Benny Chan Welcomes Third Child’s Arrival

Benny Chan (陳浩民) and wife Lisa Jiang‘s (蔣麗莎) third child, Isabella, was born on December 13. Lisa was discharged from St Paul’s Hospital in Hong Kong yesterday. Benny Benny’s thoughtfulness as a father was evident, as he swiftly transferred his baby daughter to the car and swiftly shut the door so as to minimize her contact with the cold wind.

Benny praised her daughter for being well-behaved and added, “The most important thing is that she is healthy.”

On the subject of her height and weight, Benny said, “She weighed less than both siblings when they were born, but she was the tallest at birth.” He added that three children are enough, but would be happy if the couple has another child.

Due to Benny’s busy work schedule, he will have to resume filming commitments in Mainland China after picking up wife and baby from the hospital. He hopes to be able to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays with his family back in Hong Kong.

Asked if Lisa is unhappy that the family will be briefly separated immediately after Isabella’s birth, Benny laughed and said, “She is very understanding. We now have three children, so I need to work harder to raise them. She is also thinking of visiting me when the timing is suitable!”

Finding success in the Mainland market, Benny admitted that he does not have plans to return to the Hong Kong entertainment industry anytime soon. “I signed with a Taiwanese company, whose main focus is the Mainland market.”


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  1. Well, you know what they say about men who flirt – that they’ll only get daughters.

    1. What wrong with flirting? My brother flirt alot doesn’t mean he not a good person or a cheater!!

      1. Apparently this benny person does’t just flirt. He’s also a cheater and has “salty pig hands”.

    2. Whatever his name is, the one who claimed he had video of artiste using drugs in his restaurant. 3 daughters

  2. Ironic, ain’t it? For all the flirtiness and womanizing he’s supposedly done, he happens to have a family of 4 ladies. Just ironic.

  3. Benny,
    What a beautiful & high quality wife you have – a wife who 100% supports you (until death) as who you are no matter how unfaithful you are to her.

    This kind of wife is every man’s dream!!

  4. ‘as he swiftly transferred his baby daughter to the car and swiftly shut the door so as to minimize her contact with the cold wind.’

    lol, well you wouldve thought most people would shut the car door after someone gets in

  5. lol from the related articles, his second child is a son so he only has two daughters

    1. Yes,the info in this article is nor correct. His second child is a son.

  6. don’t know what’s wrong w/ having daughters, people in this forum seem to have a problem w/ that. his second child is a boy, just FYI.

  7. nothing wrong with daughters it was a mistake in what i said about chasing a boy

  8. Benny’s eldest daughter is adorable! Her big round eyes are similar to Benny’s 🙂 Regardless of whatever wrong he has done in the past, he seems to be a committed and caring husband and father now. What a lovely family 🙂

  9. Need to translate correctly. He has two daughters and a son . Smh

    1. I don’t think it is a translation problem, but the info in this particular article is just not accurate.

  10. Of course most Chinese or Asians prefer to have boys as they will carry their surnames for the next generation. Not that girls are not preferred, but its better to have both sexes!

    1. I think the older generations do prefer a son, but not the younger ones , right? I mean, it’s 2014 now. I doubt they are that traditional.

    2. to get a ‘好’…most Chinese would like to have a girl and a boy if their spouses are ok to try.
      benny’s eldest is indeed very pretty with the big round eyes. now he has to work harder to support his 3 children.

  11. Girls / Boys are equal…can’t believe ppl in the 21st century still favour sons over daughters.. sigh

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