Boyfriend Auditioning for Mr. HK? Eliza Sam: “Good Idea”

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Boyfriend Auditioning for Mr. HK? Eliza Sam: “Good Idea”

TVB held a press conference for their upcoming 2016 Mr. Hong Kong contest on Tuesday, June 7. Former beauty queens and current TVB stars—including Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), and more—attended the conference to promote the upcoming contest.

2010 Miss Chinese International Eliza Sam is excited for the competition and especially encouraged young men from overseas to participate. When asked about her ideal type, the My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan <火線下的江湖大佬> star said she prefers men with a bit more muscle mass.

“I like men with a little more meat,” said Eliza. “But not so extreme where you can see his six-pack abs.”

Seeming to be describing her boyfriend, Eliza was then asked if she would encourage Keung, who is also from Canada like herself, to join the Mr. Hong Kong contest. She laughed and said, “Maybe! Let me ask him first!” (Does Keung Keung fit the Mr. Hong Kong standards?) “Yes! Let’s see if he has time first!”

Remarking that many judges would be observing a shirtless Keung, Eliza said, “Not a big deal. It’s like watching a show. It’s a professional panel. I look forward to the Q&A section the most. The catwalk, dance, and swimsuit shows are all just for physical appearances, but in the Q&A, you get to test their intelligence.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Boyfriend Auditioning for Mr. HK? Eliza Sam: “Good Idea”

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    1. pillowpooh says:

      I love Eliza and Priscilla! I wish to see both of them together!

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      • peachyogurt replied:

        @pillowpooh I like Eliza too, but if she can improve her Cantonese proficiency just a little bit more, I think she will do even better portraying some of the characters in the drama.

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