Photo with Alvin Chau Leaked, Mandy Lieu Expecting Second Baby Very Soon

In February, the Hong Kong media reported a rumor that model Mandy Lieu, mistress to the Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華), was pregnant with their second child. Mandy and Alvin’s reps never clarified, but a recently-leaked photo shows a very pregnant Mandy linking arms with a smiling Alvin, sitting on a sofa and posing behind a table filled with baby toys.

The photo, which was a private Instagram post shared by Mandy’s assistant, had the caption, “Dear, we’re all so excited to meet the little one soon, so happy to see [you] like the gifts! Congrats again and I’m so happy for [you] both.”

Mandy, who is said to be expecting a son, will reportedly deliver sometime around July. Some reports have earlier estimates, claiming that it’s going to be in the next few days.

Alvin and Mandy are already parents to one 1-year-old baby girl, who was born in London in May 2015.

Reporters approached Mandy’s former assistant about the pregnancy news. Asking if Mandy has already given birth, her ex-assistant said, “She hasn’t told me anything. That photo was taken last week when I visited her.”

Alvin and Mandy’s extramarital affair is well-documented by the Hong Kong press. Their affair was exposed in 2014, when Alvin was still married to businesswoman Heidi Chu (陳慧玲). Although heavily scrutinized by family and by the public, Alvin maintained a relationship with Mandy and, allegedly, also refused to let go of his wife. The saga ended in late December 2015, when Heidi filed for divorce. Alvin has an older son from a previous wife, as well as two daughters with Heidi.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Sounds like a deliberate leak to push the divorce along its rails. I feel sad for Heidi and the children but it is better to get rid of this man once and for all.

  2. I seriously don’t understand how can women like Mandy Lieu live life normally and have children with other people’s husband. Don’t they have self-respect for themselves? Were these women not taught both the importance of self-respect and respect for other people’s “property” from a young age? She is an embarrassment to the her parents and the society. I look down on people like her, no respect!

  3. by the gifts on the table, it does look like she’s carrying a boy. What can I say.. good luck? Hopefully the divorce process will go through soon with Heidi so she can get rid of this disgusting person!! Good riddance in my book for Heidi.. Mandy can have him and all the germs he probably have!!!! Yuck!

  4. once a cheater, always a cheater. heidi should dump this jerk and move on in life. chances are his old habits will act up with any woman. as for his mistress, does she know what shame is? to openly have a relationship with a married man?

  5. Well, if you look at it from Mandy’s perspective, getting knocked up again so quickly is to her advantage. Now she’ll get double the child support when he inevitably dumps her for a younger model.

    Ugh, I sound so jaded, but nothing about this story makes me feel sympathetic towards any of them.

  6. having heard some many different philosophies i am unsure what’s right/wrong anymore. who are we to judge? as long as she knows what she’s doing and the consequences, who are we to say. after all, one’s got to have the qualities to catch a big fish. not everyone can do it. people go for what they want in life. no?

    1. @m0m0 true there is no right and wrong as it’s really between her and god on judgement day. Who are we to judge? We never knew what she has gone thru previously that made her decided to take this route. I only knew that her parents died and she was brought up by an aunty.

  7. They r really sickling couple!!!

    Heidi, be strong n live happy with your kids n find a better man in yr next love life!!! Not worth to be unhappy with sickling n dirty couple!!!!!!

  8. Mandy, girl … he did to Heidi, and he’ll probably do it to you too …

    As for Alvin, there’s a special place for guys like you. Just you wait …

  9. What the poor guy is doing (and get ostracized for it) is just trying to emulate what his mentor Stanley Ho has done (and get respected for it). Unfortunately, HK has changed the law regarding polygamy so he could not keep them all to make everyone happy.

  10. 1) why would anyone respect Stanley Ho?

    2) this scumbug = once a weak disrespectful cheater … always a cheater. one day down the road beauty and sexy fades too … then what? hollow ‘victory’.

    3) so someone stole someone’s husband and won the biatch-fight. WHY was there even a fight and. why gloat and taunt … doesn’t the MISTRESS have any thought about her kid/s and what pple say … is this really any ‘victory’???

    4) while feeling bad for wife #1 Heidi/their kids (esp since this couple battled for their wealth TOGETHER, and she was the supportive one besides him when he was a struggling nobody) …. Alvin and Mandy deserve each other.

    1. @nomad822 Nobody knows why Stanley Ho should be respected; they just do. LOL!!

      Just look at comments from some of the old articles here about Mr. Ho and you won’t find any attack on the old polygamist like they do here to this Alvin guy. Everyone commented on wife number whatever like it was the most normal marital arrangement in the world.

      1. @aiya
        That’s because it’s a long done deal. All 4 are co-existing, albeit not too harmoniously – what is there to comment? pple who accept it are kowtowing to the power of money and clout … and were never into questioning ethics/values etc in the first place

        There was even a movie made about it… with all the HK ‘legendary’ figure … Pai Hor for eg. I recall watching it. They simulated Stanley Ho’s story too, down to how he got Wife #3.

        Does NOT mean pple disapprove/approve of the situation

  11. Qualities, what qualities to catch a big fish?! Sleeping with a married man and deliberately getting pregnant for him although he has a wig and children at home. Throwing the relationship in the wife’s face and bad-mouthing her? Are those qualities? Mandy might have used her body and face to attract Alvin the dog, but women with her qualities, I don’t find attractive at all . These two morally bankrupt low lives deserve each other. Heidi deserves a man, a real and decent man with substance and morals. This second pregnancy was also deliberate. The more babies she pops out, the more money she gets. Sad that a woman can turn herself into a km per high priced prostitute because of the love of money. He will trade her in for a younger, more attractive model, no pun intended, cause what goes around, must come around. Nomad is right, Stanley Ho is no role model, not by any means. He too is a lecherous dog. Him and Alvin should be twins.

    1. @bubbletea
      true stanley ho is just a pig. i don’t understand why any self respected woman would stay with him and call themselves one of his many wives. so sad… he’s got like 20+ children?! if i were one of him children, i’d be doing all that i can to be the best to stand out amongst all of them just to get his attention. but then with this many children what do they mean to him? he probably doesn’t care about a darn about any of them

  12. Who are we to judge?

    The only parties that have a say are Alvin, wife, and Mandy. Alvin wanted Mandy. He’s got his wish. Mandy is chasing for a pot of gold. She got what she wanted. Their relationship is mutually beneficial. The only person that’s “losing” out is the wife. She’s the victim based on what’s surfaced.

    Alvin and Mandy don’t give a crap about what you guys think because you are irrelevant. It’s not like they are celebrities where they need your approval. Financially successful people rarely give a crap about what most people around them think, except for a chosen few.

    1. @anon indeed what you said is true? Both parties got what they want and they couldn’t care less. At the end of the day it’s a trade off really.

  13. Who is the victim wife? Heidi? BTW, didn’t she also “steal” the ever marketable Alvin from a previous wife? So the whole saga just go on and on. LOL!

    Had Hong Kong not abolished the legal status on polygamy back in 1971, this would be a non issue as Mandy, Heidi, Squeaky, and the rest of the gang would be able to live harmoniously with equal status.

    Mr Ho was fortunate that his marital arrangement was grandfathered legally as he had “married” all his wives prior to 1971.

    Poor Alvin was just born in the wrong time.

  14. He is not letting go unless 1st wife lets go first. 1st wife won’t let go because of status, because of the lifestyle, because of the attention she gets as his wife. YEs the other woman remains the other woman and her children remains as b**tards.

    And I don’t get the comparison with stanley ho. He came from an era where multiple wives are allowed by the way, therefore he did whatever he did legitimately. Now is a different era. So don’t call the 2nd woman as 2nd wife. She remains his mistress and no more.

    1. @funnlim The comparison is very simple and obvious.
      Both men in the same (sleazy) industry wanted the same thing (multiple women/partners) despite the fact that they are from different time. Therefore, from a social/moral perspective, we cannot have two different standards by which to judge the two.

      The only difference is that HK’s legal system has arbitrarily placed double legal standards on them due to the 1971 change in the legal status of polygamy, which neither men had any control over. So for the same action, the older guy is allowed to continue his multi-matrimonial arrangement while the younger guy is being restricted and has to resort to being a serial monogamist.

    2. @funnlim Alvin probably doesn’t want an official divorce because:
      1) NOT initiating divorce makes him still kinda a ‘good guy, not a completely bad person to the world too (psychologically, it makes logical sense to the cheater) – as a man who wants to execute his responsibilities, regardless.
      2) maybe it’s ‘safer’ to keep Heidi on as his official wife – afterall she was his battle-mate who fought up from bottom together with him, for the wealth he now has.
      3) he wants his cake, and to eat it too.

      As for Mandy – no shame whatsoever for being the ‘other woman’ breaking up a marriage – and for how her children would feel. All she wants is battle with his first wife.

      Stanley Ho may be ‘respected’ for his wealth (and thug tactics, despite being legit fronted) … but I doubt for his 4 wives (unless by men who secretly yearn to be in the same position). And that family maintains a smiling front .. but it’s all claws out behind the scenes. How UNpeaceful an existence. For JC, of course this guy would be a hero = afterall JC’s words back then were he just made the mistake all/most men would.

      1. @nomad822 Actually, Good Ol’ Stanley has been identified by both Canadian and American Authorities as having close ties with the triad and is banned from traveling to those countries.

        In HK, it is quite a different story. His respectability has culminated into an a life-time achievement award by the Executive Director as someone who has contributed significantly to the well being of the city. His fourth wife was a Macau Council woman. His daughters hobnobs with celebrities. It is clear Stanley Ho has deeptly rooted in the HK respectable class.

        Alvin should be so lucky.

  15. This jerk is so disgusting! He doesn’t have a sense of responsibility. Marriage is nothing for him as he doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he cheat on his wife… As for Mandy, I really am disappointed in her. She knows that he’s married and that he’s a cheater but she keeps on showing their illegitimate relation….

  16. Regardless of polygamy is legitimate or not, cheating is wrong, wrong and wrong. These two people are a shame to society. Having an affair and breaking a family but they have no shame to flaunt their affair in the public is beyond comprehend. They have no moral and consciences whatsoever.
    People in Hongkong, Macau and around the world should condemn them by not supporting anything which involves these two disgusting person from going to a movie produced by Alvin Chau, to his restaurants, etc. Moreover, the friends of these two are in the same class as well. How they can laugh with and wish this jerk and his proud to show “wrecking-people-life” mistress happiness and have no shame at all? Hope that all these shameless people will experience what Heidi goes through soon. God knows what they are doing.

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