Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei Under Fire For Donating Face Masks

Earlier, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) stated on Weibo that his Taiwanese wife Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) bought 10,000 face masks in Japan and sent them to Wuhan. Taiwanese netizens were taken aback and bombarded the post with negative comments. They claimed Barbie is prioritizing Chinese citizens over Taiwanese people.

Later, Barbie responded, “We are all human beings, and we all live on this earth. If we don’t help each other, then this is not the behavior that humans should have! Without help, the earth will only be worse! Hate is scarier than any virus!”

Still, the couple must’ve realized they didn’t do well enough, and Xiaofei immediately announced they also have face masks for Taiwan. He said on Weibo, “Today, I bought 10,000 masks with the help of my good brothers in Taipei. Although I don’t have a way to send it out, local friends also need it, so 5,000 are placed at our Taipei S Hotel for our employees and guests to use for free, and we asked our community leaders to donate the other 5,000 to our neighbors.”

He added, “Distant relatives are also family, and Taipei is also partly my family. I will do what I can.”

Although Xiaofei tried to appease Taiwanese netizens, he attracted the dissatisfaction of Chinese netizens. A mainland netizen said, “You are really thoughtful. The mainland is lacking in masks, so you should give it to the mainland first. Taiwan doesn’t even need masks. I don’t want to deny that you care, but if you are patriotic, you must take good care of your country.”

It seems the couple can’t appease both sides.

Source: HK01

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  1. Seriously? How screwed up is the world? Wuhan is the most affected area but this couple is getting criticised for helping them rather than help the less needed…

    1. @jimmyszeto Agree. Whoever criticizing anyone donating masks are pretty much encouraging others not to donate at all because they will eventually be criticized in the end.

    2. @jimmyszeto the mouths of the internet lol. Seriously celebrities should learn what is right and what is wrong and not just act on these keyboard cowards (I don’t want to use the word warriors because nothing they do qualify the word). Like if you do the right thing, stand up to it. Donate the amount – done, ignore how much the internet criticise you if it’s too little. Monitor the situation and then donate more if needed, but not just doing more because they are pressured to do so to please people. You can’t please everyone

      1. @littlefish ugh totally agree, drives me crazy when celebrities “apologize” for dumb things a minority of netizens say because in doing so, they’re basically handing power to these netizens. If i were a celebrity i just ignore any criticism if i know i’m in the right cause they’re just people hiding behind monitors- they can’t actually touch me so who the hell cares what they think.

    3. @jimmyszeto
      I agree and the netizens truly have no life and complain about the stupidest things ever. People try to do a good deed and they turn it into something bad. How sad is that? The masks actually do not do much but I guess people just want it as a security blanket.

      1. @hetieshou
        That’s the natural behaviour of rumours, panic and demand from people during disasters. Dettol is an example rumoured bleach with can kill Coronavirus because it says it on one of their bottles at the back. However this coronavirus is a new form in people so there’s no evidence that this bleach can kill this new bacteria. My wife was asked by a friend today if she could send Dettol to Macau. I had to tell her straight. Like the masks mentioned, it is natural reactions of people to behave this way which leaves to the running out of masks. There is a chance that wearing a mask is the same risk as not wearing one just like you stated. Even if a statement is realised that masks are useless, I doubt the demand will lesson…

      2. @jimmyszeto dettol is like a wound disinfectant brand, so basically you use dettol to disinfect like you use hand sanitizer. Anyway, if scientist claims dettol can’t kill corona virus, then disinfecting your hands isn’t helping??? (Yet we know clean hand/sanitising your hands reduce infection rate)

        It’s basically a mis-understanding of the information. 1 – dettol can kill corona virus, 2 – however, the virus leaves inside human cells, so unless you kill the human, you are not effectively kill the virus (it likes fire will kill corona virus, but does that help us? Lol) 3 – as a outside disinfectant, it will kill the virus lol (so it works as a sanitiser). So the idea That dettol can kill corona virus just being totally misunderstanding what it does lol.

        Unless you are talking about the second conspiracy theory that bleach water kills corona virus, which is also true because it will kill the human xD Anyway, dettol will kill the virus but it’s not that useful for us xD

      3. @jimmyszeto Definitely too much rumor-mongering going on and people sowing panic. Here in Los Angeles county, where there is huge Chinese population, there was a recent scare where some faker claiming to be from the local public health department actually wrote up a full page bulletin that said the local government has confirmed the Coronavirus epidemic in one of the cities and even listed out the names and addresses of every single place that a supposedly confirmed Coronavirus patient went to…the bulletin was stuffed into the mailboxes of every resident in that particular city and got everyone freaked out…the public health department already put out a notice informing everyone that the bulletin is a hoax and wasn’t issued by them (and they even outlined how their notification process works, plus the fact that the fake bulletin had errors galore, which is usually a sure fire sign it’s fake)….majority of people ignored the bulletin after finding out it’s a hoax, but there are always a bunch who will believe it regardless….

        Oh and then there are all those reports of profiteers selling used masks to people, leading to governments cautioning the public to be careful how they dispose of their masks.

        Honestly, I don’t get the mentality of people. I guess fear truly can make some people crazy…

      4. @llwy12
        Wow, thanks for the info and I know what you mean. My brothers who are from the younger generation are freaked out too. They are so paranoid that it is not funny. I think this whole thing is kind of over exaggerated. I have heard from people that are in Wuhan that it is not as bad the media makes it out to be. Sure it is a problem but is not as bad as the western media makes it out to be. Things always get overblown by the media and social media. My older relatives believe everything they hear on the news and are anti mainland China even though they have never stepped a foot over there.

        You are right that fear can and does make people crazy, especially the ignorant ones who are paranoid like some of my brothers and old relatives.

      5. @jimmyszeto
        Exactly and like I have said, the masks are more of a security blanket even though they do not do much. People still want them to feel secure and safe.

    4. @jimmyszeto I agree. Now is not the time to be caught up in all this stupid politics stuff (which is what this issue boils down to)….the foremost concern should be fighting this epidemic and preventing it from getting further out of hand. It’s sad what the world has come to nowadays.

  2. I had mask orders cancelled by the seller on eBay only for them to sell it later at 3x the price. Disgusted.

    1. @tencents yea, atm, there are a lot of cases where Chinese tourist buying bulls of face masks from other countries to bring back to China, and they surely will charge high price for it. Hell, there’s even a story of a Chinese pharmacy beat up a customer when he complained the pharmacy was selling the face mask at a lot higher price. As much as the government had put the guy who beat the customer in jail and fine the pharmacy, many will be doing it off hand

      1. @littlefish The saddest thing I read was the doctors in Wuhan, at the front line of the crisis, doing their best to help an overwhelming amount of patients, not sleeping for days, facing a shortage of supplies, yet, they get beaten up by patients and/or their family members who are ticked off at having to wait in line for too long to be treated. There was an instance where one of the doctor’s protective gear got ripped off in one of the infected zones….these doctors are already selflessly putting their lives at risk to help others, yet having to also unfairly endure abuse like that, it is so wrong on many levels.

        And the supply shortage is a real thing…some of the doctors were saying that they don’t have enough masks to use for frontline staff because when shipments would come in, the management and admin staff at the hospitals would take majority of them for themselves and their families and leave only a small amount for them….so if you donate 10,000 masks for example, only 5000 or so are getting to the frontline crew…..yet another challenge these doctors and nurses must face.

        Given all this, for stupid netizens to be complaining about celebrities donating to Wuhan, it’s actually quite disgusting. I honestly feel that if celebrities and public figures truly want to help, just donate and don’t flaunt it on social media…at this time, no one really cares about a celebrity’s reputation or whether they are “do-gooders” or not…the important thing is getting supplies to people who need them…doesn’t matter who donated them!

  3. That’s selfish of people to criticize. Best to fight the illness at the epicenter to prevent further spread.

    I am not convinced that masks do all that much, but at least they are trying to help.

    1. @potatochip
      I agree and the masks do not do much but do help a little bit. I think people just want it as a security blanket even though it does not do much.

  4. This is a donation the amount of self entitlement is so disgusting. There are people out there dying and people are out here fighting for masks like other people stated the masks aren’t really useful.

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