Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong’s Love Grows More Public; Parents Attend Awards After-Party

TVB’s new TV Queen, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), attended a TVB Anniversary Awards after-party in Wan Chai to celebrate the receipt of triple awards. Myolie’s boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), used actions to prove the strength of their relationship. Both Myolie and Bosco’s parents attended the celebration party, turning the event into a “meet the parents” event! With their love relationship becoming increasingly public, Myolie even praised Bosco’s acting at a promotional event yesterday!

After the popular wins of Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as Best Actress and Best Actor, they celebrated with their respective fans at TVB City after the Awards ceremony. Later in the evening, Myolie and Kevin attended the Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> celebratory party.  Of course, Myolie’s “supportive” boyfriend, Bosco Wong, also attended the party! Both their parents also attended!

Partying Until 4:00 AM

At 3:00 AM, Bosco Wong left the celebratory party. Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng partied until 4:00 AM before heading downstairs and complying with press requests for photos. Myolie wished to excuse herself and continue the party. Realizing that numerous reporters were present, Kevin took Myolie aside to pay the bill and leave the venue.

Consuming a heavy amount of alcohol, Myolie Wu was supported by her assistant upon leaving. Myolie said, “It was a lot of fun!” Originally, Myolie was supposed to ride in her assistant’s car, however the vehicle was used to transport JJ Jia (賈曉晨), who had also drank a large amount of alcohol. Myolie rode in a friend’s car instead.

Myolie Wu: “Bosco Wong Will Receive TV King Award Soon!”

Despite partying until dawn, Myolie Wu returned to TVB City in the morning to attend a celebration event for the ideal ratings of Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, which peaked at 43 points in ratings! In attendance was also Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻).

Asked whether Bosco Wong had proposed to her, Myolie said, “No, of course not!” Asked whether Myolie was waiting for Bosco to win the TV King Award before getting married, Myolie said, “I never thought about it! He is such a good actor; he should be winning the award soon!”

Myolie clarified that she only made a “toilet” statement last night and  not a declaration of love in her Best Actress acceptance speech. “Originally, I intended to say that I wanted to share the happiness with him. However, I blurted out that he had flaws and was difficult to get along with.” Loving Bosco, Myolie refused to reveal why Bosco was so difficult to get along with. “I am also difficult to get along with; I am too serious!”

Without halting her frenetic work pace, Myolie resumed filming Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭II> yesterday. The cast and crew congratulated Myolie for winning the Best Actress Award when she appeared at the filming set.

Wishing for Career and Love Luck

In a radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), Myolie said that she wished for luck in her career and love life. Asked why she did not wear the crystal high heels which Bosco gave to her as a birthday gift, Myolie cried shrilly, “My dress was very long; it would not look nice!” Myolie thanked Bosco for his silent support after Myolie lost out at the 2006 Anniversary Awards.

Winning the Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress Award with Bosco, Myolie praised Bosco for his style sense. “He has always been extraordinary, so he deserved the award. You can tell by looking at his sense of style!”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Sounds like a wild party last night for Myolie and Kevin. All these late nights, yet actresses such as Myolie and Kate Tsui manage to have perfect, glowing complexions! Wonder what supplements they are taking!

Anyway, glad to see that Myolie and Bosco are more open about their relationship. I really hope to see them walk down the wedding aisle together! Maybe when Bosco opens a chain of restaurants and achieves his business dreams?

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  1. Bosco needs to fire his stylist if he has one, If he doesn’t he needs to get one lolz. He’s a mess! And not a hot mess…just a mess! There are very few that can pull off that avant garde look. He’s definitely not one of them. P.s this message goes to Raymond Lam as well 🙂

    1. Can’t agree more! WTH is he wearing?! Seriously? What happened to a classic black tux?

      1. LOL, he and 2R are the brokeback brothers well add in Joel Chan as well and you got the male version of the L word i.e. the G word haha

  2. Jayne, a combination of BB cream, make up, foundation.

    “the Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress Award”

    That was for fashion award?

    1. Yup, don’t artists always rely on all that stuff for a glowing and perfect looking complexion?? We have seen them without it already… It was like day and night…

  3. “Kevin took Myolie aside to pay the bill and leave the venue.”

    TVB doesn’t pay for celebratory Parties?

    Is that short little lady bosco’s mom?

    1. That should be Myo’s mom. I’ve seen her attend Myo’s functions along with Myo’s dad. 🙂

    2. That’s Myolie’s mom and she looks a bit er…… =/

      Glad myolie doesn’t anything like her mom…

      btw, Jayne, I think they applied tons of makeup on their face to stay radiance and good..Plus the consumation of Collagen drinks and botox jabs i think.

      1. I think I heard from somewhere that Myo’s dad remarried, so that may be Myo’s stepmother. Maybe that’s why they don’t really look alike? I’m not 100% sure though.

      2. I was about to say her “mom’ looks like some kind of ancient chinese concubine like the one i saw on wikipedia (of those ci’xi, cian and other ancient concubine) – SCARY!

      3. I have heard that that is not her real mom.I think I remember from somewhere that she never mentions her biological mother. That is her Japanese stepmother whom she is pretty close to.

        Yea, they definately put on lots of make up and many other things on their face in order to stay radiant and have a great complexion. Doesn’t their skin and face get overloaded and flooded???

  4. “All these late nights, yet actresses such as Myolie and Kate Tsui manage to have perfect, glowing complexions! Wonder what supplements they are taking!”

    I wonder the same lol! If they didn’t have good skin, even makeup wouldn’t be able to cover up everything.

    I hope for Boscolie to marry too, but they both seem to be very career-oriented. But if they want to make babies, they might as well plan for marriage lol. After all, Myo is already 32.

    1. basically these actresses had undergone surgery to look ‘sharp” and high consumation of collagens and also botox injection to have firm skin etc.. That’s how they always can look good.

      1. That might be true. But I wonder why they don’t get much breakouts on their face? Even if you get plastic surgery, you can still get acne right?

      2. Botox can help you to get “rid” of acne problem, remember reading a HK magazine that revealed the secret of Charmaine’s smooth skin transformation in just 1 day..

        it was before the tvb anniversary award like this one and charmaine went to a local beautician (prolly a high end one) to get botox jab on her face, prior the jab, the papparazi managed to snap pics of her face which had acne prob at that time..and after the jab shortly, she has no acne sign at all on her face…so botox actually helps to “rid” of acnes prolly for 1 week or so..

      3. hmm. I don’t know about the other stuff, but I don’t think it’s botox because that would prevent their face from moving. I can tell when people usually get botox since their forehead does not move. haha

      4. HEHE..This botox jab usually costs around Thousand hk dollars.. it depends on the botox’s grade and quality.

      5. @AC,

        Extracted this from a website that say Botox can help “rid” of acne prob

        “Botox is something that can be used to fix this problem. It comes in injectable form and is used to treat wrinkles and other minor things on people’s faces that cause them anxiety. However, some doctors are noticing that patients have clearer skin in areas where they’ve had injections.

        Botox works by relaxing the facial muscles. What it also does is relax oil production, one of the main causes of pimples. Getting Botox on your face has to be done by a licensed dermatologist and, if it’s getting done for the treatment, the dermatologist needs to know.”

      6. @veejay I know that people also tend to take botox so that they won’t sweat a lot. hehe

        Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles which prevents people from moving their facial muscles, and it’s more obvious who gets it done. A good example is Nicole Kidman who’s forehead doesn’t move at all! I don’t get why actresses would get it done.

        Instead, they probably get a lot of laser treatments and facials which cost a lot of money too but at least they can afford them.

      7. Yep laser treatment on facial surely does help alot to improve skin’s texture although I don’t know how it works but I believe it’s costly like you said.

        Well as for Nicole, I guess she had botox to remove/rid of those “fine lines” on her forehead and maybe she thinks its ok to have this stiff looking forehead since she can still do the talking lol.

        Anyway, I still believe Myolie, Kate, TY and prolly fala have had minor plastic surgery done to their face.

      8. @Fox,

        Frm your expression “?” does that mean you dont believe they had “minor” operation done on their face??

      9. Botox does not help you get rid of acne at all, if charmaine went to get a botox injection and she had acne, then after she did not, it does not mean the botox got rid of acne…………… could have been something else

      10. @Veejay,
        Thanks for the info. I did not know that botox can get rid of acne. If that were the case then I wonder why Joline Tsai did not do that since she had some major acne problems. Also, I wonder how long those injections last and how often would they have to get them for?? That would be a lot of money too. But then again they have a lot of money to buy beauty…

      11. no fox, i really meant “minor” operation because if i say major, it will make alot of ppl angry at me..but i still believe they dont have any major restructuring done to their faces..not sure about fala though because I saw a “pic” of fala before she had surgery but not sure if the pic was a fake one or not.

      12. I get you. For the sake of your safe life, I’ll take back my “minor” comment.

  5. I thought I watched a travel show many years back, Myolie said her parents were divorce and that was why she has fear of getting married.

  6. I really like that picture of them hugging. They look so cute together! I think they’ll probably end up getting married in 2-3 years?

    Also, Kate looked really happy for Myolie since she jumped up to give her a hug and I think she had tears in her eyes too. I’m always curious to see which tvb artists are good friends with each other. haha

    1. I also think the same that they looks cute together. kate was abit ackward when Dodo asks about Bosco, she said “I’m just Cripple’s wife onscreen, its better if u ask Bosco’s wife this question” hehe..

      Anyway, I have a feeling that Bosco is the reluctant one who get marry instead of Myolie.

    2. “I’m always curious to see which tvb artists are good friends with each other.”

      Same with me haha. I think for Myo, she’s close with Nancy, Sharon and Kate, especially close with Nancy. Probably not bad with Tavia, Linda and Selena. Not sure with her and Fala though. As for the guys, I think she’s also good friends with Raymond, Ron and Kenneth. And of course, Bosco is her bf! 🙂

      1. Maybe its just me, during the entire anniversary show which showed on 6/12.. I notice no one talks to TY except Myolie of which I could understand Myolie has no choice but to talk to her since she was sitting next to her..but I have this feeling that TY doesn’t has many friends in person..

      2. @Veejay
        I remember watching an episode of Beautiful Cooking or something, and Tavia mentioned that she didn’t have many friends in the showbiz? She’s probably closer with the guys. I know she’s good friends with Ron and Carlo Ng.

      3. I think Tavia best female friend is Christine Ng n Sharon Chan. However I think she much closer with guys friend.

      4. Yup, Myolie thinks of Nancy as her other sister and I also know that she got close to all the contestants that participated in that dancing show with her. I think she’s also close with those guys since they all started around the same time and Kenneth usually tells her that he loves her (jokingly).

        I think Linda is close to some Miss HK/International contestants? I read that she’s pretty close with Shirley Yeung.

        Tavia seems to have more guy friends since I always see her joking around with male costars like Raymond, Ruco, Ron, Steven, etc. I know she’s friends with Sharon because they bonded when they both got really sick around the same time, but I’m not sure about Christine.

      5. @AC

        Yeah, I think Linda is close with a few pageant girls like Leanne Li and Grace Wong.

      6. Myolie and Bosco seem to be pretty good friends with all the fellow artistes they’ve worked with.

        Myolie is very close with Nancy. Nancy is sometimes called the youngest sister in the Wu family b/c she is so close with Myolie. Nancy was recently on Elaine Cha’s radio program and said that she and Myolie are so close that Myolie’s family regards her as the youngest sister. She also talked about how it was Myolie that really encouraged her to be more vocal about work opportunities. Originally Nancy was not on the list of TVB artistes who would participate in Strictly Come Dancing even though she had a huge interest but was afraid to ask. It was Myolie who encouraged her to voice her opinions and drew her out of her shell. Myolie also seems very close to Sharon.

        Tavia seems to be good friends with all her male co-stars. Female wise, she and her sister are close with Sharon and Christine, and she became really good friends with Charmaine after BTROC. I remember that Tavia, Myolie and Michelle Ye all entered the industry around the same time. The three of them, along with Rain Lau became really good friends (like sisters) while filming Eternal Happiness. However, this was almost 10 years ago so not sure about now.

      7. @Eunice I think Grace is good friends with a lot of people. She seems like she tries to talk to everybody and is very friendly, while Linda seems more shy so they make a good balance.

        @Leslie That seems like a nice radio interview with Nancy.
        I think Myolie and Tavia are friends but probably not the best friends type.

      8. @Leslie do you know where can we watch the interview with Nancy?

      9. @ Leslie: Michelle Yip put TY out of her friend list long ago (even when she was still with TVB). It’s rumour that TY did something to backstabbed Michelle then lead them to unfriendly relationship. However the truth only them can noe. Michelle has mentioned long ago that in TVB, her only friends now are Rain Lau and LF only. She keeps their pics at home.

        @ Eunice: Linda is best friend with Shirley. Shirley often takes Linda home after work. Linda, Grace and Leanne might have a close relationship but her best friend should be Shirley.

      10. @Leslie: I have never seen Myolie’s name in this friend list of Michelle, but I saw that TY’s name was put out in 2003-2004 time (when Michelle decided to leave TVB).

      11. Sorry kinda off topic, I notice TY only speak to Myolie when Myo gets her 1-2 awards in the ceremony, maybe its just me but I have a feeling that TY only talk to those she thinks they’re worthy as in “famous”..

        maybe if a klf runs up to her for an autograph, Ty will reacted in a different way..

      12. @Fox: Myolie was one of Michelle’s best friends along with Rain Lau. I’m almost positive that she would be in the list. They were like sisters!

      13. I don’t think Michelle and Myolie had a falling out or anything but they probably don’t really keep in touch anymore since it’s just easier to stay in contact with people in your company. They’re still on friendly terms since Myolie sent out a picture of them together on her weibo saying that it was a reunion.

      14. @Fox,
        Thanks for the info about TY and Michelle. It is sad to hear that they are not friends anymore but I guess sadly many times friendships just cannot last a lifetime. Plus, Michelle has left TVB so it is even harder for them to keep in touch. I have a feeling that that is how it is with Myolie too. I guess they may each be too busy and don’t work in the same company anymore so don’t have or find the time to keep in touch. However, I personally believe that if the person means a lot to you and is important enough then you would find the time to keep in touch regardless of how busy you are. I guess they have grown apart and aren’t as close as before. THat is normal I guess…But hopefully, they are still on good terms since I think that all of the cast in EH had great on screen chemistry. I am glad that they all became good friends in real life as well… But sadly they all did not last…At least it is great to know that Michelle, Rain and LF are still good friends after so many years.

  7. i think out of the current generation of fadans… tavia is closer to fala but not really with the others… her closer female friends are like christine, sharon, meini…she has closer guy friends in general: ron, steven, raymond, carlos, louis, chris

  8. That little lady is Myolie’s Japanese stepmother. Myo is pretty close with her stepmom however she rarely talks about her biological mom. Both her parents divorced when she was really young and same goes to Bosco where his parents divorced when he was just a baby! He still keep in touch with his dad though and brought Myo to meet up with his dad and his dad’s current wife for dinner before.

    I think one of the reason why Boscolie are not in a rush to get married is due to their unhappy childhood where both of them came from a broken family and see marriage as something really fragile.

    1. Thanks for the info about Bosco’s dad. I did not know that he still kept in touch with his dad. It is great that his mom allows him to see and meet his dad. I thought that he did not even know his dad.

  9. Maybe Boscolie will end up like Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying, long-time exclusive couple and not waiting to get married until much later in life as they have doubts about marriage due to their backgrounds.

    Anyone know whether Kate and Myo are close? Kate was pretty tearful when they announced Myo’s Best Actress win. And I agree with most saying Tavia doesn’t have many close female friends in the biz, she mostly talks about Ron and Ray when asked in interviews about who her close friends are.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nancy and Myo were close. They remind me a lot of each other (good actors, a bit of lack of ‘audience fate’ / not a huge fan base, guarded, hard workers, take themselves seriously and sometimes too seriously, highly regarded by the veterans in the business).

    Linda was close to Shirley Yeung for awhile, but I think her best pal in the biz is Leanne Li. She’s mentioned before that they are very close (they lived together when they first got to HK and share the same background). Sharon Chan is best friends with Christine Ng (you can see how happy Christine was for her when Sharon won – it was a nice scene).

    Tavia looked half-bored, half-pissed during the show (?). Fala looked really tired.

    1. Kate and Myo are pretty good friends although I don’t how it came about. I know that Myo supported Kate at a lot of her events and vice versa- Kate went to one of Myo’s movie events for Life Without Principle.

      Someone above talked about Nancy and Myo’s friendship and I agree with your assessment, although I think Myo has a big fan base but she also had a lot of haters? Now, she has a bigger fanbase with less haters. Nancy seems to have a lot of fans but does not have as much fate to get lead roles but hopefully that will change.

      I know that Christine is good friends with a lot of the TVB folk, especially Sharon, but it was also rumored that they didn’t get along with Kate when they filmed that series together. lol

      1. Maybe they are close friends through Bosco. Kate and Bosco do partner up a lot.

      2. One thing for sure that Myo and Nancy are both party type person hehe..During the award ceremony in M’sia, Nancy was seen dancing when one of the local does the rapping on stage and nancy looks really active and sporty.

        And according to reporter’s source, Nancy went to Myolie’s party and partied till 4am. That shows Myolie, Bosco, kevin and nancy are all actively party ppl.. (definitely not homely type)

      3. In a recent interview, when asked if Myolie will feel jealous at her close intimacy with Bosco, Kate mentioned that she’s close friend with both Myolie and Bosco. Hrm yeah, Kate is Myolie’s friend.

      4. Tavia is also best friends with Sharon and Christine.

      5. Yeah I agree that Kate and Bosco seem like bros, which would explain why/if Kate is close with Myo.

        I like Nancy too and see a lot of potential in her, hope she gets more lead roles … maybe her career path will be similar to Myolie’s although the latter started with some pretty meaty roles.

      6. Myolie and Kate used to share the same manager, Atom who quit managing not too long ago. I think that’s why they are close.

    2. Fala is sick? Maybe it caused to her tiresome.

      Nancy and Myolie are close after strictly go dancing, I guess. Kate and Myolie are good friends.

  10. It’s not easy to have “TRUE” friends in the show business. It’s already hard to find a true friend even in an office so let alone in entertainment circle. It doesn’t matter whether Tavia has more girls or guys friends most importantly she’s happy and comfortable with.

    1. Very true since even members of the same group often face competition with each other. I used to always assume that they were all friends with each other but I now know that that is not true. It is really hard to find a true friend in real life but it is even harder in the circle.

    2. In any industries, there are always people who are just “colleagues”, merely “chatting or tea-break friends”, and “trusted BFF”. The latter down the list, the lesser the number haha.

    3. I think that’s only true for those who meet after their career takes off and/or they become famous. For those who entered the biz at the same time and before the fame, they bond quickly and it is hard to break that friendship.

      It’s why Tavia is really good friends with Ron and Ray (she and Ron used to have the same manager – not sure if anymore and she and Ray were in the same year in the academy). It’s why Ron and Ray are best buddies (they met while in the academy).

  11. Myolie finally gets the award after the departure of Charmaine.

  12. I have goosebumps everytime I see them together. Such a nice sight. It’s like those happy endings in drama… ^^

  13. maybe we all have different taste but even though I personally do not like Bosco I am actually fine with how he dresses. Everyone has different sense of fashion. I probably would hate him before hating his dressing habits.

  14. i love them. they are so cute together. i haven’t even watch ghetto justice yet. i will soon my semester is over. i love you bosco and myolie. you guys are such a cute couple. i saw kevin in New York and he does look that good. he waited long for an award. rucco the same way….maybe there’s more out there that i didn’t know.

  15. wow her mother is ugly. i think she likes bosco they both have terrible styles..

  16. A very cute couple.I am likng Myolie more all the time, and always like Bosco. when asked if Bosco buy car and apartment for her, myolie said she would not discuss personal life. That was very wise and polite answer, while at same time keeping her private life private. i admire that. chined celebs can learn lots from Myolie and Tony Leung., instead of angrily bellowing out lies to fand.How insulting.

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