Benny Chan Enjoys a Richer Life

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Benny Chan (陳浩民) found a lucrative niche since heading to China several years ago. After his successful stint in the comedy, The Legend of Crazy Monk <活佛濟公>, he now reigns mainland television once again with the highly rated A Happy Life <天天有喜>. On the home front, Benny and his wife Lisa Jiang (蒋丽莎) are expecting their second son in September.

Though A Happy Life has been critiqued as below par, the series managed to clinch the number one position in ratings nationwide, beating heavyweights such as The Patriot Yue Fei <精忠岳飛> and Legend of Goddess Luo <新洛神>. With his wry sense of humor, Benny is singled out as the reason for the show’s success. To make the dialogues even funnier, he is known to change scripts and add his own words, even the use of Cantonese words. Apparently, that seemed to work for viewers who often burst out laughing at his scenes. Benny spoke of A Happy Life, “We are not making a documentary. Most important is that the viewers are happy.”

With his popularity soaring, Benny now easily pockets a whopping $115 million TWD for a television series. On top of that, he is taking home almost 19 million TWD for two advertisement deals. With his wife Lisa currently heavily pregnant with their second child, Benny is definitely considered wealthy, in all senses of the word.

With acting and singing under his belt, Benny is still not satiated and hopes to be able to add producer to his resume. He is currently awaiting the script to start filming his own production.


Benny used to invest heavily in stocks. But luck was not always on his side and he once lost more than 10 million TWD. Upon Lisa’s suggestion, he switched to property investment instead. Early last year, he splurged more than 20 million TWD on a lake-facing house in Hunan Changsha. The price for that property has since risen many folds.

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  • 17 comments to Benny Chan Enjoys a Richer Life

    1. windy says:

      wow, him? haaaaaaaaaa………

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    2. AC says:

      So… karma does not exist?

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      • sky replied:

        what happen?

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        • AC replied:

          He groped a female artist in China while his wife was pregnant.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I was wondering the same thing but at the same time, you really wonder what truly happened?? Is Rose truly that innocent and were Benny and Joe that guilty?? Anyway, I used to really believe in karma, but not as much as I used to because we often see selfish,mean and evil people live happy lives. However, there are people who are nice, selfless,giving,etc… but are having a sad life. Those who really believe in reincarnation(which I still sort of believe in but not as much) will say that they are paying back from the sins from their previous lives. You really wonder if any of that is true??? I used to really believe in it all but now wonder about it all… You sometimes wonder if it is like a random lottery/drawing where some are just luckier than others. Some get a good draw and have a happy life, while there are others that get a bad drawing so end up with a sad life?? I guess none of us will truly know the answer until we reach the other side..

        Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou
        • AC replied:

          lol, I actually don’t think that much about whether karma is real or not.

          As for Rose, even if she isn’t that innocent, Benny and Joe are both married men who should know better than to touch other women inappropriately.

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        • bbfanny replied:

          Rose isn’t that innocent, but Benny and Joe Ma are still not innocent either. Karma does seem weird here where Rose suffers the most and disappears after the incident while Benny and Joe Ma keep getting work despite their negative image.

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          Yea, that is true which is why I wonder about karma. I think a lot of about karma because my mom preaches it all day and I must say that the concepts are interesting. However, whether it is true or not is a different story.

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        • windy replied:

          Yup, both can still be label as PERVERTED OLD MEN regardless but the girl should know better than to hang out w/middled aged men w/o any other companionship. She was probably looking for publicity as well since we don’t really know her name until that time? This Benny Chan. hardly watch anything of him but i do remember a clip from KONG WAH n he usually don’t speak ill of other artists but he did say have some words about him being TOO PLAYFUL, BE A RESPONSIBLE PERSON N SOMETHING LIKE YOU CANT BE A KID FOREVER. WELL SAID, WELL SAID HAHA =0)

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    3. lol says:

      The series with Jessica last year already put him back and track and now another 2 good series and his 2 babies must of brought him good luck

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    4. lol says:

      So how much is TWD to RmD or To HKD

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      • WildBerries replied:


        115 TWD > 23.58 RMB > 29.83 HKD
        19 TWD > 3.9 RMB > 4.93 HKD

        So almost 30 Million HKD for the television series and almost 5 Million HKD for the ads.

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    5. WildBerries says:

      A Happy Life’s plot was lacking, but it was lighthearted and funny. I’m not surprised it beat Yue Fei, especially when everyone knows Yue Fei ends in tragedy. I would think people prefers something a little lighter in the summer.

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    6. Hannahh says:

      wow congratz benny.

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    7. lol says:

      Benny is really good with comedies

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    8. c says:

      douche. the acting industry is really male orientated.
      been viewing him with disgust since those photos of him groping the girl came out.
      she’s probably no innocent, but it’s still disgusting all the same.
      he’s the father of a girl, how will he feel if 18 years down the road someone did the same to his daughter?

      Login or Register before you can reply to c
      • HeTieShou replied:

        Maybe karma will strike at his innocent daughter?? You know the saying, the children pay for the father’s debts/bad deeds… It will be sad if that does happen, but then again, who knows if karma even works or even exists???

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