Cecilia Cheung’s Baby Son’s Face Revealed!

Since giving birth to Marcus in November 2018, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) has always been secretive about her third son and refused to respond to questions about the father’s identity. With Marcus turning one next month and heading outside for more activities, Cecilia may have realized that the baby’s face will eventually be revealed. She finally shared a photo of Marcus, who is just as adorable as her older sons Lucas and Quintus!

Frequently, Cecilia would take Instagram stories of her vacation and what she does in her personal time. In one clip, she filmed her second son, Quintus, playing in an arcade. At the end of the clip, there was a glimpse of baby Marcus wearing a red jacket. He is very cute with his big eyes and baby fat.

To celebrate Marcus’ upcoming birthday, Cecilia brought her three sons to Tokyo to celebrate. She wrote on Instagram, “Thankful his birthday is in November because his older brothers have a break now to celebrate his birthday early. He’s going to be one–it has been a fast year.  I can’t believe how much he loves to go on vacation! See you so happy every day, I can’t even begin to describe my feelings as your mom. Hope you are happy and healthy!”

In another clip, Cecilia said, “Good morning, we are in Tokyo shopping!” Cecilia said she didn’t buy a lot of things this time. As she was speaking in the video, Baby Marcus’ cry could be heard in the background.

With Marcus growing older, hopefully there will be more updates from Cecilia in her upcoming social media posts about her adorable son.

Video of Marcus Playing

Baby Lucas
Baby Quintus 
Source: On.cc 

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