Bernice Liu Not in a Hurry to Find New Boyfriend

Though still single since breaking up with Moses Chan (陳豪) over five years ago, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) assured that she is very content with her life and is in no rush to find a new boyfriend.

Bernice attended an event with Regina Leung (梁唐青儀), wife of Chief Executive CY Leung (梁振英). Regina Leung left after the event finished and did not respond to questions about the ongoing pro-democracy protest, Occupy Central.

Bernice was recently rumored to have moved near Moses’ neighborhood. Bernice denied, “I was hiking around the area at the time. I didn’t move. My friends and I have been hiking around Hong Kong for nearly a year.” Bernice said she is upset that the press is still linking her to Moses, “I’ve been working hard to improve and I hope people will notice my work more.”

The press expressed their concerns that Bernice is not in a relationship, but she is not worried. “I’m happy with my friends and family.” What about finding a new romantic relationship? “I want to have a boyfriend, but I’ll let nature take its course and leave it to fate.”

Bernice admitted that she has pursuers, which is normal because she is still single. “I never thought about taking it to the next step though. You can’t rush these things. We need to have topics to talk about first.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Every time there is a news about Bernice, it comes with Moses 😛 media cannot move on – so loyalty.

  2. My gosh if she’s happy the way she is then leave her the hell alone but i DO want to say this I miss her in TVB

      1. Me too…. Tvb Australia has been doing reruns lately!
        I just pulled out healing hands 3… She had a lot of promise…. Too bad tvb pulled the plug on her!

  3. For some reason, I think she did something on her face. All the sudden, her square face is oval shape.

  4. Being associated with the Leungs is something you dont want Bernice..

  5. I liked how Bernice looked. She was different and unique. Somehow she lost that look. Maybe it’s age, surgery or make-up… idk…

    I agree with everyome that the media needs to stop linking her with Moses everytime they interview her. Shesh, maybe this is why the actors/actresses never admit their dating life. Because they’ll never hear the end of it even when their relationship ended ages ago. Shesh.

    1. I agree since she used to look more unique but now she looks very “typical”. It is hard to break all ties with exes I guess, especially when it comes to the media.

  6. She looks so much prettier than Aimee, i don’t care what she did or didn’t do to her face, she’s a better actor, and i like more 1000% more than Aimee. So what if she moved into Moses’ area, maybe it’s a nicer, safer, quieter neighborhood. HK is small, so these two paths will be crossed. It should only be news if she moved into Moses’ apt. The media need to try to find a connection and connect the dot with everything Bernice does linking back to Moses.

    1. They both look pretty. But I like Bernice a lot lot more. She definitely has a hotter body. I dont like Moses.

    2. Hi Winnie,
      Yes, it’s Moses that didnt have the luck to have Bernice as his wife. She’s nicer looking than Aimee any time if you were to ask me. In terms of acting, she’s also better than Aimee.

  7. Jeez, and really so what even IF she did choose to live in the same area?!

    That’s not a crime, nor is it an indication of anything more.

    Just because you’re exes with someone does means you cannot live in the same area – what if you like the views, amenities, convenience, proximity to work and play there?

    So do they read that to mean she’s stalking him now?

    Media and their unethical twisted angles on reading so much into everything..

  8. I miss her during her long hair days. I think she had short hair for a while, but she definitely looks more sexy in long hair hehe. 😀

    She looks simple but beautiful.

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