Bosco Wong: “Myolie Wu is a Big Spender!”

The praying ceremony for new TVB series, Dangerous Protection <護花危情>, starring Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) was held yesterday. With a tired expression, Bosco said, “I am also currently filming Lunar New Year movie, I Love Hong Kong 2 <2012我愛HK喜上加囍>. I have filmed non-stop for the last thirty hours!” 

Did Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) heart ache for Bosco due to his hectic filming schedule? Bosco replied, “We have not seen each other.” (Do you pine for her?) “There is no need to do so! She’s close by.” 

For his birthday, Bosco revealed that Myolie gave him a one-carat diamond. “Earlier, I said that I already bought a diamond earring to replace the one I had lost. She bought me another diamond earring; it’s such a waste of money!  The two women at home are both big spenders! The other woman is my mother.” (Do you prefer your girlfriend to kiss you rather than give you a diamond ?) “Yes ah!” Bosco denied allegations that Myolie was attempting to force marriage upon him. 

At the praying ceremony for Dangerous Protection, Queenie Chu (朱慧敏)indicated that she was grateful fans did not angrily scold her for kissing Moses Chan (陳豪) passionately in When Heaven Burns <天與地>.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Bosco and Myolie’s comments about each other have become increasingly open. It’s amusing what they say about each other.

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  1. Wow, 30 hours? That’s crazy! I was wondering if they started filming for Dangerous Protection yet since he seemed to be working on both the Laughing 2 movie and the I love hk 2 movie.

    I think it’s cute that Bosco and Myolie seem to tease each other a lot.

  2. Ahh so cute!! I love how he says he’d prefer a kiss over the diamond!!! 🙂 And the “two women at home” comment! Ahh they’re so lovey dovey, Bosco looks happy.

    But its rather obvious Myolie isn’t forcing marriage because she’s very ambitious still, and Bosco is still progressing. Besides, they seem happy with the status quo.

    1. I don’t think Myolie is forcing him for marriage too. Myolie said she’s still taking her time and she still prefers to actively filming dramas for now. Bosco’s career is also just start to rise.

  3. Title is misleading! She is a big spender but she spends it on him!

  4. I think both of them are big spenders!!! Thats why they are in a pair

      1. Bosco just brought his cherry red Audi sports car. Im sure he’s buying another one if he has the money under their bed.

      2. Bosco recently bought a sports car and a house for Myolie and bought himself an antique car. He’s even bigger spender

      3. People always say many HK woman has princess disease and loves property and money. Now is this another example? To get a woman or to get together you must at least provide a house and a car?

      4. @Funn

        I thought TVB paid little salary. Unless those UNIQLO ads give him big pay

      5. @vivien,

        Not only uniqlo’s ad income, Bosco is also a shareholder/director for Overtime Restaurant, ipoh Msia, a spokeman for KIm Gary Restaurant in HK, Msia.


        I think Bosco is also good at saving/investment thus made him rich..

      6. “People always say many HK woman has princess disease and loves property and money. Now is this another example? To get a woman or to get together you must at least provide a house and a car?”

        Of course. Will you want a guy who has no house, no car, no money?! I also have princess attitude except I had to earn it myself and no budget to keep up. Suddenly I feel so poor. “Yap chor hong!” obviously.

  5. I agree that they are really open with their relationship. Still a bit surprised how open they are after the ceremony even though it’s no secret!

    1. Me too. but I think I like it better this way! They’ve always been sweet but now they’re open and I think that just builds the trust and shows that they’ve reached another step of their relationship.

  6. I really enjoy reading and watching about this pair! Ahhh… I love Boscolie! I actually prefer them being a couple rather than getting married because so much of this teasing and reporters teasing THEM will die out… But I am DYING to watch a Mona Lisa wedding video of them- a legit one!!

  7. The new trend this year to OPEN out 😛 Open relationship, open marriage, open breakup, open divorce, open bed photos, open password sharing ROFL

  8. LOL, they are producing news like crazy. She is a big spender, can’t keep secret etc etc

    He has a short tongue, likes to walk nude 24-7 etc, etc

    What’s next he has a small “head”, their sexlife sucks etc?

    Get married already!

    1. Maybe a small “nut”.

      I dont think Myolie or Bosco go off track.

  9. I agree. The 2 of them looks really cute eh! 🙂 hahaha. I like I like! ^.^

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