous moments as well.

      6. @kidd I hope Ridley Scott wins best dir. It is excellent film.,if you have seen interstellar you may feel stupid for not,understanding it. Gravity os the worst of the three. Martian is excellent because it makes sense and is explained well eevn of we don’t get the math, we get the theory. The book is also rather good as well. Watch this or watch the visit. Cant go wrong with these two.

      7. A pity also irfan khan,couldn’t take the main role kapoor. The other actor was good but somehow irfan khan has this innate compassionate side that would have made the role excellent. Great pity!!

      8. @funnlim

        “Gotta say eddy ko is like the only elderly Chinese guy in Hollywood. See him quite often.”

        Kenneth Tsang was also in a couple. I guess his good english helps him land roles.

      9. @funnlim

        “watch The Martian. Credited as Eddy Ko.”

        And Eddy Ko does not need big Chinese investors to get/bargain the roles for him. More Kudos to him for that.

      10. @funnlim To date, no China film investor has forked out that much money for a film so i highly doubt these guys already has their financing lined up. If they had, they would not need a co-producer from Hollywood; they could just pay a Hollywood special effect company to handle the technical aspects of this so-called film.

        Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise would be eager to do this for the sake of “cracking into the Chinese market”? I don’t think so because they already have with their Hollywood blockbusters that were mega hits in China. Mission Impossible 3 was a monster hit there.

      11. @aiya Let me rephrase. China is where the money is. The actors want to produce shows too and so will want to curry favour with those with the money to pay such sums. China is where the investors are.

      12. @funnlim
        Totally agree, CHINA seems like the IT place to make money now. Look at all those Korean/Taiwan/HK actors all flocking to China now. I would agree China is definitely where the money.

      13. @funnlim Let me rephrase my premise: these HK guys don’t appear to have their financing lined up and are looking toward foreign partners exclusively. So, whatever your view on China as a land of easy money is irrelevant because these guys are not entertaining any partnership with the Mainland.

        As for Tom Hank and Tom Cruise’s alleged interest to be producers, maybe you have info that we don’t.

  4. Wesley Wong is good looking, but I think his face is too long and narrow, especially his forehead which occupies more than 1/3 of his face.

  5. Ehh. Why don’t they try other Asian American actors who are both talented & speak proper English? Or other Asians that can speak Chinese/English like Peter Ho? I think they miss out on lots of potential by not digging further. While Angie’s gorgeous and her son isn’t bad looking, he doesn’t scream charisma to me.

    Speaking of The Martian…I think it was a good film. May win the Oscars for Best Cinematography or Best Picture or maybe even Best Director? I think the last one is a bit pushing it but it’s possible. I think script-wise, it’s a bit simple. Think Survival of the Fittest kind of reality-series deal. Not overly dramatic and very realistic. But not like something I’m overly in awe of. Simple plot, but intricate details.

    1. @coralie He is a good looking guy. Peter Ho is too old looking and isn’t more good looking than this classically handsome man. Charisma you will have to wait.

      As for the martian, yes the plot is simple but it doesn’t make me feel stupid watching it. I understood Interstellar but took a lot of defying my own logic to accept it. And if I hear another MURPHHHH MURPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MURPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I will scream. Anyway same 2 actors there in The Martian.

      It is not really survival of the fittest. But survival of the smartest and Matt Damon’s astronaut is very very smart. He was more foul mouth in the book. I hope Ridley Scott wins best director. It is time this excellent director wins it.

      1. @funnlim idk I think he only looks OK. But looks is a subjective thing so I’m not going to push that. And yeah Peter Ho is getting older these days…still a handsome fella to me and he’s Asian (generally don’t age as poorly as other races). And he’s so fit! Actors normally develop charisma first before they turn to movies… Angie’s son has skipped a few steps

        I haven’t seen interstellar so can’t make any comparisons.

        And yeah I meant survivor-based movie. How to survive. Etc. Typing on the phone in a rush earlier. In general I think the film is good. But in general, the film was somewhat tame to me. I actually had more fun watching Hotel Transylvania 2 than I did this film.

      2. @coralie
        I would say PETER HO has much more of a presence b/c of his height. Above kid is cute but I don’t see him as handsome handsome and he’s a little on the short side. I mean not that it matters, Tony Leung has always been just a regular looking joe no? He made it into films and doing well so I guess sometimes looks and everything is not always it.
        Peter Ho – Is he really the only one that is handsome, tall and can speak English well? Hum, I used to think Lee Hom is pretty cute and speaks fluently as well but Jay Chou was casted in that Hollywood film when he hardly speak any English? So I feel people don’t even need them to speak these days as they all kind of use broken english and write the roles to them or use a voice over?

      3. @coralie : @coralie: Me too. Looks are subjective. In NAmerica, he would be a dime a dozen. Many of these ABC-CBC dudes here, with more buffed bodies too. To me this dude looks ok, kinda slimey-smiley (like his dad. (sorry no offence. Melvin Wong =reeks too politician-like ‘perfectionism fake’. like people who have the typical smile with perfect teeth). And maybe I am biased = never quite supportive of either of his parents, since Angie Chiu went behind her husband’s back to date Melvin Wong, before even divorcing?

  6. This is the reason why it’s nothing to shout about/celebrate or be proud of when a chinese actor/actress get to film in a Hollywood movie nowadays. It’s no prestige at all when it’s just bought by money. Neither is it a true breakthrough.

    And I really hate that Hollywood deliberately change the plot/add china actors/move location to China for a movie just to get screening in China or because there’s a big Chinese investor involved.

    I have no problem with a Chinese actor in a Hollywood movie. In fact, my focus/interest will always be on the Chinese/Asian if there was one in the movie because I’m also Chinese. But, I like those that was put it because of his/her merit or because the character is actually relevant to the movie. e.g. Minho in Maze Runner, Corazon in Sunshine, Kato in Green Hornet.

    1. @kidd true im more proud when cyf.jet lee, jackie chan rocks hollywood with their own talent and charisma. but now they just use chinese actors as a stepstone to get into the chinese market.i cant blame them because which company in the world doesnt want to get a foot in the chinese market with 1.3 billions potential consumers? but still im happy to see andy lau starring alongside matt damon in a co-op and donnie yen in star wars roque one.

  7. But this dude would be quite ordinary in the Hollywood Chinese mkt. There are many of these ABC-CBC types, with buffed bodies walking the streets, albeit with less famous parents with influence.

    1. @nomad822 you can call me old fashioned but i think the american audience are not really interested in chinese actors only martial arts stars was hot for a while,if you are not an martial arts expert you will never become popular unless you are a remarkable charismatic actor like chow yun fat,even then he couldnt really break into hollywood.

      1. @kolo see that’s not always true. Ki Hong Lee is sooo gorgeous and cute in The Maze Runner. I don’t think the issue is interest in Asians per se, but more of finding good roles for Asians in general. I mean when an Asian actor/actress hits the right role, it’s jackpot. Like Lucy Liu though she tends to like to keep it on the DL. I think it’s going to get easier and easier for Asians to land a good role because of the money invested in the China market…though whether they’re going to be actually Chinese would be a different matter. Sorry my point got convoluted again. Basically my stance is that Americans aren’t only interested in martial arts-based films with Asian actors. I think as long as a good role is provided, Americans will still be interested in seeing it.

      2. @coralie yes ki hong lee is a handsome guy,i think he can come far but what i mean to say with popular is they will not reach a superstar/idol status like tom cruise or brad pitt. the only asian that had ever reach this status and even beyond is bruce lee,and that is because he is such an exceptional human being,that will only come once a thousand year.

        “I don’t think the issue is interest in Asians per se, but more of finding good roles for Asians in general.” thats just the point. its true that lucy liu hit the jackpot in hells angels but after that she never got a lead-roles again. only second-lead roles such as in kill bill and more stereotype roles.

        “I think it’s going to get easier and easier for Asians to land a good role because of the money invested in the China market” true,but look at fan bing bing,lee bing bing and all those big chinese stars that have took part in big hollywood productions they just got minor roles with no more than 3 sentences to tell,part because many chinese actors are not good in english language,so thats already a big handicap. what i already told in my previous post if there isnt martial arts aspect involved there is just a litle,litle chance that hollywood will make a tailor made roles for asians because it just wouldnt sell outside chinese market.

    2. @nomad822 yeah same. In Cali hawt Asian guys are like a dime a dozen. Just hit UCLA…stands for U C Lotta Asians lol. Angie’s son wouldn’t make a wave. But that’s not to say he isn’t good looking… Just not good enough

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