Celebrity Weddings: Yao Chen and Yu Cao

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Mainland China’s most popular actress Yao Chen (姚晨), got married with famous photographer, Yu Cao (曹郁 ) in New Zealand on November 17. Yao Chen wore an elegant Vera Wang bridal gown with a long veil. Yao Chen had a small and intimate church ceremony, followed by a beautiful reception set amidst snow-capped mountains.

Yao Chen was previously married to Xiaosu Ling (凌潇肃) in which they never held a wedding banquet. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive the 7-year itch and it ended in divorce. While Yao Chen had the opportunity to throw a lavish wedding in her marriage to Yu Cao, the couple decided to forgo the glitz and glamour, and instead, held a small and intimate wedding ceremony in New Zealand, where Yao Chen is their travel ambassador.

The bride and groom invited 20 of their closest family and friends to witness their ceremony at St. Peter’s Church, where it was decorated with roses and festive lanterns. The couple took all measures to ensure that the paparazzi will not be able to sneak photos, with security guards holding up black umbrellas to fend off unwanted camera action and closures of the roads leading to the reception hall.

The newlyweds were also treated to sweet delights courtesy of a fan. According to insiders, a fan going by the name of “Master O – Working in New Zealand” created some pastries as a gift to the couple. Interestingly enough, Yao Chen accepted the gift and sent an assistant to pick up the desserts. The fan said, “I updated my blog around 6 PM, and by 8 PM Yao Chen’s driver came to pick up the desserts. I used 7 layers of locally created chocolate wafers to put together the dessert, and asked the owner of Cupcake Bakery to write the couple’s Chinese name on it. Since the owner is a New Zealand native, it took her over an hour to practice writing the Chinese words.”

Following the wedding, Yao Chen updated her blog to express her gratitude to her fans and supporters along with a wedding photo. She wrote, “On November 17 local time in New Zealand, Yu Cao and I held a low-key wedding ceremony in front out our closest family and friends. We are grateful to have received all your wishes and blessings in the past several days. We also apologize to the media for not responding to your requests and thank you for your understanding. Thank you everyone for giving us such a perfect wedding, I am eternally grateful.”


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Celebrity Weddings: Yao Chen and Yu Cao

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    1. kiki says:

      no idea who she is?

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      • jayne replied:

        Yao Chen is a mainland actress with the largest Sina Weibo following of 26 million fans. She appeared in Feng Xiaogang’s “If You Are the One”.

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    2. Anna says:

      Gorgeous photos with a beautiful backdrop. I wish them all the happiness (even though I have no idea who she is)

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    3. Lee says:

      She really should have waited before rushing in to another marriage. I’m guessing she wanted to one up her ex husband who married his mistress last year.

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    4. happybi says:

      No idea who she is but she look gorgeous in that wedding dress!

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    5. raysimpson says:

      And of course, an ugly husband.

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      • Mr.chow replied:

        I’m sure u are way better looking. Atleast she is marrying a gweilo

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        • Mr.chow replied:

          Not marrying a gweilo

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          Once again you and Gweilo BS… I wonder why you are still able to roam these threads to post your BS. Whoever they marry or whomever marries is NOT your business!!!

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    6. Carole says:

      Wishing her marital happiness though I read an article that many brides who wore Vera Wang’s gowns went spitvillle.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I think that is just a myth. I think her dress is really nice!! Congrats to her and her husband even though I do not know her. I know many mainland actresses but have not heard of her.

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