Bosco Wong & Kate Tsui Too Carried Away In Their Kissing Scenes

32 years ago, “Fa-Gor” Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and “DoDo-Jie” Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) sealed a kiss for three minutes in classic TVB drama, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly《網中人》, thus paving the way for intense kissing scenes in the future dramas to come.

Fast forward to today, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) imitated those two seniors and even did a good job of glamorizing intense kissing scenes, smooching each other in every episode until their lips were cramped. As for whether the other party is a good kisser? Well, only they would know the truth. Even if the other party isn’t a good kisser, guess they would rather suffer bitterly in silence than to voice it out…

R = Reporter
B = Bosco Wong
K = Kate Tsui

Got despised for not being comfortable enough

R: “Have you guys kissed until your lips were cramped yet?

B: (Turns to Kate and asks her) “Are your lips cramped yet?”

K: “Still okay! Haha!”

R: “Is the other party good to kiss?”

B: “She (Kate) honestly said that I wasn’t good to kiss.”

K: “Not good, really not that good to kiss! It felt dirty and antagonizing (forced) as he stank of smoke. This was because in “Lives”, Bosco’s role as Cripple Co. required him to smoke all day long so it was really smelly and a big turn off!”

B: (Jokingly)  “You say it like as if I ate garlic meh?”

K: “I really detest the mustache lor! It made me feel very uncomfortable!”

R: “Then in this case, Kate, what is good to kiss? If the lips isn’t good to kiss, maybe it would be better to reach inside the lips? (The reporter was referring to french kissing.)”

B: “Joking meh? We never kissed inside until so deep lah!”

K: “Yeah, we strictly abide by the yardstick imposed on television dramas.”

R: “So is Kate good to kiss?”

B: “Kate is well-known for her pair of red lips and renowned for possessing a deer-like mouth. Only one word to describe, satisfactory!”

K: “What did you mean by that ah?”

B: (Hesitantly and uncertainly) “Well, you are really famous for your thick lips mah! No meh?”

K: (Gives a dumbfounded gape and speechless stare) “Is there really such a thing?”

B: “It actually felt quite okay!”

Throwing himself into character, kissing until he felt great

R: “Among so many female stars, who is the best to kiss?”

B: “It had to be “Xiao Yi” Kitty Yuen (阮小儀), Xiao Yi’s lips are really thick, but that’s just my personal feeling!”

R: “Not good to neglect Kate’s “face” oh, is Kate amongst your top three actresses who are good to kiss?”

B: “Kate is also included, she’s in the top three position.”

R: “Is Kate as good to kiss as [Bosco’s heavily rumored girlfriend] Myolie Wu (胡杏兒)?”

B: “Er……Almost the same lah!”

K: “Each of us simply can’t be compared to Myolie in any way lah!”

R: “Actually do you guys refrain from acting in kissing scenes?”

K: “When we accept the role, we would know in advance about the kissing scenes required in the script. Since we have already accepted the job on our own accord then we must accept the roles. If the plot requires us to do these, we will do so. I feel that if kissing scenes are necessary for the roles, then I will perform them lor, it’s okay for me!”

B: “Yes ah, we don’t think so much after we get into our positions for filming.”

Prefers winning rave reviews of their performances than winning an award

R: “Do you guys feel that you will win an award based on your drama, Lives of Omission《潛行狙擊》?”

B: “Kate would definitely win an award. Yes, I said that!”

K: “Yes ah, then in that case, it would be winning your award for top three actresses who are best to kiss lor!”

B: “Talking about the truth now, to me, an award is nothing much to me, I don’t care about it but of course I would be happy if it was awarded to me lah!”

R: “The neighborhoods even said that you acted way better than Laughing-Gor Michael Tse (謝天華)?”

B: “I’m just relying and depending on Michael! I feel that we each have our own acting strengths. I don’t know ah! I have always felt that winning an award is nothing much because maybe it’s only because the role is very popular with the masses. I would rather have people praising me. When this drama came out, very good public appraisals were received! They praised that I acted well and had improved. All those made me felt much more happy than receiving an award.”

R: “What do you feel about Kate’s acting performance then?”

B: “Kate really gave a liberating acting performance. I felt very comfortable partnering with her to act in dramas because Kate’s personality is really easy-going, anything will do for her, she would not be hung up over her image as a pretty girl or that she used to be a ex Miss HK winner…there’s nothing like that coming from her. Acting is just purely acting, Kate has no emotional or psychological baggage restraining her. Thus I felt that it was comfortable partnering with her. I even saw that she kept improving, the more she acted, the more natural she was in front of the camera.  Even when we were shooting the opening scene, I could feel that she has her own thinking. In a nutshell, I strongly support Kate Tsui to win the award!”

R: “Kate, what do you think about Bosco then?”

K: “Bosco and I have known each other for quite some time now. I feel that having audiences who identifies with your efforts is much more significant than winning an award. I remember that on the first day of filming, everyone wanted to come up with something fresh and new. In the end, it was our combination that brought something different to everyone. If only there was an award for “Most Improved Onscreen Couple”, I feel that we will have a high chance of getting it lor! We really put so much effort into our roles.”

B: “Yes, even though many people placed more emphasis into our kissing scenes, but if they were attentive enough, they would notice that the kisses in the opening episodes, middle episodes and the final episodes were all different and each carried a different meaning.”

The intersection between love and hatred is overpowering

K: “We used plenty of efforts into building up the relationship between these two characters, Cripple Co. and Paris. Just like what Bosco had mentioned earlier, I acted very liberally but there was definitely a need for this. Bosco is one good partner. Since there is a new award almost every year, can they add on some new award to encourage him (Bosco)?”

R: “Michael Tse’s Laughing-Gor and Fala Chen‘s (陳法拉) Madam Jo are after all the main centralized couple in this series, will you guys feel pressurized in this case?”

B: “Our characters’ romance and their characters’ romance were remotely different. Even before we started filming, it was already decided that their character’s romance would be traditional and conventional while our characters’ romance would be a abnormal one.”

K: “Our main focus was to come up with something unconventional, something new. In the past drama series, very little had scenes as intense as ours, which was such a loving, hating and agitating romance.”

B: (Adding on to Kate’s words) “Not to forget our strong and “heavily flavored” dialogues. We would have to say things like “I’m calling a prostitute” and “I’m feeling unhappy because my “aunt flow” is here”, those kind of dialogues.”

K: “Yes ah, we will also use our might to slap, smack and box each other, totally jumping out of the television’s boundary.

Epilogue: There’s mustache but not much, so?

Kissing someone out of no reason, when you have no physical attraction to him or when you are not acting with him, is indeed really tough.

On the day of the interview, the photographer requested Bosco to kiss Kate for a photo. Initially, the duo immediately agreed but just as everything was set and ready and awaiting for their kiss, Kate suddenly backed out and said, “I think it’s not good for us to kiss!” (Reporter: Why?) “Bosco’s growing a mustache again! (Kate meant Bosco still had stubbles of hair above his lips)”

Upon hearing this, everyone immediately went silent and a cloud of dead air filled the scene. Well, guess only one person in TVB City or even in the entire world, can kiss Bosco anytime and anywhere and that is none other than “her”.

Source: Oriental Daily, iHKtv

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. I wish she improves on her acting rather than her kissing abilities.

    1. I personally think she has improves. She has better emotional grasps now as Paris and her partnership with Bosco grabs my attention. Perhaps their unconventional pairing and acting are my cup of tea.

  2. Myolie better be more attentive before something onscreen expand offscreen dun dun dun!!!

    1. I don’t think Kate will go that far. She said she’s also familiar with Myolie. She’s not new anymore too and I think she can pull herself from the character outside filming.

      1. @ lol:

        “She’s not new anymore too and I think she can pull herself from the character outside filming.”

        But she cried during the airing of the last 2 episodes though, at the scene where she got shot by Bosco’s char >.>

      2. Yes I just remember that she cried at that scene. It was a good scene. Well we should also remember that this series aired right after filming so maybe when she saw the footage again she was brought back into the character.

        I just think that the Michael and Paris relationship will stay only onscreen and not extend offscreen.

  3. No matter whether her acting is good or bad, I just cannot like her. Maybe its because I don’t necessarily like an actor because of their acting abilities, if I like him/her then no matter how bad they are, I would still like them. If I don’t like them then they could be the world’s best and I would still not like them. People like Shirley Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, Kate Tsui and Aimee Chan: I just cannot like no matter what happens.

    1. I agree, i dont like aimee, shirley and kate also. I see a huge difference in the face of kate on this photo, seems like she got plastic surgery or botox on her face?

  4. I like Kate in Lives of Omission. I particularly like her chemistry with Bosco (yes, even those scenes without kissing scenes between them but not much of the lawyer scenes :))

    1. Kate is ok in the love scenes but I’m sorry to say that a lawyer is too hard for her. I admire Myolie who can play a sharp lawyer excellently for 3 times.

      1. sure it’s hard to play a lawyer but not impossible its that kate cant really act besides doing kissing and sex scenes.

        tavia and linda can handle lawyer roles as well if not better. myolie is a little overrated.

      2. I disagree with you exoidus. Myolie is the most eloquent in court room. Linda is ok but she still has that naive sweet look. Tavia hold herself back too much but can’t blame her totally because she has a disease at that time.

      3. I agree that Kate need improvement in the court scenes. But, I think she did well emotional scenes including crying one. At least, I feel her sadness this time when her earlier series like Beauty Game, I sometimes cannot feel her sadness in crying scenes.

      4. @exoidus: Linda’s SJS wasn’t convinced as a lawyer. And SJS need Alfred to win the court. Too bad tat:P

      5. Yes this one I agree. She improved in her crying scenes, but she’s not convincing as a lawyer. It’s a pity for her too because there are already 2 lawyer series aired before LOO aired and comparison is inevitable.

      6. @fox I think Linda was ok but yes still not that convincing and has weak feeling.

        I recall that Myolie has taken on 3 lawyer role differently in SL, WRTL and GJ. She was also convincing in all 3 different characters.

      7. @fox

        well in that series linda was supposed to be a rookie and up against the most feared defense lawyer so her being nervous was quite understandable.

      8. Then based on wat you said Linda can provide a good lawyer? Admit that you are biased toward Linda andTY to think watever they do is good and watever others do is bad, it’s easier to argue:P

      9. SJS is likeable not b/c she is a lawyer but his bf cheated on her. Done.

      10. im talking more about lindas good acting skills making her lawyer character convincing and not her being a “good” lawyers in a professional sense. later in the end she did made my believe that she could’ve been a real lawyer whereas kate is fake in every sense especially when she cries i just want to slap her face LOL.

        we are all biased so its not a surprise and i like linda alot. however thats bc her acting skills is good.

      11. I think Linda has improved, but in SJS you can’t deny what Fox said that SJS is likeable because pity factor. Her bf cheated on her. It’s also why I think Miss Koo is likeable besides the grand crying scene, because she’s liking an undercover who’s cheating on her too.

      12. You might forget how many years Linda is criticized for her acting :P. Until now not many ppl agreed that she has good acting, only say s she improved. On the other hand, more ppl think Myolie can act but when downhill. So Linda’s start is way lower than Myolie

      13. yeah i do agree that linda was only average when she first started out and perhaps your statement is true. however at this point linda’s acting has thus far exceeded that of myolie. she is almost as annoying as kate in “tai chi” as her crying is not convincing at all. even at this point her crying sucks

      14. Well acting is subjective in this case I guess… I think Myolie is not a bad actress, but isn’t that great either. I remember when she first started out, her acting was below average, however, she has improved a lot through the years. I think if you are born with the innate talent to act then people will notice your talent even when you first start out. However, if you aren’t then you can act for years and years and your acting can still either be the same or even go downhill. I guess that is where your connections, luck, timing and other factors come in and not just talent that can ensure your success.

      15. I don’t think there is a huge difference in acting ability between the two… for the most part, they are both around the same level. However, I think Linda has a more likable personality. She has also had more memorable roles (HOG, MR, YSNS) and I personally really liked her in A Journey Called Life. Linda has the ability to completely connect w/ the audience and have them feel her pain in her acting roles. Whereas for Myolie, I only really liked her in her early days w/ golden faith and colorful life. She’s also more suited for comedic/light-hearted dramas.

      16. @exoidus: You mean the Gwing face? TY also has one.

        Linda’s crying face looks good, but her eyes aren’t convincing enough because they aren’t red. If Linda can improve herself more with red natural eyes, she can crown the best crying TVB actress for her generation.

        @HTS: Myolie’s acting wasn’t criticized when she first started, only now ppl say she went downhill.

      17. @Fox,
        I don’t think so.. When Myolie started out, she did get criticized but maybe not as much as now. I think her acting is better depending on the role. But like I have said, acting is generally subjective. Everyone says that Linda’s acting is good, but I feel it is just like Tavia’s or Myolie’s depending on the role.

        Off topic, Bu Bu Jing Xin is now airing!! Kevin plays the 8th prince, Nicky plays the 4th prince and Damian plays their father, the Kang Xi emperor. Very good series so far…

    2. @hetieshou -I’m watching bu bu jing xin as well. Love that series and kevin is acting so well 🙂 I’m reluctant to continue as i’m sure my heart is gonna break into little tiny pieces if it goes according to the novel!

  5. ““Our main focus was to come up with something unconventional, something new. In the past drama series, very little had scenes as intense as ours, which was such a loving, hating and agitating romance.””

    It is indeed an unconventional love. They are very physical. Kiss all the time and usually after confrontation.

    In that scene when Bosco as Kate to pay her debt using her body and Kate replied that ‘Ok, I’ll think of it as having a nightmare’, I think Bosco was more hurt than Kate. Sleeping with him is like nightmare.

    The more Bosco loves her the more he hates her. Initially, I thought Kate was selfish to not help Bosco. But, when I see the actual scene, I understand why she didn’t want to help. Bosco was asking her to do something against the law to help him (maybe temper with the evidence). I can see why she wouldn’t want to after she work so hard to achieve everything and career just started to look good. She might be a bit selfish (but so is Bosco for asking her to do something against the saw for him), but, she’s not without conscience. That’s why she want to pay back the money to Bosco.

    1. Thanks for the complement.

      I also find it interesting how Bosco would rather hurt himself to just continue hating Kate. He really couldn’t forgive Kate. But, at the same time, when he has anything, he want to celebrate with Kate.

      1. Kidd, have you gotten past episode 11 yet? There are more details there, and more chances to understand Kate more.

        I like Kate’s character. A modern career woman will understand her. I don’t think she’s selfish, she’s just career minded and want to lead a good life, and she’s also gray that she’s the type that willing to go beyond the boundaries to achieve what she wants – although sometimes she also find herself standing on a thin line between conscience and wants, and a supressed love.

    2. I like your analysis, Kidd. You make me want to go and grab the show to watch.

  6. Myolie is so overrated in Ghetto Justice. Period. I rather see Mandy Wong acting than Myolie….Borring her acting make me fast forward…. hate her face expression.

    1. Mandy Wong is in quite a number of series this year, right? She was in Ghetto Justice, Lives of Omission, and now Men with No Shadows.

      She’s quite natural in front of the camera and has likeable presence. I think she has a future if shaped well by TVB.

  7. ““I’m feeling unhappy because my “aunt flow” is here”, those kind of dialogues.””

    What is “aunt flow”?

    1. @Chriselle:

      Haha yeah, @Kidd is right, it’s actually another way of saying “my da yi ma is here” or my period/menses is here but lol for the consideration of the male readers here, I didn’t put it that explicitly.

    2. Lol! Thanks for the clarification. I finished the series already, but I can’t recall a scene where they said that. I caught the prostitute one, so I was assuming the other phrase was also in one of their dialogues. Anyone caught it? 🙂

  8. I know I shouldnt say this but I hope Bosco is with Kate probably because I dislike Myolie? xD

    1. Perhaps you’re too absorbed into their onscreen partnership :P, although I also have to admit that Bosco and Kate have this compatible air around them. I don’t know howto explain.

      1. Can’t really say I’m too absorbed or used to their onscreen partnership and hope they will become an item in real.

        I know I’ll get bashed by Myolie’s fans if i elaborate my reason for not liking Myolie.

        1) I was never a Myolie’s fan even in her first appearance on tv.

        2) Her exeggerated performance from her previous series made me discontinue watching her other series.

        3) And lastly, a statement given by a so called “KLF” aka Extra on Weibo recently made me think Myolie is the Diva stated there eventhough there was no concrete evidence to prove the statement was really from a “KLF”.

        Just a biased view/opinion on Myolie lol.

      2. @Veejay I can care less about what you think of her acting, but to believe that faceless and nameless kaylefe who’s obviously praising one artiste and condemning another??? No evidence, no talk.

      3. @lol,

        hehe it wasn’t for your concern in the first place anyway, it was my elaboration to masaharu just for her info 🙂

    2. Bosco did say that he fell in love with Kate during their first series that I can’t never rmb name. Have Bosco, Sammul, Kate, Shirley.

      1. I think it’s called the price of greed? If I remember right.

  9. Bosco is like maturing prematurely. What’s with the deep lines aka crow’s feet around his eyes? Or maybe he is just too thin.

    1. And not just the hair, but something is different with Kate. She doesn’t seem to emphasise on her pout anymore, and her face… maybe camera angle…

    2. I don’t think that’s old age wrinkles. Some people’s eyes are just like that.

      1. Was his like that before he went on a diet? Because Bosco is much slimmer than I remember. He aged.

      2. Did he even have that previously? Or is it because of not enough sleep?

      3. Vvisitor, it has been with him for years but only comes out when he’s smiling widely or laughing hard. When he puts on a slight smile and serious expression, they don’t come out.

        The causes of crows feet varies, it can be lack of sleep, too much outdoor tanning, lack of water intake or just the way it is.

        I know a pretty white girl around 18-19 years old who has this condition, she has a teen face but once she smiled, she has those crows feet too.

      4. @Masaharu,

        Thanks for the explanation, I always thought ppl who have crows feet were born in this way..never know it has other reasons to have crows feet.

      5. Veejay, I don’t know if there are people who was born with it, but I heard from the net that there are some people who have smooth and youthful skin who still has these smiling wrinkles.

      6. Stephen Huynh also has this type of eyes. The corner of his eyes will wrinkle up when he smiles. I’ve notice this even in his first series with Sonija.

    3. @Funn,

      You will be surprised if you find out that some women tend to think men who have this kind of pre-mature lines around their eyes look sexy ^^ lol.

      1. I dun think Funn will feel surprise because any type of man can be liked.

        Moreover, Bosco is an actor and he has a lot of fans. Of course at least half of these fans think he looks sexy with or without the pre-mature lines :P.

      2. @fox,

        I’m not talking about Bosco la, I was talking about men in general. Some ppl tend to see these pre-mature lines ugly but some don’t.

      3. This is general and not really related to the crow feet, but there’s this saying that “women think with their heart, men think with their *****(what’s down there :P)”. The general idea is that women is attracted for a men that will move their heart instead of looks first, but men will go for looks first and personality later, haha..

        For some other twisted women/men, it might be money first..hoho.

      4. Lol, yes yes, true. Some western media even called the crow’s feet as accentuating the actor’s chestnut eyes for some actors like George Clooney lol!

      5. Ah K, George Clooney is a very charming mature man in my eyes 😀

      6. @Masaharu:

        Me too! And he’s very funny too! But his charisma seemed to have gone down a little for me after he broke up with his XXth girlfriend lol! Gosh, he dated so many women in his entire life that I think I lost count again lol! 😛

      7. I don’t know much about his private life and gossips, but I grew up watching him in ER and how can I forget his charming persona in Oceans films 😛

      8. GC is damn charming in Ocean series :P. I never think Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt is the most handsome man in the world so in Ocean series, GC won over Brad Pitt :P.

  10. I also agree with Bolo and thinks that Kate looks different in some of the photos and have a slight suspicion that she may have had botox or something.

    1. I think soon all tvb artists will be like korean artists that 90% of them have already undergone plastic surgery and etc

      1. The difference between K artist and TVB artist is K artist dare to admit they had plastic surgery and TVB artist will give the same old answer “no, it’s the effect of make up, must be this! or it’s just botox injection..dont think too much la! or the lamest excuse “It must the photo angle that make my face to look slimmer”

      2. But have to admit that most of TVbers look better in real person than pictures. I can’t say the same thing to K artists.

      3. @Fox,

        My sis has seen a K-artist in person..he looks wayyyy better than in person/offscreen plus so much better than those siu sang of tvb. Maybe K-artist got is the height, most of them are either 6ft atleast and very fair complexion and good body structure too.

      4. My friend on the other hand, cried so hard after seeing some Suju members in the airport resting room, without the BB cream and makeup cosmetic. They didn’t know she was there so they dun use cosmetic.

        Your sister saw them with makeup, or not? I can say that K cosmetic can do the magic :P.

        The height? You means the boys or the girls? I saw SNSD and they are quite short.

      5. I also heard about many K pop idols males and females look so much different without makeup. While for TVB artistes mostly only the females.

      6. I’m tired of some artistes who keep saying it’s the effect of injections when we can see how ‘big’ and obvious the change is.

      7. Hm… Fox and Veejay saw different aspects of the K pop stars, so are they gorgeous in person, more gorgeous than HK stars or just the same ordinary humans?

        I am interested because I am a fan of K dramas.

        I am not biased against any nationality, but really the korean actors are YUMMY! A lot more YUMMY than our HK best. I watch HK dramas and movies too. I’m sorry but seriously… that’s how I feel. Perhaps it’s plastic or imaging or photos only… but still they appear YUMMY!

        K dramas are romantic but not sappy. The heros are strong (mostly) and masculine. Hee hee hee!

        I feel that HK drams are realistic and gritty. Taiwan dramas maybe a bit OTT and sugary laden. But for my personal tastes, k dramas are just right.

        Of cos still this is a HK stars discussion site, so I will try to moderate my love for K pop stars 🙂

        But still, check out Lee Min Ho, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun, Hyun Bin … are they YUMMY or are they not?

      8. Many of the Korean artists actually still deny that they have had any plastic surgery done. But it is true that some of them have admitted to it while none of the TVB artists have admitted it at all.

        Most if not all artists of course look different without make up. I heard my sister in law say that the Korean artists look really different without BB cream and make up. Their skin was really bad looking without it. As for the TVB artists, it is mostly the girls that looked different while many of the guys did not look that much different. But that is not very surprising since guys generally don’t wear as much make up as girls anyways.

        K artists look great with the the make up but a different story without it. Hey, I guess that is why Korean cosmetic products are so popular…

      9. @Canto: To me, No. I dun like the too similar look of the K artists. I hardly can differ who is who.

        And K series aren’t my cup of tea or coffee or even water since it’s too slow. My mother is following the series named Dongy or something like that in the dinning time. Gosh, I went out with my friend 3 days and during the dinner of the 4th days, they still TALK! I mean, for 4 eps, about 2 hours, the talk of the king and the female character is still the same =.=. No move, no new talk, no new character, no new place. I know he misses her, but he needs to tell her that he misses her in more than 2 hours? And he just wants to say: “I miss you”, took 30 mins for them to slowly turn head, slowly look at each other, slowly open mouth, slowly start with “I……..”. Waste a lot of time. No doubt why it has 90 eps but the content can be shorten in 3 lines.

      10. @Fox,
        THe Korean series that I think you are referring to is Dong Yi. I just saw that recently and actually liked it overall. It is one of the better ancient Korean series. It actually only has 60 eps, not 90 eps. I saw this other one with 125 eps and it was SOOOO boring.. I did not see it all but parts of it here and there since I could not stand it. I don’t agree that all Korean series are boring. Some are really good but you just have to have the patience to watch some of them. They are all long and draggy. There are some that are pretty good. Most of the girls in Dong Yi all have the same exact face and type of look. My family all joked about how they all went to the same plastic surgeon.

        The point is there are good and bad series from every country and company…

      11. My mother is in eps 79 :P, maybe 60 = 60 mins an eps while it’s 45 mins per eps here. I don’t say it’s too bad, but it’s too slow. The concept is ok but even if I miss 10-15 eps, I still can understand everything. I agree with the comment that K series is suitable for who feel lazy to think or feel hard to catch the fast faced stuffs.

        I dun want to waste my time and often watch first, last, and I can understand the storyline perfectly, even better than some ppl who follow the series every night. My prediction for wat will happen in K series is 90% right.

        I prefer J drama :P.

      12. @Fox and HeTieShou

        Ha, Fox, I understand what you mean. Some of the k dramas that follow the traditional directing are still very long drawn out, and even skipping a few episodes, the storyline still hasn’t progressed, which is why my husband prefers the faster paced and more exciting HK dramas too. He is so bored by the k dramas that I watch.

        But for me, still some of the newer k drama are great, like SungKyunKwan Scandal, City Hunter, My Princess, Secret Garden… They are much faster paced and k fashion and culture is very forward looking and so refreshing.

        I like my HK dramas, but funny, it’s always the k dramas e.g. I am watching The Princess’ Man now, which makes me into a fangirl all over again, and look forward earnestly to the next episode and feel for the characters…

        Just a thought…

      13. “I agree with the comment that K series is suitable for who feel lazy to think or feel hard to catch the fast faced stuffs.’

        I disagree. K series are often suited for fantasist. Only they can take a wholly impossible plot and make it look almost possible. Not all K drama is slow, not all are long drawn. But these days most, no.. ALL of them are about love, even if spies, aliens, whatever, it will in the end be about love. You do need to think; K-dramas has its good points. they know how to sell their idols, even if these days the new ones are terrible in acting.

        J drama is short but there are some even if 10 episodes feels like 100. Not all are great. A select few, but those that are good, are almost always great. I personally enjoyed Jin although the storyline I feel is impossible. The pace is super fast for the good ones, but very compartmentalised, sometimes not much continuation. it is almost like a scenario type of series rather than a continuation series, like k drama is good at.

        HK drama, specifically TVB drama isn’t all that great idea. They can drag at some places, but yes most are fast paced with some good cliffhangers but sometimes I find them incoherent. If k drama is one track mind and K drama is scenario based therefore sometimes style over substance, TVB is to me dramatic base. They throw out the dramatic moments, especially these days, some without much tie up to the plot, and therefore confuses a lot of people. Nicely said means it is up to your interpretation but the truth is some are just rubbish.

        Acting wise, if they’re good, korean actors can be excellent. They do put an effort into speaking a certain way and mind you don’t go calling any man you meet oppa as that is not the case in real life.

        Japanese drama, the actors and actresses but especially actors are always stylish. Can they act? Most can, but Japanese has their own style. Koreans are more expressive, Japanese tends to be impassive.

        HK drama depends. The good ones are great and a bonus point is they tend to be expressive and yet subtle, which if you look carefully is the forte of Japanese drama, but these days Kdrama as well, especially cold heartless hero who is really a nice guy. Those who can’t, are rubbish.

        Taiwanese drama… 99% idol drama. Those you see as short and ugly can usually act, those tall and handsome can’t act, can’t sing but probably could dance. Their series appeal a lot not to fantasist but the teenager in us. They make a dreary situation like it is the singular more romantic thing ever when it is just a dreary thing; like the guy eating the rice cooked by the girl, etc. I find Taiwanese drama and their views about love too teenager, too boxed in, too narrow.

        China TV series, never watch. But they remind me of English sort of series as opposed to american sort of series.

      14. Oh, I should say that I prefer J live action, not all dramas. I’m still with Nana live action one. This is the only shoujo I really love because the storyline is deep, meaningful.

        I’ve watched the Secret Garden because my friend promotes for it too much and since it’s a bit faster than the Dong Gy or Dong Yi, it’s still too slow for me.

        And for the fashion, hehe, I’d rather see the fashion show on F channel or read manga, where any type of clothes can appear.

        @Funn: I dun think HK series is better, but faster and more realistic. I also dun think K series are bad, but it isn’t for me because, it’s too slow. And for the acting, the K artists can cry, but that dun mean they can act. I hardly can feel any emotion from their faces. They can cry, even can cry very well, but dun tell them to be happy because all of them will do the same gestures.

  11. Its funny that a lot of Chinese female artists have plastic surgery but not as many males. I noticed that Bosco already has crows feet around his eyes. Obviously he has not had anything done to his face whereas Kate has.

    1. probably they do but more obvious and we are more critical on female artists

    2. “Obviously he has not had anything done to his face whereas Kate has”

      Sorry but seriously what bad things Kate did to you ? Your hatred here is so…dry ? What proof do you have ? Sorry but I find this kind of comment a little…pathetic and desperate.

  12. What happen to Kate? Her face shape look all distorted. Someone has kidnapped Kate and replaced with a failed clone!

    Kate! Please don’t do anything to your face anymore. You look beautiful before. No need to fix anything. The more you fix, the more awful you look.

    1. if she keeps up the good work she will soon become the new “cat(e) woman” haha

    2. Many mainland audience are calling Kate sausage sister because of her noticeable lips. It was what Viann called her before. It’s hard for people to care for Kate’s acting if her lips grab the attention, just like Tavia’s nose case.

      1. Kate probably had something injected on her face or lips. They look more plump. She looks different and weird in the LOO poster too.

        I can’t understand why she is known for having sausage lips. IMO, although she makes her lips noticeable when she speaks and kiss, they aren’t abnormally big or thick.

      2. Look like if a TVB actress is praised with something, they’ll make it extremely bigger.

    3. That’s my feeling. First her lips is no longer pouting. So that changes the dynamics of her looks. Her hair is bigger, but her face slimmer. Seems different. Maybe make up. Can’t bear to think of another with a nose job. I don’t believe Botox though.

    4. Kate’s lips are indeed plushier in the drama, but I don’t think that affected her acting in Lives of Omission potraying Paris. Instead I think her acting especially her emotional grasp has improved. She gives enough without overdoing it.

  13. Ahhhh catwoman – one of the best female villains: I love that role.

    1. i didn’t meant the heroine, but the plastic version of catwoman haha

      1. haha why? exoidus. Although we’re women but no harm watching own kind getting into action hehehe.

        Just watch it for fun and we can also use it as analysis ion which of these fadans have had plastic surgery on body b4 too.

    1. she should be lose, she got a degree in japanese but never heard her say anything in japanese. Perhaps, one of her reasons for studying japanese in college so she could get into the AV industry. You might be right though. Anyway, only party girls study in useless major, it’s not like anything specialize. However, she is getting better from a C rated actress to a B-. =}

      1. yeah it’s interesting that got a japanese major. She should really put it to good use.

  14. OVerall, Bosco is cute, in a scale o to 10, I will give him 7. He would have gotten 9 even he had gotten braces for his teeth. Whenever I chit chat with friends, we always compared actors and actesses from different countries, it seems HK and China stars need to invest in braces for their teeth. Most Korean stars have very nice straight teeth. It’s not like Bosco can’t afford it, he spent so much on his car, he should think about getting braces. It would definitely bring out the best in him. My sister is getting her braces removed next month, it costs my parents about $5000 but it’s well worth it.

    1. I didn’t even notice anything wrong with Bosco’s teeth. A little bit imperfection shouldn’t matter. In fact, I like those little imperfections.

      Did Du Chun fix his teeth. He has rabbit teeth in Da Qi Ying Xiong Zhuan which I find cute. But, I watch an interview clip of his a few days ago and his teeth not as buck anymore.

      Aaron Kwok also has cute rabbit teeth.

    2. A friend who met him in person said his complexion and skin is quite good for a man, besides a noticeable scar near his right eye and tired eyes. She believes he’s not lying about his height because she said he’s tall, but much thinner than onscreen.

      The teeth might not pose a big problem because his smiles still manage to look bright.

    3. Other than his teeth are not very white (maybe caused by his smoking habit), I dun find any problem with his teeth. Don’t think that everyone need straight teeth because they lose the uniqueness in their look for this.

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