Chiling Lin Shares Breast Care Tips

Sharing tips on breast care and how to especially look good during the summer time, Taiwanese actresses Chiling Lin (林志玲), Joanne Tseng (曾之喬), and Nikita Shu (舒子晨) reveal how they maintain their chest area.

Known for her voluptuous figure, Chiling said her favorite pampering method is to put on a breast mask for five to ten minutes every time she gets out of the shower. Then, she applies a breast beautifying essence. On attaining a firmer bust area, Chiling said she pushes the muscle from under her armpits towards her chest area 30 times on each side after applying the essence.

Joanne Tseng

Joanne is known for her fit and slim physique. Despite being thin, Joanne receives endless compliments  for her full bust and cleavage. Sharing some diet tips, the actress said she eats foods that are rich with gelatin, such as pig’s feet, white fungus, and kelp. Joanne also recommends buying bras that have full-coverage and are made with firmer materials. When she has the time, Joanne exercises her chest area by clasping her hands together and doing a forward arm stretch.

Nikita Shu

28-year-old Nikita said that her beauty secret is primarily diet-based. She drinks a lot of soy milk, and eats beef, seafood, and cheese. After showering every night, Nikita likes to put on a special breast lotion and massages her bust area.

Source: Yahoo HK

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