Charmaine Sheh Wants Kevin Cheng Back?

By on February 5, 2011 in Hook-ups & Break-ups, NEWS


After the TVB Anniversary took place last December, Charmaine Sheh Si Man allegedly flew to Hengdian to visit Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, who was filming Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>. Allegedly, a witness even saw Charmaine entering Kevin’s hotel room , in which female cries were heard inside. Through her actions, it was apparent that Charmaine wanted to be back together with Kevin!

In past interviews, Charmaine spoke about handling love relationships, “I don’t mind whether love relationships are revealed publicly or not.” She also stated, “If a man and woman are not married yet, each person still has their own choice.”

Since Charmaine was filming in Hangzhou last December, she appeared at the nearby Hengdian Studios to visit Kevin Cheng on the set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, she did not mind making such a public gesture in visiting Kevin. A production crew member recounted, “Last December, the entire production crew saw Charmaine Sheh visiting Kevin Cheng on the set. At first, Kevin did not have much of a reaction and did not appear to be especially excited. During lunch break, Charmaine approached Kevin and pulled out a box of dumplings. They sat in a corner by themselves, conversing quietly and laughing loudly!”

After visiting Kevin on the set, Charmaine allegedly visited Kevin’s hotel room later in the evening. A crew member recounted, “At the time, Charmaine was very careful. She looked left and right to make sure no one was there before entering Kevin’s room. I saw her from afar. I quickly walked away since I did not want any embarrassment. Fortunately, she did not see me.  I was curious about her visit, so I stood in front of the hotel room door to listen. I heard the sound of a female crying. The entire crew knows that Charmaine is interested in Kevin, but we don’t know why she loves him so much” Since Charmaine took the initiative to visit Kevin and started crying in his room later, it was understandable that Kevin was moved.

Allegedly, Kevin’s co-star, Liu Si Si, was also present when Charmaine visited Kevin on the filming set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, Si Si was one of the many female admirers Kevin had on the set. She frequently asked Kevin to accompany her for hotpot dinners. When the press contacted Liu Si Si, she sounded shocked, “Sorry, I can not talk right now!” Apparently, Si Si did not want to be further involved in the love triangle rumors!

In the past, Charmaine openly praised Kevin, “He is very practical and not the type of man who just wants to have fun. He is stable and honest. He has qualities that would make him a good marriage partner.” Romantic rumors between Charmaine and Kevin started in 2007, when they filmed Forensic Heroes II <法證先鋒II> together. Allegedly, Charmaine was spotted entering Kevin’s house in Sai Kung at the time. In 2009, break-up rumors circulated and the press speculated that Charmaine and Kevin broke up because he did not want to openly acknowledge their relationship.

Excerpt from Face Magazine # 193

Jayne: It’s difficult to assess whether Charmaine did visit Kevin or not. It’s highly possible as the impression I gather is that they ended their relationship on a friendly basis, with an open communication channel, with e-mail text messages etc. So not surprising if she did visit him, but does that indicate that she wants to date him again? 

Charmaine and Kevin look amazing together as a couple, but not sure if their personalities are compatible. In an earlier Stephen Chan interview on Be My Guest, Kevin seemed like the type of person who is trapped in his past. Sure, he has his playful side, but also a level of uncertainty and a lack of confidence that is obvious in his interviews.  While Stephen Chan described Charmaine as a person who is ambitious, level-headed and knows exactly what she wants in life.

45 comments to Charmaine Sheh Wants Kevin Cheng Back?

  1. star says:

    What the heck… the crew is so nosy?!? I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that the crew is exposing them. But wow.. so much evident, don’t know if I should believe or not. But I really do hope they are together <3

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    • star replied:

      Btw.. so did Charmaine and Kevin really dated in the past? I don’t remember they ever annouced it official, wasn’t it just all rumours. if it is, we still shouldn’t assume that they ever went out.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        She will never admit at all. I believe they’re dating.

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  2. Funn Lim says:


    “Allegedly, a witness even saw Charmaine entering Kevin’s hotel room , in which female cries were heard inside. ”

    So she caught him with another woman or wa Charmaine later in throes of passion?

    Don’t get this point.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Ahhh got the point. Charmaine was crying. How dramatic.

      You’re sure it is not Kevin who was crying begging Charmaine to return to him?

      Maybe he does not wish to acknowledge because

      a. sugar mommy wouldn’t like it

      b. Charmaine is way more successful than he is

      But frankly he doesn’t look like that sort of guy who will play with a woman’s heart. Maybe she wants marriage, he is not ready yet and thus the breakup.

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      • yen replied:

        i dun like kevin!!!
        charmaine can surely be with sum1 better!
        kevin .. seems so gay to me :p

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I actually think the opposite. I don’t like Charmaine and think that Kevin can do a lot better. However, who really knows if they did date or not?? It’s not like they are getting married or anything… Oh well, only time will tell…

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  3. HeTieShou says:

    I have noticed that with a number of couples which did date in the past that if they did, they won’t admit it until years down the line. But as of now, they would deny it until their teeth falls out if they did date. I guess only time will tell…

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    • star replied:

      It’s already been a like two years or so since the rumour.. and if they are dating they still hvnt admitted it yet. There is such a high chance that they are dating with all these evidence. They were always a compatible couple onscreen, and if they are a couple in real life, wow that is so.. surprising yet awesome. Kevin and Charmaine are both very popular fadan and siu sang in TVB.

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      • SS replied:

        Yes.. definitely agree!!!

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  4. Kidd says:

    It will be good if they are truely dating. They look very compatible.

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    • iampheng replied:

      I agree. I think they look extremely compatible. I’m watching Forensic Heroes II and dang they look good together on screen. I’m becoming a Kevin fan, or perhaps it’s because Bobby is also on the show…so I feel warm and positive towards all the main leads.

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      • SS replied:

        YES.. same thinking with you! after FH2, i like them very much.

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  5. pandamao says:

    Their chemistry in Forensic Heroes 2 was quite nice.

    Isn’t Charmaine injured? It doesn’t make sense for her to fly all the way over to see him but ambitious girls are known to do crazy things for what they want. I guess I can’t really stand firmly on either side as well.

    Less screen time in TVB = More missed and more loved.

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  6. Charlene says:

    IF they are dating for real then hope that they would admit it soon.Kevin and Charmaine both look perfect together and it seems that both are compatible couple.WISH BOTH GOOD LUCK

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  7. P. Tan says:

    Wow! This is altogether a surprise, like something being resurrected. I had thought that the Kevin-Charmaine affair was dead, but this piece of news is most interesting and now I also do hope that they will admit their dating publicly if it were true. I certainly think that Charmaine might have got the scare of her life when she heard, perhaps, that Liu Shi Shi was asking Kevin out to have steamboat with her. Anyway, Ido hope that the two of them will in earnest get together again and remain loyal to each other.

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  8. Vivien says:

    I think Kevin is too good and too handsome for Charmaine.

    Kevin is so lucky to be surrounded by so many admirers including that mainland lady Liu si Si.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I didn’t know that Liu Shi Shi was interested in Kevin too. If she is, then that is a big threat to Charmaine if they are dating. But hey, it just depends on Kevin and who like more. Good luck to him and he and Liu Shi Shi would be cute together.

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  9. Charlene says:

    @Vivien Why do u think kevin is too good for Charmaine.Look is not everything.Charmaine is more succesful then Kevin and surround by lot of admirers too.I think they both fit perfectly well together.

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    • star replied:

      I agree. Even though looks isn’t important, Charmaine is equally as good looking as Kevin. perfect match.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Well looks are based on opinion and I think Kevin is too good for Charmaine too. In my opinion, even though Charmaine is more successful doesn’t mean that she is really talented. IN terms of talent, I think Kevin is more talented. But this is all just my opinion ONLY so no offense to anyone.

      It also doesn’t matter what we think. It is all based on their fate and who they pick for themselves…It is not up to us.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Honestly, I have learned through the years that if a “rumour” occurs over and over again, then there is usually some truth to it. Unless it is something really ridiculous that obviously can’t be true.

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  10. jayzemine says:

    Lookswise, I think they are very compatible. Kevin was always very good-looking but as he age, he seems to be even more good-looking, manly. I am not sure about their personality as they both seems to be really quiet, people of few words. I guess we’ll see. If they are indeed together, they will have very beautiful offspings.

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  11. Ro-bot says:

    What a piece of work Kevin is..first of all her can’t act for anything and he thinks he is all that…I can’t believe Charmaine will even go for an old fart like him. Does he think he is still 18-22 yrs old…come on give me a break!!! And to break up just because he doesn’t want an open relationship is his loss…Charmaine can do better and younger!!!

    “In 2009, break-up rumors circulated and the press speculated that Charmaine and Kevin broke up because he did not want to openly acknowledge their relationship.”

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    • moonriver replied:

      Agree that Kevin can’t act for nuts. His only decent role I recall is the one where he played a rich and gay asshole who cheated on Gigi Lai and was later sought after by Moses Chan, who played Gigi’s boyfriend. Kevin really suited that role.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      You should not say that about Kevin. First of all, I do admit that Kevin is older but I think he looks younger than Charmaine. Charmaine is no spring chicken herself so I don’t think most younger guys would go for her, unless they were after something else that she had. Also, honestly even I was a big fan of Charmaine, she honestly doesn’t look that great… If Liu Shi Shi were going for Kevin, I don’t think Charmaine even has a chance…

      Also, how do you know it is Kevin that doesn’t want an open relationship?? What if it is Charmaine??? You are just assuming that because you don’t like Kevin so you blame everything on him.THat is NOT fair to him at all.

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      • Charlene replied:

        Cheese.Don’t need to bash Charmaine so much .

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      • kate replied:

        Get a life! Your comment is full of sh**! You’re just a hater and a low life.

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      • Kidd replied:

        Your comment on Charmaine isn’t any better than Ro-bot’s comment on Kevin.

        Btw, Ro-bot’s not assuming. He made the statement base on this article itself. Read the last sentence of the article.

        Agree with sehseh. This ‘who-is- better-than-who is kinda unnecessary’ debate in unnecessary.

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  12. Charlene says:

    Dont say that to Kevin.He is a gentlment.
    I dont think you guys even know him or even talk to him how could u judge some one base on stupid reports or seeing in movies.How would u feel if someone judge u that way??i guess not happy.So treat a person the way u want to be treated.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Totally agree!!

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  13. sehseh says:

    The news above is unverified, the tabloid like to drop names without picture proof.

    Unless Kevin or Charmaine make a public statement, then let’s not speculate they are lovers/ex-lovers.

    But I’m sure they are on good friendly terms, they never said anything bad about each other and keep in touch too. So the debate is who-is- better-than-who is kinda unnecessary.

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    • Charlene replied:

      Yes finally there is someone that know what there saying and saying the right thing .Thank u sehseh i totally agree with u .

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  14. Funn Lim says:

    You know who’s better?

    I will tell you who! I will show you who! I will spell out WHO! WHO?!


    That’s settle the debate then.

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  15. HeTieShou says:

    This is probably my last time coming here so I am not scared what happens after I say this. I do admit that I sounded harsh towards Charmaine since I do admit that I don’t like her at all. However, you also have right to insult me like that. You are so rude and disrespectful and you had better watch your language!!!

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I meant to say “You also have NO right to insult me like that”.

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    • Kidd replied:

      Why do you stop coming here? If it’s because of my argument/disagreement with you. I’ll shut up and stop commenting/replying to your comments. You can say whatever you like and I won’t say a word. You don’t need to stop coming here like you did to spcnet if you enjoy reading Jayne’s news and all.

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  16. Jayne says:

    HeTieShou, I have always allowed self-regulation of comments at JayneStars because I believe that freedom of expression fosters a more honest exchange among fans. If you express a certain opinion, more than likely, there is a chance that more people out there share your point of view. That is the point of the blogging community, as we will come across people who will agree and disagree with us. Through the conversations, we learn about who were are and even in the face of adversity, does that mean we change or mute our voices for who we are or what we stand for?

    Sometimes situations will arise where our opinions will be disagreed with, but that should not warrant a personal attack. When that is the case, it has gone too far and unecessary. This is often when the attacker often has nothing else logical to add in the defense of their argument. We get called labels and since their intention is to hurt us, the more we react to such inflammatory remarks, then they have succeeded. I have often seen this kind of attack even on respected sites such as the New York Times, where people call each other racists outright.

    Most of the stuff we discuss here on JayneStars is highly opinionated and often our own speculation. Many of my comments are highly opinionated and I’m sure not everyone agrees with my point of view either.

    Since this site covers news and discussion about a broad range of artists, there will likely be clashes between readers’ opinions, as we are not part of the same fanbase. I’ll like to have everyone co-exist peacefully. Like the arguments we have with friends and family, we forget and move on. You can say we are only virtual strangers on the net, but we are all joined by a passion for HK entertainment and that bond fosters a lively conversation where we can learn from each other. Although each one of us may live in different locations, be of different ages and more proper nouns “differentiate” us, conversations on the net can be more honest and real than those conversations we have with real acquaintances we have in real life.

    As many of you have followed my blog since 2005, I took long hiatuses in which I stopped updating JayneStars. We all have personal and family responsibilities and at times I wondered if I can continue to maintain this site because of the fast-paced nature and time commitment of running an entertainment news site.

    But I decided to make a renewed commitment because I really enjoy the community exchange. I truly enjoy the conversation threads and hearing what others have to say. I believe the regular readers, who visit daily, also love this diversity. The diversity in opinions is what makes it interesting. In diversity, there will be adversity but we can co-exist and deal with it.

    I apologize if any readers have felt emotionally hurt through others’ statements.

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    • Aly replied:

      I agree with you, Jayne. This is meant to be an open forum, where people are able to freely express their views on each celebrity and the news posted here. Of course each of us will have our favorites, as well as biases towards any celebrity we may not like. An artist should expect from day 1 that they will be subject to both praise and criticisms from the audience, and the fact that there will be people that like them or dislike them. Some may be more critical than others. So it’s understandable that all of us will have different tastes as to who we think look good or act good, which series are good, as well as what may be true or not in terms of the gossips. It’s all subjective and a matter of preference. There is not right or wrong viewpoint. So we need to respect each other’s differing opinions even if they may differ from our own or even the majority. It’s not appropriate to say someone has bad taste, or is stupid or is wrong just because their preferences or views differ from ours. Sometimes I feel that we get too serious about these topics that we go back and forth trying to prove our point to see who is right, and it doesn’t get anywhere because there is no right or wrong answers.

      This is one of my favorite entertainment sites because of the open forum for netizens to share their thoughts on each piece of news. There are a ton of entertainment news sites out there, but I enjoy this one the most not because of just the news, but most importantly, reading Jayne’s insights on the news and leaving room for netizens to share their thoughts as well. I appreciate Jayne’s time and dedication to this website and I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions as well. I hope we can keep it peaceful as well and not lead anyone to feel that they need to stop commenting or stop coming to the site because someone made inappropriate comments to them or because a lot of people disagreed with them. There will always be disagreements, and we need to be prepared the minute we decide to leave a comment that there might be people who diagree with us. But plesae don’t take it personally and especially when we disagree with people, please be considerate in just keeping it to the topic itself and not as a personal attack against that individual.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        To HeTieShou;

        The commenters must understand there is a line between criticism and personal attacks. But sometimes the passionate attacks verging on personal insults is a direct result of what you first put out. Even if it wasn’t a personal attack, some feel it is personal. I have been insulted many times, some worse, in here and some place else but you must remember, internet gives anonymity and therefore a sense of assurance that whatever you said can’t be traced back to you, in real life. People get offended easily, for many reasons, some valid, some stupid, so to say you will stop coming to this place because of one insult is to me rather silly. And I shall be honest with you. Anywhere you go, you will get the same treatment everytime you post something people don’t like, and whilst some will just delete your comments, others like Jayne let the comment be. You can’t take offense to every comment directed at you. Either you ignore it, or as you rightly did, speak your mind about it. I always believe an opinion remains an opinion no matter what. And a forum without diverse opinion is a dead forum. If anyone expects much cooing and love for a certain artiste is best advised to go to the specific fan forum.

        However that being said, some fans should just cool off. Not everybody shares the same opinion as you on your fave idol. So far I don’t think HeTieShou has crossed the line of decency. The one time I feel crossing the line of decency is a suggestion certain starlet worked her way up through the bedroom rather than hardwork without the bedroom sort. That is out of line. Talking about looks, compatibility, etc isn’t. It is expected.

        So HeTieShou, don’t leave. There will always be the naysayers and there will always be those who agrees. People will agree with someone and disagree with others, all within the same thread/post/article.

        That being said like Jayne I also believe in self regulation. You know what can be said and what can’t be said. You be your own judge, and others will comment no matter what. So maybe we too should adopt the celebrity stand on this issue about opinion; take notice and take the high road and put it aside and continue posting. Imagine if we all have to be so damn politically correct; this place will be filled with posts like “I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HER HAIR!!” and “THEY’RE SO GOOD FOR EACH OTHERRRRRRRRRRRRR”

        I am beyond that age to want to be liked. But then neither do I wish to be hated.

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    • sure-lee replied:

      I also agree with you, Jayne. Everyone has the right to freely express their own beliefs towards an artist, and like Aly said, obviously we will each have our own favourites. Every single comment posted is just something someone wanted to express to others. There is no need to get so serious over anything. This forum is meant to share entertainment news with everyone so we can have something to discuss about during our free time, not a place to start arguments. Of course, diasgreeing is another thing. However, saying rude things at others who don’t agree with you isn’t needed in these discussions.

      I personally love coming to this site too, because I love how this site provides an English translation for those of us who can’t read much Chinese.

      Thanks Jayne, for establishing this.

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  17. IceCream says:

    Naah i don’t think she wants him back.

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  18. P. Tan says:

    I’m still a “freshie” to this website. It’s the first time in my life that that I’m doing such a thing but I enjoy reading all your diverse opinions. Thanks to you, Jayne, and please don’t ever think of closing it. I’m not terribly good at arguments and prefer to remain in the sidelines when it comes to that. However, I do enjoy the clever way some of argue and the insights you show on certain topics. They are so refreshing mostly. So, I feel sad when you start bickering. We are not here to do that but just to enjoy saying from our hearts what we really think about certain people. As someone already pointed out, sometimes we feel our toes stepped on when unpleasant things are said about our favourite actors or actresses but that is their opinion and we should be able to respect it. Let’s not be personal here and just enjoy being able to express our opinions. Hetieshou, please don’t “go away”. I’ve always enjoyed what you say . Moreover, I’m glad you like Kevin too for I’m a big fan of his and I find that not too many people like him and are always criticizing him, for watever reason. However, never mind, because I still like him!

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  19. Estelle says:

    Sigh. Am I the only one out there who still remembers Kevin and Nikki, and want them to get back together like hell? I’m sorry to Charmaine fans out there but to be honest, there’s a part of me who still resents Charmaine for her “role” in it. I don’t know, rumors are rumors but..

    I love her acting and she is pretty talented though(: But just.. SIGHH AHH.

    … I don’t like this article 🙁

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  20. Pinkie says:

    I don’t know she wants him back or not, I just hope they can be back together haha I didn’t know about their break-up… I think they look happy together….

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