Another Lover? Alvin Chau Cozies Up with Linah Matsuoka

Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) has a messy love life. Married to businesswoman Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) and the baby daddy of Mandy Lieu, Alvin’s cheating tendencies is well known among the industry. A well-documented love affair with Mandy didn’t stop the casino giant from pursuing other women.

Last June, Alvin started a love rumor with Hong Kong-based Japanese model Linah Matsuoka (松岡李那) when the two were spotted attending a mutual friend’s wedding in Hawaii, dancing intimately. Unlike many of his past rumored relationships, Alvin was quick to deny dating Linah. He released a statement clarifying that they were only friends, and claimed that the gossip report had severely affected his family.

Tabloids stopped reporting about Alvin and Linah’s relationship thereafter, but on March 8, the two were spotted together again, this time attending a banquet for Stephen Shiu, Jr.’s (蕭定一) HMV Digital China Group. The rumored couple did not sit together, but Alvin eventually moved to Linah’s table, and even waved to the reporters who were invited to the event.

The two interacted intimately that night. Ignoring reporters that were sitting on the same table, Alvin and Linah constantly whispered to each other and exchanged laughter. They were briefly separated when they took group photos with Stephen Shiu.

Intoxicated, Alvin loudly talked about his love rumor with Universe International’s Daniel Lam (林小明), “Do you still remember the Hawaii incident? The person [I hugged] was actually Linah’s mom! Her mom’s back looked exactly like hers. [The reporters] had it all wrong! I was hugging her mom, and they thought I was hugging her. Did they have photos of our faces? No!”

Linah was very attached to Alvin that night. She hugged Alvin right after toasting at their table. When she won money at the raffle, she immediately told Alvin about the good news.

Are the rumors true?


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  1. Hahahahaha, so Alvin Chau claimed the report of him dating Linah Matsuoka had severely affected his family, lol. And here I stupidly thought that he and his out of control di’k*, lol, was the cause of that. Wonder if anyone else here is as stupid as me. Why his wife is still with him is beyond me. He has provided her with legal grounds to get a divorce and half of everything he owns, so money is not the problem here. He already has a mistress, who knew he is a married man and who doesn’t intend to give him up. You would think with a reputation like his, women would stay away. Instead, they flock to the lecherous, disgusting creep.

    This man is totally void of respect for women. How women can lower themselves to nothing to get involved with this man is sickening knowing that he has a wife and children at home, and then a mistress and child at another home. In Heidi’s case, it’s not about the money, and these women just can’t stay away from him. I’ve concluded that he is carrying a whopper of a sugar stick, and he really knows how to use it to sweeten these women. What else could it be? Lol.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder how Mandy feels now!! Stuck in England, with kids and can’t come back to Hong Kong… LOL! Then again Mandy was given a lot of millions to be kept in her place!

  3. Heidi is the legal Mrs Chau. She has half of everything he owns. Of course she is pissed having a husband who has woman after woman. What the other women can enjoy is Alvin and his money but not the legal status. As the legal wife, this idiotic man can’t bring any woman home.

    1. @janet72 she should just divorce him now while he still has the full fortune. once his extramarital kids come into the picture, that half is gonna quickly diminish. who knows when he will impregnate a few more women this way?

      1. @coralie I just wonder how his wife puts up with him philandering. it’s so embarrassing as a socialite to have a husband kissing woman after woman.

  4. I don’t understand why Heidi haven’t divorced this cheater yet either I mean she’s a businesswoman what else is she worry about besides money? I’m sure she can find someone who’s much better than this cheater after she decided to get a divorce later.

  5. He’ll never stop womanizing! The women who gets close to him are just trying to dig gold from this man!

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