Bernice Liu Forbids Her Dogs to Sleep With Her

Ever since having her first dog at 8 years old, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) said she cannot imagine a day without one. 12 years ago, soon after Bernice started her acting career in Hong Kong, she adopted the poodle Mac when her friend decided to close down her dog shelter.

“When I first saw Mac, he came to me and urinated on my feet. My friend said he never did that to anyone before, and that he chose me. That’s when I decided to take him home.”

As work got busier, Bernice began to worry that Mac would feel lonely without her. She then decided to help Mac find a partner. “After the third time, Mac chose Bailey. I arranged them to get ‘married’,” said Bernice. Soon afterwards, Bailey gave birth to poodles Latte, Khalua, and Cappuccino. When Latte came of age, she gave birth to Misto and Caramel.

Bernice shared that Latte was very young when she had Misto and Caramel. Like a family, Latte’s mother, Bailey, would train Latte to become a good mother for her pups.

“Latte loves to play, so she’ll drag her pups along with her while she’s feeding them milk. Bailey would see this and use her body to block Latte from running off, forcing her to stay still so she could finish feeding Misto and Caramel!”

Although Bernice does not have enough time to take care of her seven little dogs to the best of her abilities, Bernice said she is willing to sacrifice her sleep time to be with them.

“One of the most interesting memories I’ve had with them was when I tried to train them to sleep outside,” shared Bernice. “When I was overseas for work, I was told that they would always wait for me back home so they can sleep.”

Bernice’s dogs, especially Mac, Bailey, Latte, and Kahlua, have a habit of sleeping on Bernice’s bed every night.

“I didn’t want them to suffer anymore, so after moving to my new apartment, I forbade them to sleep on my bed. On the first night, I heard them crying outside the bedroom. I was heartbroken, so I let them in. I did the same thing the next night, and they cried even harder. I couldn’t even sleep! I decided to not let them in anymore, and they got rid of that habit in a week.”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. She needs to have her pets spayed and neutered. Hopefully she’s responsible enough to hire a dog sitter while she’s away for those long stretches.

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