Ben Wong Portrays a Lawyer for the 3rd Time in 4 Years

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Ben Wong Portrays a Lawyer for the 3rd Time in 4 Years

Successful in balancing both work and his marriage, actor Ben Wong (黃智賢) sets an example of how dedication, devotion, and efforts will take you to your path of success. His portrayal as a lawyer for the third time within four years earned attention for his versatility to present the same profession in different refreshing ways to viewers. He attributes his recent achievements to his wife, whom he is deeply grateful for her support during his highs and lows.

The 51-year-old had debuted his entertainment career through hosting a children’s show called Youth Frontline <青春前線>. Turning to acting, Ben has dappled in various genres of medical, crime, action, legal, historical and romantic comedy. In the industry for 29 years, Ben has played countless good and evil supporting roles. Many recognized his acting capability, but not his potential as a main lead until 2015. His realistic portrayal as a lawyer in Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR>, earned him wide recognition and praise.

Despite having thoughts of quitting because of the rough times in the industry, his passion for acting continued to burn with the support of his wife. Ben shared, “My wife has helped me to not stress about anything but focus on acting. She is very understanding of my work, and would not stop sending me supporting messages even if I’m busy. Knowing that I’ll be returning home late, she’ll make soup for me. When I have an early shift, she’ll make herbal tea for me. She rarely watches dramas, but if I’m in it, then she’ll watch it.”

Ben and his wife, who works outside the industry, dated for 14 years before getting married. Their love story had started in a kitchen. This year marks their 14th  wedding anniversary, and they’re still happily married. Agreeing that their personalities aren’t suitable to be parents and knowing it is a huge responsibility, they are satisfied to just live and have fun in their every moment. Having no children are not a concern to them, as they would lovingly treat their two dogs, as their own children.

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