Cammi Tse: “I Gave My Virginity to Edison Chen and Filmed an Erotic Video!”

In early 2008, over 1,000 of Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) pornographic photos were leaked publicly, leading to a shattering scandal. Three years later, the subject of Edison’s 2008 sex scandal have been unable to step out of the shadow. However, Edison continued to be addicted to self-taken intimate photography. Fearless, Edison picked up his camera again and the subject of his latest lip-locking photos was 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙).

After Edison and Cammi’s intimate photos were exposed, he did not notify Cammi and issued a statement indicating that he had already broken up with her. Cut-off coldly by Edison, Cammi spoke exclusively to Sudden Weekly on November 2nd and admitted that she filmed a two-minute erotic video for Edison upon his request. Turning the age of 16-years-old to legally date in Hong Kong, Cammi admitted that her first time was given to Edison Chen.

Although Edison requested Cammi to kept their relationship a secret, she could not resist from posting a photo of them together on her blog in September to show off her happiness. In addition, Cammi posted a photo of a $5,000 HKD Hello Kitty bra which was presumably a present from Edison on her blog.

With Edison’s unilateral breakup announcement, Cammi cried for one day and night. During their dating period, Cammi filmed intimate photos and a two-minute erotic video for him. Edison allegedly requested Cammi to wear her school uniform and a swimsuit as a form of cosplay to increase the whimsical value. Asked about their sexual relationship, Cammi could not hold back her emotions and cried heart-brokenly.

Maintained Sexual Precautions Were Taken

C= Cammi; R= Reporter

R: How do you feel right now?

C: I am truly hurt. It was a private matter to date, however the entire world is talking about me and attacking me now. I am very unhappy and feel a lot of stress.

R: How did you meet Edison?

C: At his company (Juice). We were introduced by friends and continued to send text messages to each other.

R: After Edison released a public statement, have you been in touch with each other?

C (starts sobbing): After his statement, I realized we have truly broken up.

R: You took the photos on his bed?

C: We usually meet at his house and the photos were taken in his bedroom.

R: Did he ask you to take the photos?

C: He asked me to film a clip and said it was for his company’s use.

R: What kind of clip was it? Why has his company never used it? Did Edison retain it for private use?

C: I do not know…I am very scared!

R: Did he ask you wear lingerie and your school uniform for cosplay purposes?

C (eyes started brimming with tears): …I will not answer that question! (Hands start shaking) I can only say that it was not a sex video; I wore clothes throughout the clip!

R: Did you give your first time to him?

C (started sobbing uncontrollably, nodded head affirmatively): Yes.

R: Did you have protective sex?

C (continued to cry): I do not wish to talk about it. Anyhow, I know how to protect myself.

R: Does Edison still love Vincy Yeung? Are you still upset at him?

C: I do not know (big sigh)…. We were only together for 3 months, but I was really happy because he was very sweet to me. I believe that he was sincere at the time (paused for a few seconds) but…why did he have to treat me like this?!

Cammi Tse’s Father: “I Will Punish Her!”

When Cammi Tse and Edison Chen’s intimate photos were exposed on Monday, November 1st, she insisted on going to school that day. Cammi was a Form 4 student at a high school in Kowloon Bay.  Originally scheduled to get off school at 3:3o PM, Cammi left one hour early and was spotted wearing a face mask stepping out of the school’s back exit accompanied by her father. Walking past a newsstand, Cammi’s father purchased a copy of a newspaper featuring coverage of Cammi’s intimate photos with Edison Chen.

When a reporter approached Cammi and her father, Mr. Tse, he said in a very upset manner, “Today, I have to take a day off to attend a parent-teacher conference!” (Did you know that your daughter was dating Edison Chen?)  “No, I did not know. My daughter never dated in the past.” (Now that the photos have been circulating, what do you plan to do?)  “What to do now? I have no eyes to look anymore! I will punish her tonight!”

At this point, Mr. Tse turned to Cammi and said, “Why don’t you answer the press’ questions? I do not know how to answer them!” Facing her father’s scolding, Cammi bowed her head and did not answer. Father and daughter drove back to their home in the Sau Mau Ping district.

Later that evening, Cammi put on light makeup to accept a Now TV interview, professing that she was very hurt by the recent turn of events. Cammi insisted that she was already 16-years-old when the intimate photos were taken.

Cammi’s manager, Admond, noted, “The company is very angry; Edison will affect Cammi’s future development. We do not interfere with our models dating and other personal matters, but an adult should not ask young girls to take such photos!”

Edison Possesses Strong Sexual Desires

Edison did not quit his long-time addiction of taking sex photos. He also preferred asking his partners to wear uniforms for role playing. According to behavioral psychologist, Lee Bao Nung (李寶能), men who enjoyed taking sex photos with women typically possessed very strong sexual desires. Since normal sex did not satisfy him, Edison needed to rely on “alternative sex.” Mr. Lee commented, “He has an enormous need, which is difficult to completely satisfy and thus he chose to express it in this manner. Role playing through the use of uniforms is a stimulating act. As a form of rebellious desire, it also projects the person’s extremely strong sexual desires.”

Maximum 5-Year Imprisonment for Underage Sex

The now 31-year-old Edison Chen dated Cammi Tse, who turned 16-years-old in March 2011.  Lawyer, Wong Kwok Tung (黃國桐) said that the man would be out of luck if the woman was under 16-years-old while having sex, which may provoke lawsuits. “Any man having sex with a girl under the age of 16-years-old girl would be violating the law. Regardless of whether the girl was willing to do so, the man broke the law and faces a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment.”


Excerpt from Sudden Weekly # 849

Jayne: Is Cammi Tse as innocent as this Sudden Weekly article portrayed her? Is Edison Chen truly her first boyfriend?

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  1. With all his dirty photos seen by millions, y was some girls still fall on his prey?? Is he very good on all the sweet talks and promises?? This guy should be put behind the bar in order not to commit and repeat all this incident again and again..

    1. The Cig Girl,
      “With all his dirty photos seen by millions, y was some girls still fall on his prey??”

      Maybe Edison is very good in bed? The number of sex partners may improve his skills? Or rather others’ perceived ability of his bed skills.

      1. Rumour that Cammi said EDC is useless so actually she didn’t have sex with him. And she also comments that’s why he had to took pix.

      2. Is she really 16? EDC maybe good in bed but still fell for Cammi trap ROFL she alone makes EDC and many guys implicated with rumours?

      3. He is a be worst… a sex day he will stop doing this by having transmitted disease ie HIV or STD….

  2. They are both at wrong he’s completely perverted and she’s up for the attention otherwise she wouldnt be stupid enough to post things online for the public to see, I watched an interview with her and nO way does she act 16 she pretends to be innocent and puts on this cutesy innocent voice on which many hong long girls do just to look like they are naive when they aren’t, they are both morally disgusting and should get a room to sort it out instead of showing he public how gross they are

  3. On the local Chinese radio here today they were saying that there are rumours of Cammi suffering morning sickness! Can anyone confirm if they’ve heard the same in HK media?

  4. Wow, this Cammi girl. Not only got news with Edison and ZO. Now also got Vincent Wong, Stephen Cheung (Boyz) and Boran Jing. Wonder if there’s anymore to come.

    1. The Cammi girl is getting exposed. One face act naive and innocent, one face post a lot of new stuffs/news to gain fame.

      1. She’s only 16 and can give scumbag player EDC trouble and make all these news ROFL!!

  5. Cammi is a naughty young girl whom at 16 is naughty enough to engage in dirty rumours to get attention. Only 16 so can’t say vixen yet. Her father need to teach her a life lesson before she gets worse

  6. I read a rumor that Tony Leung’s wife still supports this Edison after this scandal. If so, she must be a good woman in…nasty way.

    1. The girl..well….not simple, not naive, not innocent but she is 16. A trap? Edison Chen had to be a stupid angel
    2. Did I call Edison an angel? If so, why did he have sex with many women? Because of love? No way. So he is a stupid pervert angel.

    If he had been a good man, he would not have had sex with the girl and been in this situation.

    Her intention is too clear now: to be famous. But with her talent, mind, body, and lot of scandals…she will become nobody soon.

    Well…Edison will be back to entertainment industry soon because there are many real good people give this pervert chances

    1. Tony should’ve dumped her a long time ago. She have been playing around acting like a high class prostitute and i always felt he was way too good for her.

      Tony find yourself a better woman!

      1. What? Carina? Which woman can endure the man having his own life, probably his own shares of affairs, raged, etc? I applaud Carina for sticking with Tony. She gives him freedom. He gives her freedom too. Quite an open relationship don’t you think?

  7. Why do girls still fall prey to Edison Chen?? Do the actually think he would settle down with them!?!? Not in a million years.

    1. is there any law in China at all!?
      really make any good soul question what on earth is gooding on!
      All crime should pay by time in prison, that includes celeb. whom commited any offence, those it take the united nations to act on a weak Sates behave whom could not govern and need telling, godspeed?

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