Ankie Beilke Is Three Months Pregnant

At Friday’s Hong Kong-Germany friendship event, actress-model Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) confirmed the news that she is over three months pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Simon, a fashion designer.

The 36-year-old Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> actress, who was briefly linked with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), started dating Simon about a year ago. Ankie confirmed their relationship in an interview held in June.

Wearing three-inch heels to the event, Ankie said keeping the pregnancy a secret had been “very hard”, but was now glad that she could finally share the news with everyone.

Ankie, who is of Chinese and German descenet, was asked if foreigners also had the ancient tradition of keeping quiet about pregnancy in the first three months. Ankie explained, “It’s like that all over the world. The first trimester is the most dangerous stage of pregnancy. Miscarriages are the most common around that time.”

Ankie’s mother, actress Ankie Lau Heung-ping (劉香萍), added, “It’s better to stay safe.”

Asking if the baby was accidental or planned, Ankie merely laughed and didn’t respond. Her mother answered, “It is accidental, but they love children. She’s already getting old! Now is a suitable time.”

Will Ankie deliver the baby naturally or through cesarean section? Ankie said, “It doesn’t matter. Either way, giving birth will be painful.” (Is it a boy or a girl?) “I rather not say at this moment.” Ankie’s mother clarified, “Unless it’s too dangerous for the mother and the baby, it’s always better to deliver naturally.”

The couple plan to get married after delivering their child. Though it’s commonly advised for pregnant women to avoid cold drinks and food, Ankie said she hasn’t completely dropped them from her diet yet. However, she maintains a strict vegetarian diet as usual. Ankie’s mother shared that she didn’t really avoid any foods after giving birth to Ankie, but did point out that she breastfed Ankie until she was three years old. Ankie said she also plans to breastfeed.

Has Simon asked Ankie to lighten her workload? Ankie said, “Not at all. I love working. I love acting, drawing, and painting, so I will continue to do them.” (How many kids are you guys planning to have?) “It depends.” Ankie said her “accidental” pregnancy has not affected her job income at all. “Nothing has changed.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. for a first time mother, her belly looks bigger than 3 months even though she is wearing black.

  2. Pity that she did not end up with Ruco. They would have made a perfect pair, unlike Nancy Wu who is way way below his standard.

    1. @creditor To that , i say thank goodness! She’s so wild, boozing and smoking and hanging out at nightspots; she’s the high society, high maintenance type. Definitely not the type a nice guy brings home to his mother though some guys may love to have a trophy gf like her.
      Just saw the video clip. Major embarrassing moments for Ankie and her mother.

      1. @isay agree with you. Personally perfer Nancy. Ankie is pretty but way too wild.

        She does look about 5 mths instead of 3. Its not just Chinese tradition that make a woman not say anything prior to 3 mths. Like Ankie said the miscarriage rate during first trimester is high so best to wait till at least 4 mths to say anything.

      2. @isay she is definitely not the type to bring home to show mummy dearest. nice to have a date with, movie, concert, pubbing but not the wifey type.

      3. @janet72

        Agree. If only between Ankie & Nancy for Ruco to choose…I would prefer Nancy too. However, I still hope Ruco will find someone who will appreciate & love him dearly.

      4. @diana80
        Yes, I dont wish for a beautiful, hot or sexy gf for Ruco. I only hope that he will find someone who will love and cherish him always.

  3. Congrats to Ankie! I’m soooo surprised to find out that she is 36. She looks a decade younger. Very nice skin and youthful face. Very good genes for sure!

    1. @birchgirl I was searching to see how old her mother is since she seems fairly young as well (to have a 36 year old). She’s 57 which would mean she had her daughter at 21, but on Wiki, Ankie Beilke’s DOB puts her at 33 years old instead, so I think 33 makes more sense??

      Congrats to her! That baby is going to be beautiful.

      1. @lyu310

        Wow, her mom got knocked up by a white guy at such early age?

        Ankie is such a traditionalist in comparison. LOL!!

  4. Older generations always have kids at a relatively young age, not at all surprising. However, I don’t think the mom looks young at all. I think this Ankie woman is attractive but I don’t doubt she is way pass 35, decade younger? Seriously?? Ok, I don’t see the youthful look on her.
    I am actually glad Ruco didn’t go w/this and it makes sense that they wouldn’t be super compatible b/c I feel all these Ana R. that guy who recently had a baby and Maggie Q will ever date Chinese guys, they will probably go w/ABC’s or some who are more westernized just a feeling thou.

    1. @went I was surprised Jessica Cambensy (Eurasian model better known as Jessica C in HK) got together with a Chinese guy. Granted, he (Andy On) is an ABC. But I thought for sure she would stick with a White guy since she gives me the impression of being extremely Westernized by the way she acts, dresses, and talks. And also, I don’t think she speaks Chinese (or any other Asian language) at all. Ankie Bielke acts more Asian and seems close to her Chinese roots (even though she may be a party girl)….and she ended up with a White guy. You’d never know I guess! xD

      1. @birchgirl Ha, yes, you truly never know who someone will choose. I’m also surprised that Jessica C chose Andy On, but they make a hot couple.

        Heck, this is off topic but I was raised in the US (but am connected with my Chinese roots in the sense that I grew up watching TVB dramas, went to Chinese school, and know how to read/speak/type (because writing is hard) in Mandarin/Canto/written Chinese) which many of my ABC peers I grew up with cannot do. I’m with a white guy too, so you never know.

      2. @lyu310
        That’s very true. Some ABC’s they end up marrying Asian partners and while some who can barely communicate in English married foreigners and you wonder HTH they can communicate? lol.. One I can think of is that Nicky Wu’s ex-wife – Seriously? Does she even speak any English? haha lol… And I think a TVB actress, she’s not at all famous or popular and she married a white guy or something, not sure if she speaks any English. Don’t know her name just her face. lol….But sometimes, it has a lot to do with at what stage your are in life. Some who are passing 30’s heading into 40’s and biological clocks ticking away, it’s like they are going married to whoever’s handy? haha lol….But of course, just like those young ones who will married any OLD, UGLY but as long as they are rich so you know all different kinds of people and you just never know. Jessica C – VERY TRUE-Andy On I feel he is roughly ok looking but she was praising him like there’s no one HOTTER lol… I guess that’s why the popping out the kid so soon. AO is cute but he does not look like someone she will pick b/c she is always sexy, speaks no Chinese and yet they ended up together so really I guess we can never tell. Depends on the person and situations. Ironic sometimes but that’s just how it is. Just like some of those dated forever and married within a year or so. Namely Linda Chung and Myolie Wu. I am more shocked w/Linda Chung. Ex is kinda hot but husband looked way older than whatever 40’s they are saying and he’s just like a father figure and she’s still not that old compares to some so shocking in a way. Myolie – well, she probably wants to pop those kids out since biological clock is getting closer too so never know. It really is weird sometimes.

      3. @wworth Haha, didn’t see your reply until now. Yes, Andy On is okay (I mean he is fit so that helps a lot), but Jessica C seems like she’s rly into him and the two of them together is a hot couple (hot bods, her pretty face haha). I guess he being an American helps – they definitely communicate in English.

        I’ve also seem a few Hong Kong/Mainland China actresses marry white men (can’t remember either) and that always surprises me when the woman can’t speak English. I know compared to men in Asia, white men do not mind age as much so they can accept dating/marrying a woman in her late 30s whereas Asian men may prefer a younger woman in her 20s or w/e as a spouse.

        Linda’s husband still shocks me to this day. I don’t now what she sees in him. I’m sure he’s a great person but uhhh they don’t look compatible looks wise – especially because she looks young/sounds young. He should definitely get a haircut.

        Myolie and her husband matches. He’s in his 40s which is perfect for her. Seems they want kids so hopefully that happens soon. She spent too many wasted years with Bosco sigh.

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