Ankie Beilke Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

Congratulations! 36-year-old actress-model Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) and her boyfriend, Simon, announced on social media yesterday that they welcomed their son on February 1 in Germany. Simon shared a picture of their son’s footprints, and has received many well-wishes from friends and family.

Ankie, who started dating Simon in late 2015, announced last October that she was expecting. The Brother’s Keeper <巨論> actress gained over 19 kg (approximately 41 lbs) while pregnant with her son.

Hong Kong reporters contacted Ankie’s mother, former actress Ankie Lau (劉香萍), over the phone. She said, “It’s Sunday and a great day. We’re going to take Siu Lung (小龍) home today from the hospital! See you in Hong Kong!”

Meanwhile, Ankie will be staying in Germany for her postpartum recovery. She will return to Hong Kong after celebrating her son’s 100 days of birth.


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  1. This sexy and beautiful lady should be Ruco Chan’s wife instead. They were so compatible in Brother’s Keepers that I thought they would end up with each other in real life. Not that ugly and boisterous Nancy Wu!

  2. ankie is like the asian version of angelina jolie. i don’t think she can settle for a non-nomadic lifestyle or a traditional relationship.

    ruco is nice & all, but not direct and passionate enough to be in a relationship with a personality like ankie.

    at least that’s the vibe i’m getting from both of them.

  3. There’s no doubt that Ankie is in a different league in the looks department in comparison to Nancy Wu. I don’t think Nancy even has any male fans.

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