Cecilia Cheung Received Breast Implants Twice

By on September 14, 2010 in Hot Gossip!, NEWS, Plastic Surgery


Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi received breast implants twice? According to the latest issue of Sudden Weekly, her break up withNicholas Tse Ting Fung in 2002 dealt a heavy blow on her, spurring her breast implant decision.

When Edison Chen Koon Hei’s celebrity nude photo scandal broke in 2006, many netizens wondered why Cecilia’s body was so thin, yet she possessed C-cup breasts. Many observative readers of tabloid magazines exclaimed, “How come her breasts look so fake?!”
According to Cecilia’s close friend, she received breast reconstruction twice. In 2002, while embroiled in a love triangle withNicholas Tse and Faye Wong, Cecilia lost a large amount of weight and her figure became skeletal. She got her first pair of breast implants at this time.

Since the increase in Cecilia’s chest size was extremely obvious, many people teased her for getting such large implants. Accompanied by a friend, Cecilia flew to Korea several months later. Cecilia visited a Korean plastic surgeon and had her breasts reconstructed to a more modest size.

Source: xinhuanet.com

Jayne: Back in 2006, I had spotted old photos of Cecilia Cheung (circa 2002) with huge D-cup boobs. I thought she may have gotten breast implants. Afterwards, her breast size shrunk, so I questioned whether she may have over-stuffed her bra previously. Now my questions are answered.

12 comments to Cecilia Cheung Received Breast Implants Twice

  1. pandamao says:

    she’s really beautiful … i don’t know why she wanted those implants.

    hopefully this marks the end of her plastic surgery. i read a few tabloids about her the other day and she was looking HOT! =)

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  2. Aly says:

    She looks great now. But I do remember at some point a few years ago, her boobs looked huge. I think it was the time when she was dating a Caucasian guy or something? I remember at that time when she did interviews, she really had boobs that “stood out” and she wore clothes that really showed the cleavage.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    Rather obvious. However great choice. After seeing so many korean stars I am convinced if I ever need plastic surgery Korea is the only place to go.

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  4. EkinFan says:

    As an ekin fan, it’s great to see ekin got a piece of that

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  5. JN says:

    Cannot imagine how can people can live with a foreign object in their body. Does it worth it? You don’t need to have big boobs to have a self-esteem. That is not a good model for kids now a day. As for ones to have it done so that they can become famous or if they can attract men. What happen if there is a side effect after ward? The question is if their men is still stood by them if jeopardize their health or their men just go and find someone else.

    I can never understand people who want to get plastic surgery. Since I come from an old fashion family. No offense to anyone but back in the old day the when folks see ladies who smoke or have plastic surgery then you might not come from a good families (if you catch my rift). The same for if you see guys with tatoo they are belong to the Gang….

    I wish everyone just live with what your parent give you and content with what you have. Some others doesn’t get lucky as you.

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  6. Jayne says:

    After breaking up with Nic around 2002, Cecilia was obviously distressed. She lost so much weight, she looked like she weighed 80 pounds.

    The article did speculate that Cecilia got implants at this time, likely to boost her self-confidence. Her chest was very flat at the time. Many women feel that they are more desirable to the opposite sex with big boobs. As an actress, Cecilia has much more pressure than regular women to have a curvaeous figure.

    Aside from implants, women can get saline injections in their breasts to make them bigger. Regular injections are required to maintain their shape.

    With the increased availability and ease of syringe injections on the face or body to get desired results, plastic surgery has become more accessible and less time consuming. There are no noticeable scars afterwards and maybe just some swelling to deal with. When people don’t have to go under the knife, it makes plastic surgery less intimidating.

    We can make the same case for argument that drugs, smoking, and excessive drinking cause high health risks. Yet many people treat them as accepted habits, due to their social nature.

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  7. Jayne says:

    With drugs and booze often available at parties and clubs, as well as casual sexual relationships to be the norm, celebrities are used to a life of excess. This excessive lifestyle is probably not pursued by some artists, but certainly enough live it.

    In the entertainment circle where many judge you based on your looks and popularity, there is a pressure to always appear in top form, whether to get the latest plastic surgery or go on extreme diet.

    Btw, if Gillian Chung got dozens of botox injections before she turned 30, makes you wonder what many older artists such as Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Sammi Cheng, Ekin Cheng, etc. did to pursue their looks?

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  8. Jayne says:

    I meant to type preserve their looks…

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  9. pandamao says:

    I’m all for botox as long it’s not excessive =)

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  10. EkinFan says:

    Ekin doesn’t need botox. You see how badly he aged in Once a gangster?

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  11. just my two cents says:

    Boobs enlarge and shrink with weight gain or loss.

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  12. loungegirl says:

    It’s called Surgery – why is it SO HARD for people to understand/accept??!!

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