Cecilia Cheung Posts Happy Family Photos with Husband and Two Sons

Despite giving birth to Quintus in May, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has not neglected her older son, Lucas. For his third birthday, Cecilia took Lucas to Disneyland in Japan to celebrate. Last night, Cecilia posted photos from their Japan trip on Facebook and her blog, inviting fans to share her happiness.

Lucas was obviously thrilled with his birthday celebration in Japan . He wore a yellow birthday hat in several photos and smiled excitedly. In another photo, Lucas pressed his face next to his baby brother, Quintus’ face.

In one photo, Cecilia was sharing a candlelight dinner with husband, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. Cecilia captioned the photo sweetly as, “Dinner with My Love.”

Nicholas’ father, Patrick Tse Yin, said, “I did not celebrate Lucas’ birthday in Japan since I was busy at the time.” (Did Patrick give any gifts to Lucas for his birthday?) “No, his birthday is already over!” Patrick admitted that both his grandsons were very cute and will visit them frequently.

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: There were dumb rumors earlier that Edison Chen was Lucas’ real father. The tabloids compared photos of Lucas and Edison when he was a young boy. Common on, one look at Lucas and it’s obvious he looks a like Nic!

Given the paparazzi’s constant reference to Cecilia and Edison ’s fling in the past, imagine the horror when a few years later, Lucas goes to school and gets teased by his school mates about who his father is?

Cecilia’s photos with her kids and Nic strike a deep emotional chord, as I truly sense her happiness. To be honest, I like Cecilia more after she became a mom. Like Angelina Jolie, being a mother has only strengthened Cecilia’s star status and likeability.

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  1. Just curious, but what is that thing sticking out of Quintus’ ear?

  2. +1 on Jayne’s comments, especially the one making the comparison to Angelina Jolie. The Tses are my favourite Asian celebrity family. They’ve been through so much and look genuinely happy and tight-knit.

  3. I think both Nic and Cecilia matured and become better individuals after becoming parents. They both have made mistakes in the past, so they are far from perfect. But I’m glad they used these lessons to become better people and hope they will teach Lucas and Quintas well and not raise them to be spoiled like they were. I’m very impressed with how Nic and his family handled the Edison-Cecilia scandal. His support for her and his demeanor really showed his maturity. If it was before he became a father or was still hot-tempered, he probably would have gotten very confrontational with Edison. Good for them.

  4. “The tabloids compared photos of Lucas and Edison when he was a young boy. “

    Actually, both are photos of Edison. Someone played an unfunny prank and passed around a young Edison photo in her weibo/blog and said it’s Lucas. The misunderstanding was cleared some time later.

  5. I totally agree with you Jayne. I was never much of a fan of Nick and Cecilia due to their constant news in the past but ever since they became parents, I noticed a dramatic change in both of them. They are definitely wiser and more responsible. But I always knew that Cecilia will be a good mother because she always expressed her love for kids and motherhood. Hope they would have some more addition to their lovely family.

  6. Lucas and Quintus are soo cute! I hope that Nick and Cecilia will last since they are a cute couple. THey both have changed a lot ever since they became parents and they should if they want to be a good role model for their kids. Congrats to them and hope that they will have more kids to add to their family.

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