Bernice Liu, from Actress to Winemaker

Though her acting career has slowed down in the past few years, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) shows no sign of taking a break from work. In recent years, the former beauty queen developed an interest in studying all types of wine, and currently holds a Level 3 advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the world’s leading provider of wine education. Bernice also owns a boutique winery, Bellavizio, and has been producing wine since 2008.

As a member of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association, Bernice recently attended the two-day Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition, where she and members of the association tasted about 400 different types of red wine, white wine, and whiskey from all over the world.

“It’s a great feeling!” expressed Bernice when asked about tasting wine. “I only sip a little bit and feel its taste. It’s my first time savoring wine, so it’s a very good experience!”

Bernice would go to France every year to visit different vineyards and further educate herself on the field. In France, she would also meet up with various professionals in the wine industry to exchange knowledge and experiences. Though Bernice declares she is still single, she is far from being lonely.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. The media is actually praising Bernice! Good on them!

  2. I think it says even more of her character- she’s handled herself with grace and elegance despite TVB’s snub etc!
    Good for Bernice! 🙂

  3. Unless she goes back to TeeVeeBee, she could be popular again and put a middle finger at Moses.

  4. I swear, I am still suspicious about her jaw mhmm…

    1. I also think she had jawline PS. She used to have very pronounced square jaws.

      1. I like her old square jawline. That is the characteristic of Bernice Liu ……. something special, unique and pretty.

      2. I’m sure she had surgery on her jaw too, her old jawline was very angular compared to now. But it’s awfully painful!!! Ah, the price of beauty!

      3. I agree with Sandcherry… I found her much prettier with her previous look. Now, she’s pretty common. Nothing stands out. Disappointing 🙁

      4. @tvbfanatic
        Now, she’s pretty common. Nothing stands out. Disappointing 🙁
        You and I share the same thoughts on Bernice Liu. Bernice looked very cute, sweet, unique, smart, and pretty with her square jawline. I could recognize her right away. Now I don’t recognize her any more ……… she looks like any woman to me, and much older in the above photo. Agree …. disappointing …….

      5. pretty sure she had her jaws done. good for her that it was successful.

    2. yeah!! she used to have huge square jawline O__________O but now… it’s so different

      1. right. youre taking JS article as legit truth. ever heard of photoshop different camera angles, makeup contouring?

      2. also in that article, JS reported that bernice wanted to film for tvb again back in 2012, is that true? nope.
        perhaps it is fitting 2 see it as entertainment only. not legit facts

      3. My post only refers to “before/after photos” in the article. And, the photos are consistent with Bernice Liu’s TV series (between 2005-2010).

      4. those images could be photoshopped. Erm, how can you say for sure that those photos are taken back during that time period you gave? when that JS article was wrotten in 2012.

      5. Yup, she did had PS done to her face. That square jawline isn’t there no more. A little adjustment is fine.

      6. Bernice Liu is pretty! prettier than Reis. she look mixed in some pics

    3. dont look at pictures, look her up in videos. u can clearly tell lol

      1. you can still tell a huge difference in her face…
        light photoshop or no.. u can still tell

  5. Bernice looks so super here and I’m glad she is doing well in business if not in acting.

  6. Yes, I feel happy for her. Moses has not been really fair to her, I mean never acknowledge their romance but he admitted Aimee Chan almost instantly. I’m happy to hear that she’s happy again.

    1. It might not be Moses’ fault. It could be Bernice’s decision. Usually men are more generous in acknowledging this kind of relationship, but not women, especially if they are actresses.

      1. I think Bernice denied it more than Moses when they were dating. Aimee never denied it after they started dating.

      2. How do you know? Bernice mentioned in an interview that she couldn’t acknowledge the relationship because the other party (moses) didn’t want to. We wouldn’t know who’s telling the truth of course but also, we’re in no position to judge who’s lying. Just have to take these news at surface value and hence the comments above. At the very least I chose to believe her and that’s my choice. Yours could be different and I’m not bothered

      3. If i remember correctly, she was the one who cheated on Moses with that Alistair-filthy-rich-guy. Too bad she sunk her boat.

      4. @buzz: No she didn’t cheat on Moses. They already broke up before she started seeing other people, but seeing as the two never acknowledged they were a couple, they didn’t announce the breakup either. This whole thing still makes me mad how TVB took Mo’s side. W/e i dont find him a good catch.

      5. Sorry Buzz, you are wrong… Lily is correct. They had already broken up by the time she started dating the other man.

        Moses could have come out and cleared the air, but because they never acknowledged the relationship, he instead kept quiet and let the media and people run wild with accusation.

      6. @llwy12

        “After that, Moses and TVB pretty much kept silent on the issue (since they didn’t deny or dispute the stuff she said in that interview, I’m going to assume what she said was true).”

        Not necessarily true that silence means you’re guilty. It could be that Moses himself wished to keep silent to avoid damaging her reputation further, in other words he was being a gentleman. Not taking his side btw, just looking at it from a different perspective.

      7. Nah. I think Bernice would not mind. She seemed pretty open-minded. Moses denied and eventually their relationship failed.. Thats why with Aimee, he did the opposite.

    2. The way I see it, the problem wasn’t really that Moses never acknowledged his romance with Bernice but admitted Aimee instantly. The real problem was that Moses played the victim when Bernice was being lambasted by the media over the whole Alastair Lam thing…way before those rumors started, Moses and Bernice had already broken up, but TVB wanted them to continue putting up the ‘couple’ front due to the lucrative endorsement opportunities. When Bernice was linked to Alastair, the HK media pretty much ‘crucified’ her, accusing her of cheating on Moses with another man — the sad part is that when reporters asked Moses, he didn’t even bother to defend Bernice or clarify that they were no longer a couple…instead, he made himself out to be the ‘victim’, with that puppy dog sad expression and the replies about being ‘heartbroken’….that of course fueled the Media even further and in their (the Media’s) eyes, Moses’ reaction was the equivalent of saying that Bernice had indeed cheated on him (when he knew full well that she didn’t, since they were no longer a couple by then). To me, what Moses did was shameful…I mean, even if they were no longer a couple, shouldn’t he at least have come to Bernice’s defense as a friend and clarify that she didn’t cheat on him rather than give everyone the false impression that she did? I pretty much lost all respect for Moses after that…

      1. Don’t even know which version is true anymore. Anyway, thx for the info. If it’s true, Moses is very despicable. How come he’s still HK’s favourite good guy?

      2. “Moses and Bernice had already broken up, but TVB wanted them to continue putting up the ‘couple’ front due to the lucrative endorsement opportunities”

        how do you know that? if this is true what you said, then it is understandable why moses didnt clarified it,the one to blame is tvb in my opinion.if moses really had clarified this he would be frozen by tvb i think.

      3. @kolo: There’s an interview that Bernice did months later where she revealed all the details (including the fact that she and Moses had already broken up back in 2008 but continued to remain a ‘couple’ in public because they were following TVB’s instructions)…she also talked about the reasons why she left TVB and also how TVB treated her when she was in the hospital due to her back injury. She did that in depth interview because she needed to clear her name, since the media (tabloids) wouldn’t leave her alone. After that, Moses and TVB pretty much kept silent on the issue (since they didn’t deny or dispute the stuff she said in that interview, I’m going to assume what she said was true).

        And yes, TVB is definitely to blame (especially since Bernice was managed by them at that time and they knew of what happened, but didn’t support her either in talking to the Media…they pretty much let her sink)…but still, even if TVB is to blame, doesn’t mean Moses is completely in the clear…to me, a good man doesn’t let a woman’s reputation get dragged through the mud like that. So what if he would have been frozen by TVB? If he knew the truth but deliberately misled the reporters because he was afraid of TVB retaliating, then that’s even worse — in addition to being a douche bag, that means he’s a coward as well!

        By the way — the interview was in Mingpao Weekly Magazine, Issue 2224 (from back in June 2011). MP is in the process of revamping their online magazine portal at the moment, so the direct links to their magazine archives don’t work anymore…but looks like the article was posted on Baidu way back when, so it’s still available to read (in Chinese) for those who are interested:

      4. llwy12: Agree with your post. I’ve read the linked article when it was first published that’s why my sympathy is definitely for Bernice. I’m glad she is doing well now.

      5. Thanks for sharing again! I’ve read Bernice’s interview a while ago and I just laughed it off when others blamed Bernice for cheating.

        I think TVB left Bernice to sink bc between the two, let’s be real here, Moses is their fav. It’s like they had to choose who to save and it was Moses. I’m glad Bernice can bounce back from all those setback.

      6. TVB is never fair. The same applied to Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong. Myolie is their favourite, so they still promote her, and Bosco is not. Bosco gets less and less filming these days.

      7. I would not say that Moses is a really bad or terrible guy but I agree that the way he handled the situation with Bernice was not cool at all. He should have defended her but then again,you really wonder if they had an ugly break up so he was not even willing to defend her as a friend? Not to say it was right of him to do so, but you really wonder what truly happened? As outsiders we can only guess and speculate since none of us will ever know the whole truth. Also, it is not like it matters now because Moses is now married and Bernice has moved on. Hope that she will find her happiness soon. But I must say that I really liked Moses and Bernice together and it us a pity that they had Yuan but no fen.

      8. Not saying what Moses did was right, which is what leads me to believe that that’s the reason why he chose to announce his relationship with Aimee after they got together. Maybe he’s learned his lesson.

        Moses always struck me as a really shy, sensitive guy who doesn’t like to “rock the boat.” So if TVB wants him to appear like a pure bachelor, that’s what he’ll do. Same for Raymond and Ron. It is disgraceful how much of a lapdog all these stars are, but when you’re an actor, you’re at the mercy of your management company.

        Kenneth was different, in the sense that he’s always had a great rep, and wasn’t one of those guys who hundred of ladies long for. At that time, he also wanted to change his image, so that he doesn’t always appear a good guy. That doesn’t mean what he did wasn’t notable either, though. It’s just that different people under different circumstances, and different problems, can create different results.

      9. sorry, posted under wrong comment, it shld be posted here:

        “After that, Moses and TVB pretty much kept silent on the issue (since they didn’t deny or dispute the stuff she said in that interview, I’m going to assume what she said was true).”
        Not necessarily true that silence means you’re guilty. It could be that Moses himself wished to keep silent to avoid damaging her reputation further, in other words he was being a gentleman. Not taking his side btw, just looking at it from a different perspective.

      10. I think so too. Moses Chan seems to be a gentleman to me. He never said much in any rumours he had with his female co-artistes in the past. He usually kept quiet and let the other party deny or admit as she wished. Therefore, I don’t think he did it to jeopardize Bernice’s image. It should be the other way round. He did not want to make it worse.

      11. Whatever he did or did not do, I just cant like the guy. Best wishes to Bernice !!!!

      12. @buzz,
        I agree with you and I am not a fan of Moses, however, I feel that he is a gentlemen and would not intentionally try to ruin Bernice’s image or anything like that. Silence does not mean that he is guilty or had bad intentions. Just like when someone says “no comment”. That can mean sooo many different things depending on how each individual interprets it. But anyhow, it is all the past now and they have both moved on so there is no use in discussing it further. Let bygones be bygones.

  7. Very glad Bernice is happy. We’ll always support Bernice, Tavia, Charmaine, Myolie, Esther Kwan, Joey Meng, and Nancy Wu. Forget about Mr and Mrs. Moses. Don’t like Aimee Chan and Kate Tsui. Nothing special about Aimee Chan. Can’t act. Just because she is Mrs. Moses, she gets to lead in nowadays series.

    1. did you see slow boat home? she is ok in that drama.

    2. I’d take Kate over Amiee any day. Everyone on your list worked hard to get where they are now in the TBV industry or what not. Amiee….just got lucky w/no acting talent at all even w/all the opportunities she’s still getting now!

      I’m not a big fan of Bernice, but I did slowly warm up to her towards the end of her TVB stay. Glad she is doing well now. 🙂

      1. I agree that Aimee got lucky,but hey being lucky is one of the factors in life and in this circle. Sadly some have it while some do not. You can work hard but not get much versus someone who does not work hard but gets it all. This is the sad reality and life is just not fair.

    3. Aimee Chan is pretty. Moses Chan is ….. I dont care.

  8. I have d same thinking & preferences as TNT. I still don njoy & appreciate Aimee Chan acting.

    1. She’s ok in supporting, just not in female lead pls,

      1. I agree that Aimee is ok as a supporting actress but she cannot lead a series.

  9. Happy for Bernice, who became a much stronger business woman and (hopefully) better actress after some unhappy episodes in the past. She’s definitely gotten some stuff done, but you know, she’s still the same sweet girl. So who cares.

  10. hi there

    1. Bernice just looks delicious in the shot.
    2. btw, she has one fantastic figure.
    3. 5 thumbs up gal.

    1. Not as pretty as other shots but I like her regardless. She has the sexiest body of them all, I meant compared to other stick thin tvb actresses.

    2. When you judge anyone’s beauty, it is the whole package not just the face.

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