Bernice Liu Opens Smokehouse Business

Since Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) comes from a family with a restaurant business, she has invested heavily in the food industry in recent years. She successfully opened her French vineyard two years ago, as well as her own bar last year. At the end of last year, Bernice invested $1 million HKD with several partners, founding Crft Pit to supply smoked food products to hotels and restaurants.

Bernice said, “When I was studying in Canada, I personally loved eating steak and burgers.[In Canada], a lot of the foods were smoked. But in Hong Kong restaurants, they have to outsource these foods. Many [Hong Kong] restaurants do not have the proper equipment] to provide this service.”

Hoping to bring some Canadian flavor to Hong Kong restaurants, Bernice especially ordered a $1 million HKD smoking grill from the United States. The rest of the company investors are highly knowledgeable about the food industry as well. With friends and connections in different aspects of the supply chain, Crft Pit is able to offer smoked and cured meats and seafood products.

Although Bernice is busy with her filming projects, she frequently drops by Crft Pit. When asked if she has intentions of opening her own restaurant in the near future, Bernice laughed, “I’ll think about that later – I need to break even with this business first!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. She really don’t look like herself in the photo above. Face very long now. Not sure I like this look.

    Glad she is investing in the food business as then there is always an option if she no longer want to act.

  2. What? She spent HK$1 million (US$130K) on a commercial smoker? I think she had been taken for a ride.

    The best commercial smoker cost at most US$30K and I don’t think it cost US$100K to ship the equipment to HK.

    So an American smoker would bring out Canadian flavors? LOL!!

    1. @aiya

      No such thing as Canadian BBQ, even if there is, it’s an American copycat, which typically sucks.

      I agree, 130K is way overpriced for a smoker. But let’s keep in mind that she’s buying an industrial-grade smoker for MASS production, NOT a restaurant-grade smoker for a single restaurant, so it’s understandable why it would cost that much for industrial production.

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