Charmaine Sheh Admits to Having Over 10 Boyfriends

In a recent episode of the Mainland Chinese talk show With All Due Respect <恕我直言>, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was drilled by Kevin Tsai (蔡康永) into revealing some of her previous relationships. Charmaine didn’t give in, of course, but when asked when was the last time she dated, Charmaine joked, “Yesterday!” Upon seeing everyone’s shocked responses, Charmaine quickly smiled and added, “I was kidding.”

Admitting that she enjoys dating, the 43-year-old actress eventually told Kevin that she has been in at least ten relationships over the course of her life. When Kevin told her that he’s heard rumors of her rich dating life, Charmaine said, “Really? That’s great!” Kevin then asked, “I heard you had over ten boyfriends!” Charmaine paused a little, and then admitted, “I did. Of course, there were some that I’ve dated for over a year! (How long was your longest relationship?) A few years, some over three years, some from the industry and some not.”

Kevin then joked, “So if you ever get married, all your exes will fill out a table!” Charmaine laughed and said, “I will definitely separate them!”

Charmaine shared that she once attended the wedding of an ex-boyfriend. “I was very happy for them, so happy that he found his other half.”


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    1. @jimmyszeto She’s 43. If she started dating when she was 20 that means she dates only one guy every 2.3 years on average.

      Wow scandalous /s

      Not everyone marries their high school sweetheart or meets the right person at the right times or even wants to settle down. Live and let live.

      She could tell her future mother-in-law this, if she ever wants one.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly
        Are you proud?You have ignored a crucial point. The average isn’t key since someone aged 25 and married could also have an average of a man every 2.3 years. There gets to a point where the ‘men count’ becomes more significant than the average…

      2. @jimmyszeto My point is your immediate focus on Charmaine’s ‘men count’ in this article but in another similar article you focus is on Deric’s accomplishment. It betrays your double standard and view on male and female celebs. In his article you wouldn’t say: ‘what would Deric’s in-laws think about his past love life?’ but instead lamented on the fact that it ‘ruined his career’. Charmaine doesn’t get the same treatment because deep down you think her worth is reliant on her marriage capital.

        Think about it.

      3. @peanutbutterjelly
        We have been through Charmaine’s accomplishments in recent weeks. Why bring it up again? I will only bring it up if some starts criticising her acting. Deric, I will probably have an opportunity every few years to praise his acting so I will continue to do so. It’s true that his career was greatly affected by his relationship scandals. Not saying he was innocent in those scandals. You are really petty is you care so much on ‘the order’ we need to post to meet your standards of equality.

      4. @jimmyszeto I am only bringing your double standard up because your initial comment is shaming her, I never said you should praise her acting in this article. Only not to be disrespectful, that is not too much to ask is it?

      5. @peanutbutterjelly
        You must have a chip on your shoulder over the issue of men count then. It can be perceived only as shaming if you believe that the men count is a problem. My comment can also be regarded as a suggestion that it can put off pursuers and in reality there is a possibility it can put off pursuers or at least not reflect her in the best light to pursuers family. That’s reality…..

      6. @peanutbutterjelly
        I will repost now in your preferred order to meet your requirements of equality.
        -Deric was not a good man and was largely at fault for the scandals with many women. He was also one of the most talented actors of his generation.
        – Charmaine could have kept silent about her relationship numbers to not harm her future chances of pursuers. Charmaine is currently the best TVB actress by a distance and have proven it through her performance as ‘Hazel’ in when heaven burns.

      7. @jimmyszeto If any potential pursuers are scared off by one’s dating past then maybe they are not worth her time in the first place.

        Deric Wan isn’t a good man for a lot of things but how many women he has dated in the past isn’t one of these things.

    2. @jimmyszeto Dont see any issue with it. In fact, if its me, I would be very happy that she chose my son out of her any other boyfriends meaning my son has great personality, character that out-win her other ex. etc. Beside, she was asked a question and she merely gave a vague answer “大概“ without divulging any details on it. How was that promoting anyway?

  1. Good for her! She should explore to find the right person rather than be locked in to an unhappy relationship. Life is too short.

    1. @potatochip
      my thoughts exactly too. you only live once. instead of being tied down by the feudal thinking that women should be this and that, people should be living their lives!

    2. @potatochip I guess people only find it acceptable if you’re George Clooney or Deric Wan… There was a whole article detailing about the 11 women Deric Wan dated here on Jaynestars and people were praising his acting and accomplishments in the comments. But Charmaine answered and joked about a question she got asked and people started lowkey shaming her? Talk about a double standard.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly
        Are you serious? What has acting got to do with their personal lives? Deric is an amazingly talented actor. I can’t think of a single actor off the top of my head who started in a lead role as a massive fan of them but Chow Yun Fat didnt,Tony Leung wasnt, Felix Wong didn’t. Charmaine has become a great actress after a terrible start. No one is shaming her.Just saying that maybe it wasn’t wise to reveal relationship details. It won’t help her in any way…

      2. @jimmyszeto Are you playing dumb or really not seeing the double standard you pulled here?

        My point is that in a similar situation (article mentioning their dating history) Charmaine, a decent and accomplished actress, gets shamed in the comments and Deric, an amazing actor, his focus in the comments are immediatly on his acting abilities even though the article was about his love life too.

        And yes, you were shaming her, how else would anyone interpret your comment? Why wouldn’t it ‘help her in any way’? Don’t tell me the insinuation isn’t there, I’m not buying that for a second.

        For your information, neither Charmaine nor Deric’s ‘man count’ bother me, only the double standard when it comes to female celebs and male celebs. Or just any double standard really.

      3. @peanutbutterjelly
        Deric has an article published on this site every few years at best. Is it a crime to bring up his amazing acting so the newer generation are aware? Charmaine has articles published every week here and even more than that recently and I for one have spoken out at least a dozen times in
        support of her when others are saying ‘her acting is not there yet’. If you regard that as double standards that I brought up that Deric didn’t have the best of personalities and Charmaine could have kept silent about relationships then you are your right. The comments I posted are there for all to see….

      4. @jimmyszeto Why should she have kept silent about her relationships, if I may ask? And again, she didn’t start, she got asked a question and she answered.

        And then she got shamed for no reason.

      5. @jimmyszeto Celebrities answer trivial questions pretty much every time they get interviewed. The question I ask you is: why not? Because her answer is inherently shameful?

        Look, I know that ‘dated 10 guys’ sounds intimidating and unusual for some people, especially ones with Asian upbringings but it’s not something she should feel or be made to feel ashamed about. It’s not like admitting to cheating. Her worth is not reliant on who or how many people she has dated, she is not an object to be valued by her past relationships. If people do judge her by that, it’s their problem, not hers.

      6. @peanutbutterjelly
        It’s fair though. If I said I had 10 girlfriends in the past, I’m sure others will have doubts over me. It’s the way it is. Not always to do with whether they it’s men or women. Even if it is the case, it’s only until recent years that women are getting more equality compared to men. It can’t just change overnight to 50/50 because this has been the culture for centuries but it is improving…

      7. @jimmyszeto If any woman refuse to date you because of your dating past then it’s their problem and not yours.

        I know the ‘woman only/mostly being valued as a wife and mother’ still exist, especially with the older generations (although I’m not young anymore myself) and in Asian cultures, I just want to explain why it’s not okay to contribute to this mentality. Hope I made myself clear on this issue now.

      8. @peanutbutterjelly
        I’ve always suggested to female friends to not get tied down when young and try and see the world and meet different people until they feel it’s time to settle down.It limits your experiences of one lifetime to just marry young and get stuck within the household, I didn’t suggest the need to reveal specific details of their exploits though because others might not see it in the same way…

      9. @jimmyszeto why does she has to keep quiet about it when she has nothing to hide? If she doesn’t answer, I bet countless people will hound after her for not answering saying they know who she dated anyway . Theres nothing shameful about dating different men unless she was cheating and dating multiple men at a time and at her age, its normal she had dated over 10 times. Its great to see her being cool about it and breaking norms when women are still being shamed for doing things that doesn’t fit traditions or culture meanwhile men can get away with it

      10. @peanutbutterjelly Yes, I agree that there is a double standard. Men are excused for having many relationships, even unfortunately, after marriage. Women are to stay pure and virginal forever.

        Charmaine is definitely not my favorite actress but I am glad she was direct and spoke her mind. The more we speak about it, the more normalize it becomes, and then finally, old ingrained attitudes can change.

      11. @potatochip Agreed, there’s totally a double standard. She said she dated over 10 guys; she didn’t give any specific details about her love life. No one asked anyone offended or has a negative reaction to read the article – why do certain people care so much?

        Everyone has a past. If people have any qualms about their partners’ past, that speaks a lot about their own insecurities. Like oh, should we erase our past to make you feel better?

        And over 10 guys is not a big deal; she’s in her 40s. I guess math annoys some people, but yea, when you are beautiful and famous, you naturally have more pursuers anyway. What’s the big deal? Oh right cuz bozo there couldn’t catch anyone so he’s mad there’s women out there with sexual freedom. I can’t.

        And people don’t need to be offended by my comment. It’s a general comment and I’m not going to correct myself because a soul finds it offensive.

  2. There is definitely double standard here.
    Frankly I am not even sure why this is a big deal. At this age and time, who would say 10 is a big number, furthermore she is single. It is good that she knows what she wants, and not just settle to conform with other people standards.

  3. lol well in her defense she needs to fight the right husband and what better way to do so then dating different men. Just saying

  4. Is it just me? I dont think 10 is such a high number for her age. Especially if she counted those that only lasts a few months. It’s difficult to find your Mr or Mrs right.

    1. @megamiaow I agree. I honestly don’t see a problem with the way Charmaine answered the question. Having been in 10 different relationships throughout her life really is no big deal considering her age – I mean, if she were like 20 years old or something like that, then sure, having had 10 boyfriends would probably raise eyebrows (in Asian culture specifically), but at 40 years old, not sure why it would be an issue.

      For me personally, I’m more concerned with the way the title of the article was written/translated, as it makes it sound like Charmaine is currently dating 10 different guys at once, which is obviously not the case based on the content of the article. If I were her fan (which I’m not), I would be ticked at the misleading title (but then again, that’s probably just me and my weird pet peeve when it comes to semantics and word choice…most people probably don’t care…).

  5. wow how many people she dated is making headlines smh. She can have as many or as little boyfriends as she want people really want to make it into a big deal like shocking she’s dating.

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