Bobby Au Yeung Improves Health with Significant Lifestyle Changes

In the entertainment industry for over 33 years, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) is well known for his outgoing personality and is very popular among celebrities. Invited to a constant stream of social activities, many of which involved heavy drinking and indulgent feasting, Bobby’s health steadily declined.

In 2013, Bobby suffered from acute pneumonia at a friend’s house party. The incident nearly cost Bobby his life. Fortunately, he recovered and immediately made significant changes to his lifestyle. Bobby reduced his workload by half, working only half the year and resting the other half. Insisting that TVB allow him ten hours of sleep each day before starting work, Bobby also started taking various herbal diet supplements.

Bobby Comments on Incident

The effects of the lifestyle changes were evident in Bobby’s appearance at a recent press conference to promote new TVB drama, House of Spirits <一屋老友記>. Bobby looked alert, and had rosy cheeks and a toned physique.

While Bobby engaged in light-hearted banter with his co-stars, such as Nancy Wu (胡定欣), the moment a reporter mentioned his acute pneumonia incident, Bobby’s smile immediately disappeared and he said on a serious note, “This happened a few years ago! It was an accident…I’m not chronically ill!” Pressed further, Bobby became very agitated and exclaimed, “It was not an illness! Don’t use that to describe it! That time, food particles got into my lungs. It was very dangerous.”

Instilling More Limits to Preserve Health

After calming down, Bobby elaborated on his new perspective on life, “As humans, we can be capable of achieving so much but we can also be so small. We really need to be aware of our own limits, and live life more meaningfully, rather than mindlessly pursue pleasure.”

Bobby added that he has learned to value life a lot more and put his health as first priority. He has been taking plenty of cordyceps to supplement his diet, as it is known for improving the functions of his vital organs and strengthening his immune system. The use of cordyceps as an essential health supplement was also endorsed by Albert Yeung (楊受成), the Chairman of Emperor Entertainment Group, in his autobiography.

The cordyceps consumed by Bobby is reportedly of the highest quality, costing between $2000 USD and $3000 USD per 50 grams; 100 grams of cordyceps would last Bobby about ten days, as his wife makes soup or tea using the cordyceps. Bobby expressed, “I’m not only taking the cordyceps but also watching what I eat. Although I’m not cutting anything out from my diet entirely, I have been trying to reduce my consumption of fatty foods, soft drinks, and sugar. I used to eat mostly meat but now try to balance my diet with more fruit and vegetables. I also take vitamin supplements to boost my immune system and resistance to colds.”

Bobby added that taking part in activities like hiking, badminton and swimming have also greatly contributed to his improved health.

Source: East Week

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  1. Wow expensive vitamins but if it works and he can afford it, all is good. He and his wife seem so good together. Remember seeing them together once in Wan Chai.. they were so cute. Was holding hand and walking down the street chatting with each other.

      1. @alien Nah. Live in the US. But we used to go there every year (before kids came along). My sister-in-laws live there so we go visit.

  2. Its good that his health is improving but…..sometimes i dont really think that expensive vitamins of meds is necessary to improve health wise but if he has the money to spend like that then by all means if fine…..Hope Bobby will be happy and healthy all the way!!!

  3. Do they really earn that much? Bobby film one drama series per year and all that income is enough to sustain his vitamins? I don’t know if he have side businesses but solely on his pay per drama I don’t think it’s enough.

    Now that I read they didn’t mention that he consumed them daily maybe once half a month… But still it’s expensive.

    1. @alien Bobby was in mainland filiming through out the years I guest that’s where he made his fortune or he might have other investment on hand but just didnt want to show and tell ……

      1. @funnlim Really doubt that bobby is a multi-millionaire on his own merits. His pay from TVB can’t be that fantastic to make him a millionaire, much less a multi millionaire, as we’ve all read about how tight-fisted TVB is.

    2. @alien Yes. If I remember correctly, His wife has $$. For vitamins, I just go for the generic brand. Work the same but cheaper.

  4. It’s good to see he’s eating healhier and more aware of his physical health. However, I believe all these trends about this exp herb is good for your and that vitamins promote long life, blah blah blah are all a fad. They come and go. They’re a big waste of money. Are they good for your body? Probably. Are they worth thousands? Most likely not. I believe in a healthy diet, balancing and portioning control on all food groups, with good amount of excercise goes much longer way than bird’s nest, gingsen, Dr Oz supplment, etc.

  5. Supplements are a waste of money as it has not been proven scientifically that it can actually benefit your health. Only way to assure optimal health is to eat whole foods (real food) and exercise regularly.

  6. bobby’s wife is very rich.
    if can afford, there is ginseng of top quality whch is able to prolong youth. soup is also very good to have. homecooked meals no matter how simple is very nutritious.

  7. I don’t get why there would be doubts whether Bobby can afford such expensive herbs.  It’s not like he’s an unknown third/fourth line actor still struggling to make ends meet – he’s been a first line siu sang at TVB since the mid-90s, is still very active in the entertainment industry, and is actually quite a sought-after actor both in HK and outside….plus it’s not like he’s a TVB managed artist (he’s been doing the per series contract thing with them for at least a decade if not more), so he obviously has income outside of TVB.   Setting aside the fact that his wife is from a wealthy family, no doubt that Bobby has amassed a fortune of his own over the years being that he is one of the most well-known and recognizable television actors in HK (and don’t forget his other investments – I think he’s on his 3rd restaurant already?). 

    Anyway, good to see Bobby taking his health more seriously and also taking the time out to rest and enjoy life.   Oh and can the media leave him alone already on that health scare incident?  I don’t see the need to keep harping on it when obviously Bobby learned his lesson in terms of taking better care of his health.  Support you, Bobby!

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