BY2’s Yumi Released from Emergency Room After Suicide Rumors

BY2‘s Yumi was said to have attempted suicide, after the 29-year-old Singaporean singer faced backlash for cheating rumors with Leehom Wang (王力宏). She has been discharged from the hospital after she was ascertained to be medically stable.

Yumi Admitted into Hospital

Yumi’s friend, known as 做个小孩007, sounded the alarm on Weibo on December 22, “Yumi swallowed some pills and her stomach is being pumped at the hospital! @LeehomWang you know that Yumi did not intervene in your marriage! If something happens to her, I will never forgive!”

The friend blamed Leehom for not clearing Yumi’s name, after the singer’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei  (李靚蕾) called out the pair for having an affair. While Yumi claimed to have dated Leehom before his marriage in 2013 and had “deleted each other as Wechat friends by 2015,” Jinglei exposed photo evidence that Yumi had messaged her topless photo to him in August 2015.

However, the friend claimed, “The topless photo is not Yumi. It’s obvious that it’s a foreigner; [Yumi’s] figure is not as good.”

Yumi Called Hospital Herself?

Called out for her questionable behavior and attacked by netizens, Yumi was said to be troubled and attempted to take her own life. However, a netizen claims that Yumi did not try to commit suicide and her life was never in danger.

The netizen revealed screenshots in which a medical staff, who worked at the same hospital where Yumi received treatment, commented on the incident. “I was shocked by BY2 [Yumi’s] suicide [rumors]. She was admitted to our hospital at 5 a.m. after taking two vitamins and melatonin pills. She called the emergency room herself…. [I] laughed over the [suicide] rumors because her vitals are very stable, and she already left the hospital at 9 a.m.”

Netizens were curious why Yumi was sent to the emergency room if she only took melatonin pills, which aid insomnia. It was pointed out that if someone possessed suicidal tendencies, it does not matter what she had ingested as the hospital would need to ascertain her vital signs.

Sources: HK01 [1,2]

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    1. @Hohliu
      Hahaha, you crack me up. She gave a starring role to her friend. I know the two Taiwanese jerks have captured Golden Horses with their convincing fakery, but Yumi and her costar deserve Razzies, haha. What a joke, how utterly embarrassing.
      We are to feel concerned for those who attempt suicide, but this was not such an attempt. This was a lame attempt at sympathy and taking the focus off her after she was caught in lie after lie. Yumi is beyond a pathetic, immoral loser. Her friend is just as much as a loser to go along with this comedic sh*tshow.
      While we’re handing out award, let’s give Yumi and her friend each a Darwin Award. That is an awards for idiots, hahahahaha.

      1. @Renren This is the girl that deny she has plastic surgery even thru it is so obvious when you see photos of her before surgery… Drama queen..

    1. @hohliu you see , this is the BS that they get away with because of the 99% of brain dead, delusional fans. The idol worshipping has gotten way out of control. Of course her devoted fans will fans will believe her about the PS. She had plastic surgery and it is so obvious. She seems to be a pathological liar. Remember when Angelababy told the world she did not have PS, and paid a doctor to come on a show and deny she had PS. It is so obvious that a foolish blind person can see it. Yet the fans defended that AB did not have PS. They lie and deceive so much. Their careers are built on lies, hypocrisy and immoral behaviour, which they earn fame and fortune for. Yes, expose them all. I am up for that. We need to join together to voice our displeasure with such behaviour. One actor is so impressive in his fight for equality,for gays, gays raising families and getting married. He has campaigned for years for gay right. His impressive support has rubbed off on his friend and fellow actor and costar. If Jake Hsu and Chris Wu can make a difference in the gay community in Taiwan like that. Impressive for two individuals voicing and showing their support like that. I applaud them. Imagine what lots of us can do campaigning for the celebrities to be held accountable for their immoral and questional behavior.
      By the way, have you figured out the names of those fakers and despicable people yet?, smiles. Remember, no names please.

  1. Yeah sounds like poor attempt to paint herself as victim. However that medical staff revealing patient info to public is one hell of a malpractice. Should be fired.

  2. Can anyone just shut her up.
    LJL’s latest post expresses her wish to end this online saga but Yumi’s “friend” (the one who posted online to defend her, some speculated it’s her sibling or she herself) doesn’t seem to want to stop.
    Most do not believe Yumi, partly because LJL has been swift and curt in her response whenever Yumi claimed innocence and also because Yumi’s reputation.
    So what if her WhatsApp icon is a model . Why would she use it and continued to communicate with a married man using that. BB

    1. For some unknown reason, unable to delete the last two alphabets in above posting.
      Anyway, I don’t follow BY2 not to know if she has done other parts of her body though the speculations of what she did to her face has always been there. Just compare her past photo and now.

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