“Burning Hands” Starring Ruco Chan Premieres January 16

Hong Kong’s new TV King Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is back with a new drama, and it is definitely something to look forward to.

Starring Ruco Chan, Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), Pal Sinn (單立文), and more, Burning Hands <乘勝狙擊> is a crime drama about how a team of con artists and magicians scheme their way into helping a casino owner find the mastermind behind his casino’s missing funds. The team’s leader Chak Koon-yat, however, has a different reason for offering his help.

The show, shot during the spring and summer months of 2016, has been compared with the Hollywood film Now You See Me, a movie about American detectives tracking a team of illusionists, each specializing in a particular type of skill.

burning hands stillChak Koon-yat (Ruco Chan), leader of the con team, is a master of cards and a sleight of hand illusionist. Producer and director Yip Chan-fai (葉鎮輝) shared, “Every con artist has their own unique style, but as the show’s central character, I wanted Ruco to appear more crushing and dramatic. He’s never grown his facial hair like that before. At one point I was worried if that look would even work.” The producer’s worries were eased after reading the fans’ positive comments in regards to Ruco’s appearance.

Ho Ching-fa (Rosina Lam) is a mahjong swindler, and Chak Koon-yat’s primary love interest. Though her character is known as the “Mahjong Queen of the Fruit Market”, Rosina herself is clueless when it comes to playing mahjong.

“It is really a big challenge,” said Rosina. “I forced my family to help me train. They were so bored! I totally scared my husband and assistant off! Because of this show, our house now has an extra mahjong table. I feel the tiles before I leave the house, and feel them again right before I sleep. The more I spend time with them, the more I can ease into my role.”

In Burning Hands, Ruco and Rosina start off as lovers, but because Ruco wants to avenge for his father’s death, he breaks up with Rosina so she would not get involved with the case. In regards to her first partnership with Ruco, Rosina said, “We’ve worked together before, but this is really the first show where we get to share many scenes together. He’s matured a lot, and I’ve grown a lot. There’s a different spark between us. He really knows what he’s doing, and very good with reading the script. I’ve learned a lot from him.”

Burning Hands premieres January 16, 2017.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This will be the first series that i look forward to watch this year. The casts are promising and all of the actors mentioned above can act.

    Although Rosina and Kelly may not be popular as female leads, but i actually find both their acting are not bad and improving…in fact i like them more than Grace, Sisley & Moon.

    I hope this series does not disappoint…and can show the real capability of Ruco as the new TV King.

    1. @diana80 I really second your thots! Ruco is versatile! He has played multiple roles! But I still think his forte is still very much in period drama, and he has also admitted it as well in one interview. He really ‘grows’ on me, and I have started watching TVB dramas again after many moons.

      I hope this drama will add another feather to his cap! Another win possibly for 2017!

    2. @diana80 How is Rosina’s acting? I just feel she can be ‘over the top’ in her interviews with Ruco who just keeps a distance. I could be wrong.

      1. @blest62

        For me…Rosina’s acting is not bad and she has the potential. Not sure about her personality though.

        Kelly also improved in her recent series with Wayne; May Fortune Smile On You. Maybe Wayne has offered advice and guidance to her during the filming.

      2. @diana80 Thanks. I saw several of her interviews with Ruco Chan on Youtube.com just to ‘size’ up her personality. Indeed bad of me! I saw her acting first in A Momentary Lapse Of Reasons’. Acting-wise, okay to me. I did feel that Ruco did keep his distance, and I think once he reminded her of her marital status if I’m not wrong. I am not too fluent with neither Mandarin nor Cantonese. Hope I am not too wrong!

        I need to see her again in ‘Burning Hands’ to give my verdict on her acting skills.

    3. @diana80 I think this drama is worth looking out for. It has an interesting plot. I like Rosina too. She is prettier than Kelly and able to take on classy roles.

      Of course Ruco and his dramatic facial hair will be interesting to look out for. Ruco will not disappoint.

      1. @janet88

        Yes…hope Rosina performs well alongside Ruco in this series…so she will be given more opportunities as female lead, while we can have a new batch of female leads to watch other than Nancy, Ali and those Miss HKs.

  2. Again Ruco is saddled by 2 least desirable actresses in my book. Rosina.. please why her? Kelly.. why her? Ruco seems to have a great time in various disguises and fashion but the actresses suck. Can I have Tracy with Ruco? Or someone other than these 2? Pls?

    1. @funnlim Agree. I do not know that many TVB actresses honestly cos’ I don’t really watch dramas; time-consuming. TVB has a great pool of actors and actresses right? I will trust your judgement in terms of who Ruco should be co-starring with.

      Anyway, kudos to Ruco! Work graciously with whoever TVB management throw at him.

    2. @funnlim Yes! I have been wanting him to work with Tracy, i feel like they’ll make really good chemistry, sigh… although Rosina’s acting isn’t really that bad.

  3. Why do I have a feeling this will become another one of those “who did it” shows like Dead Wrong? I think Ruco will spend however many episodes finding who killed his father and everybody will be suspected. TVB lives to reuse old scripts.

    1. @canadian Ruco admitted that he did quite a number of remakes. Maybe TVB is confident of remakes’ successes than creating new ones. A case of running out of ideas! Maybe? With Hollywood, it is always fresh ideas. Risk-taking in the pipeline.

      Anyway, I truly wish ‘BURNING HANDS’ will boost up the popularity of its cast members especially Ruco Chan!

  4. This series so far has been just like an outdated ATV gambling series. Ruco and the rest of the cast have been good. That’s the only thing keeping me watching for now.

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