Chow Yun Fat is Interested in Filming for TVB Again

TVB is preparing for the upcoming television war. In 2013, new television stations, CTI, Now TV, and three other local stations will be given the free broadcasting license by the Hong Kong government. In the past year, TVB failed to retain many of their employees and artists after the establishments of CTI and Now TV’s drama studios. CTI has already finished the productions of three dramas, and Now TV is currently in the midst of working on their co-produced epic drama with mainland China.

TVB needs to muster all of their sources to maintain their strong hold in the Hong Kong television industry. It has been confirmed that Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has already successfully brought Andy Lau (劉德華) back to the mother ship. Andy is currently working on the script of a new TVB drama, which will be produced by Eric Tsang. Wong Jing (王晶) also confirmed that he is currently working on an epic drama for TVB that will star Deanie Ip (葉德嫻), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Hawick Lau (劉愷威).

However, TVB will not stop there. It has been rumored for weeks that international star, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發), may also return to TVB to film a drama. Although inviting a renowned superstar to film a TVB drama sounds farfetched, Sudden Weekly reported that chances of Chow Yun Fat returning are high. Chow Yun Fat himself also said that he is interested, and urged TVB to send him a script as soon as possible!

Eric Tsang and Wong Jing Visit Chow Yun Fat

In early September, Eric Tsang and Wong Jing visited Chow Yun Fat in his Kowloon Tong home to discuss collaboration plans. Wishing to stay in Hong Kong longer, Chow Yun Fat has recently agreed to film a local Hong Kong police film produced by Wong Jing, in which he will star alongside Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒).

An insider revealed, “Many people think that having Fat Gor coming back to film a TVB drama is farfetched, but if he promised to do a local film, then making guest appearances in a drama should not be too difficult.”

According to Eric and Wong Jing’s proposal, Chow Yun Fat will have a lot of freedom in deciding the drama’s genre, storyline, characters, and also costars. Allegedly, Chow Yun Fat tentatively said yes in their preliminary discussion.

Chow Yun Fat Responds

Chow Yun Fat recently returned to Hong Kong after completing epic film, The Assassins <铜雀台>. On September 6, Chow Yun Fat was seen driving up to Tai Po in the early morning, planning to go hiking and taking landscape photography. When he saw the reporters following closely behind, he laughed and said, “Aiya, can you guys please stop following me? You’re scaring away all the birds!”

Asked if Eric had requested him to film a TVB drama, Chow Yun Fat’s eyes widened and said, “Really? I don’t know!” When reporters mentioned his rumored meeting with Eric Tsang and Wong Jing, Chow Yun Fat said,  “Really…? We can talk. I am interested. Tell him to send me a script quickly!”

When asked if he would request for an astronomical fee, Chow Yun Fat laughed, “You will have to ask Mrs. Chow for that. I want to see what she thinks first!”

Regarding Chow Yun Fat’s tentative promise in returning to TVB, Eric Tsang said, “Actually, I only briefly mentioned it. Having Andy Lau (劉德華) agree to film for us is a good start. If I can touch one of them, I can touch another. We believe that Fat Gor will agree to return to TVB to help out.” (Have you guys discussed a price?) “We cannot always talk about money. It will hurt our relationship. Money is not the most important factor now. It is about sincerity.”

Eric also confirmed that Andy will film a 30 to 40-episode drama, “We are still finding a leading lady. The script is still in brainstorming mode; Andy is handling this, not me. I want the entire story to focus on Andy. I’m just going to let him come up with the synopsis, and then I will help him out with the smaller details. At this rate, the complete script should be out by the end of the year.”

Eric Tsang Gets Other Stars Interested

Jacky Cheung (張學友): When asked if Eric Tsang had asked him to film a drama for him, Jacky smiled and said, “If he is interested in getting me to join, he should hurry! But I still need to read the script first. I am okay with going back to TVB. It will be fun.”

Carina Lau (劉嘉玲): Carina graduated from TVB’s artist training class in 1983. Allegedly, Eric Tsang also asked Carina to return to TVB. Carina told him that she was interested, but would only agree to guest star in several episodes.

Sandra Ng (吳君如): While appearing at a function a few days ago, Sandra said, “Actually, TVB has always been asking me to film for them! I am ready for them.”

Source: Sudden Weekly #894 via

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  1. “According to Eric and Wong Jing’s proposal, Chow Yun Fat will have a lot of freedom in deciding the drama’s genre, storyline, characters, and also costars. Allegedly, Chow Yun Fat tentatively said yes in their preliminary discussion.”

    I’m interested in who he will pick as costars if he really does return to TVB. He has been watching TVB series all along, so, he should know the younger actors.

    1. The 5 so called fadans now have CYF and Andy Lau to fight to costar with! Who will CYF and Andy pick? It will be funny if they pick the younger ‘goddesses’ instead ROFL

      1. I think TVB should train the fresh new goddess with acting since it’s too boring if we keep seeing the same faces of Linda chung, myolie wu and Tavia Yeung most of the time. Eliza Sam, Crystal Li, JJ and Christine Kuo brings freshness to TVB. I wouldn’t mind if Andy or Chow Yun Fat picks them to be their costars but better to be a supporting actress first, such as become their daughters or family members in the series.

      2. There’s no way Andy and Chow Yun Fat will take notice of the new crowned goddesses. Their actings are extremely raw and their Cantonese are terrible. The five current fadans can already act from their years of experience and will more likely be the pick of these veterans.

      3. But lol, the new goddesses although raw have freshness charm that the five fadans have lost from being featured and promoted too much by TVB. How can you guarantee that these two(Andy and Chow) doesn’t know them goddesses? I love to see TVB start putting new fresh faces to the frontline.

      4. @salamander: Nah..if anything, the current fa dans who have the most opportunity to work with Fat Gor would be Myolie Wu and Fala Chen because he is more familiar with the 2 of them. Myolie had a cameo in one of Fat Gor’s movies in which she played one of his wives (her screen time was only a few minutes, but still) — since he’s worked with her before, the chances are higher that he would work with her again. As for Fala…well, I don’t know if anyone remembers, but a few years ago, when Fat Gor was at an event and was asked if he was familiar with some of the current artists at TVB, he mentioned Fala’s name and even praised her as having good acting potential (see, he DOES keep up with TVB series) — so most likely he wouldn’t mind working with her.

      5. After the MHK 2012 ended, the media wrote rumours of 620 want to propel Tracy Chu to work with Andy, but I doubt it. I think the key costars will come from the top fadans first 😀

      6. I think Myolie will get the opportunity because she’s the highest level fadan now and she has personal relationship with Chow Yun Fat from what llwy12 said.

      7. Between Myolie and Fala, Fala stands a higher chance.

        Fala also met Fat Gor while filming Chung Mo Yim. Somehow, I sense Fat Gor is more familiar with Fala.

      8. Lol I think none of the 5 fadans will be picked. If they can get CYF and Andy back they can easily get Charmaine, Jessica or even Anita Yuen, Carina Lau and Sandra Ng.

    2. @salamander kindly include natalie tong on your list..

      anyway,let’s just wait and see whoever cyf is gonna pick up….from the words used above allegedly and tentatively,meaning,not sure yet whether he’s gonna do it or not..(“,)

  2. It’s interesting to note that some of TVB’s “oldies” like Chow Yun Fat and others like him are so willing to come back to their alma mater, so to say, and to help out the sinking ship to not only make it float but also to put some life in it. But what about the rising stars like Kenneth Ma and others? Where do they stand now if they are going to be overwhelmed by the giants?

    1. P. Tan,
      “But what about the rising stars like Kenneth Ma and others?”

      Kenneth is one of the lucky actors whose hard efforts is getting acknowledged in a big way this year. In Wong Jing’s drama for TVB, Wong Jing wished to cast him opposite Deanie Ip.

      TVB’s current batch of actors/ actresses are not forgotten, but they are just making way for the bigger stars to lead the series upon their return.

      1. Linda and Myolie still have series to film back to back. KM and TY still have THC2 to costar with legendary Paul Ching. Himhim and Eliza Sam are both in the famous TITS2.

    2. KM isn’t forgotten. He still has THC2 and Wong Jing mega series with Deanie Ip. Rest assured KM is too valuable for TVB to push aside! Besides he also has the greatly anticipated TITS2 to air next year!

    3. “Where do they stand now if they are going to be overwhelmed by the giants?”

      They will have a chance to act with giants when they would never have such chances before. This is an opportunity to learn from such veterans who not only carved a career in movies and in international level, but are icons that KM and others can only dream of ever being one. If fans feel their positions are robbed or they feel unjustified, then that to me is the silliest temper tantrums. This is a perfect opportunity to observe. I am sure Tony Leung himself would have appreciated such opportunity to work next to giants such as Chow Yun Fatt and my guess is KM will think playing the janitor in a 1 episode appearance next to Chow Yun Fatt and the likes will be much preferred than 20 episodes of something else.

      Moreover I am sure these icons are the ones that inspired them to join acting. I can imagine thee xcitemenet,

      Oh stop name dropping and just confirm a few names already!!!

      1. Yeah P.Tan, Vivien and Funn Lim. I don’t think Kenneth Ma will be abandoned by TVB since he has many huge productions coming and instead Kenneth Ma will have the golden opportunities to work with superstars like Deanie Ip, Fat Gor and Andy. This itself is an invaluable experience.

  3. “Many people think that having Fat Gor coming back to film a TVB drama is farfetched,”

    No no. Getting Stephen Chow is far fetched and mission impossible. The rest is possible. Sean Lau?

    1. funn whre the hek is chow chin chee now? why didnt he making movies anymore?

      1. Shu, probably busy fighting lawsuits brought by ex fiends, ex girlfriends and other ex

      2. and maybe now having “funs” with some young future female superstars.

      3. funn,

        You probably had irritatingly made fun of other ppl here before, no wonder why you have so many countless enemies.

        No doubt. This is a karma you’ve created by & for yourself.

      4. funn, what a pity now. he was so good in “mo leh tou” comedy. kung fu hustle was his best movie ever.

      5. @ Grace

        I bet you are one of the people Funn has supposedly irritated.

      6. Grace, what more can I say? I hope you shall await your karma too.

        shu, I was actually joking about what I said about Stephen. Maybe he has some big movie coming up. Still waiting for Kung Fu Hustle 2.

    2. Haha..yup, those who think that it might be far fetched to get Fat Gor to come back most likely don’t know him that well. As I said before, it’s actually easier to get Fat Gor to come back then it would be to get Andy or any of the other popular 80s veterans. Pretty much the only thing that would prevent Fat Gor from coming back would be his busy schedule (though as Eric said, he could come back and do a cameo / guest starring role so that it doesn’t take up so much of his time).

  4. Try persuading DoDo to come back acting and get Chow Yun Fat as tv couple again, lol.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen…Dodo already said that she won’t go back to acting, as she is happy with what she’s doing right now (hosting). She said that even if the opportunity is to act opposite her former partner Chow Yun Fat, she still wouldn’t do it.

      Bummer because the Chow Yun Fat / Dodo pairing is my all time favorite TVB pairing!

  5. OK, I accept your explanation that the rising stars will benefit from working side by side with their icons. Hopefully they are bona fide stars and will indeed be mentors as well as role models.

    1. I actually think you’ve brought up a valid point. IMO it would be in TVB’s best interest if the drama would allow both the old generation and current generation of TVB stars to shine. In the long run, TVB can’t keep relying on past stars like Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau (I’m presuming their proposed returns are one-time deals); it needs to groom and promote its current generation of actors who are the ones who will be leading TVB dramas for years to come. Ideally the drama would be a showcase for Chow Yun Fat but at the same time allow the generation of Kenneth Ma et. al. ample room to shine in supporting roles and a chance to learn from the veterans.

  6. I’m sorry, but if fans of the current artists get ‘upset’ that their idols’ positions will be threatened or they will become ‘small peons’ next to these superstars (Andy and Chow Yun Fat), then I really pity those artists for having such immature fans. Artists who are truly passionate about acting would jump at the opportunity to work with other artists who are considered ‘the best of the best’ (CYF for example) because that’s a ‘golden opportunity’ for the artists to learn from these veterans and thereby improve their own acting. As the saying in Chinese goes: 遇強愈強…when you encounter someone who is ‘stronger’ than you (let’s take acting in this case), interacting with the person (and in this case learning from him/her) will eventually make you ‘stronger’ as well. I’m sure if you ask the current artists who are lucky enough to be ‘chosen’ to collaborate with these superstars, they will tell you the same thing…

    1. It’s ok P.Tan. Don’t worry I don’t think Kenneth Ma will be shelved when these big names come back. Like said above, it’s a great opportunity to learn from these superstars! 😀

  7. One thing that I do need to clarify though…regarding Jacky Cheung — the article actually got that part wrong (not surprising, considering this article came from a tabloid). First of all, he would not be going ‘back’ to TVB because he was never a TVB actor to begin with — he never filmed a TVB series before (except for a brief 1 minute cameo in 1 series years ago). When the reporter asked Jacky if he would be willing to film a series for TVB if Eric were to ask, he said that he has never filmed a TV series before and is afraid that he might be a burden to the production team…when the reporter pushed further, Jacky then said that he wouldn’t have a problem doing a series, but it would depend on the script.

    In all honesty though, it’s not going to happen — Jacky has a few projects coming down the pike that will keep him quite busy….

    As for Carina and Sandra — both are definitely possibilities…in fact, I would consider it ‘very easy’ to get both of them to return.

    1. I agree for Carina and Sandra. I think Carina already mentioned that she’s open in this news:

      When speaking of TVB inviting Andy back to shoot a series for them, Carina expressed she has always been open too. “Especially for TVB, they’re my cradle. We have a relationship. Money is not an issue, have to look at the script.” Andy mentioned he really hopes to be in an idol drama? She said: “Really? He’s currently my idol too, but can he still be a teenager?” She laughed and said if they were to shoot an idol drama together, that wouldn’t be too good because she’s more suitable as a metropolis matured woman, but Andy is her first choice for a co-star. She said: “He brings me luck! (How about Tony Leung?) I bring him luck!” Carina expressed if she were to choose among the artistes, she would choose Bosco Wong: “I met him personally before, he has the taste of a star.”

      Sandra already make a movie for TVB.

    2. I don’t think Jacky will ever make a TVB series. I only seen Jacky exclusively in movies, never a TV drama.

      1. He can only sing TVB theme songs, which he really needs to come back desperately!!!!

  8. Interesting. Would love to see old faces again.

    So, Andy is working on the script for his series. Is it a series all about himself? lol

    1. Ditto, how wonderful wouldn’t it be to get all three, Chow yun fat, Tony Leung and Andy low in series for once. 30 episode with them, that would be awesome.

  9. I don’t see this as a good strategy for TVB. In the long run try can’t keep having these old faces return. I think it’s stupid of them to think this will work. What will happen 2 or 3 years later when everyone is used up. Better to focus on writing talent than bring in old stars.

    1. Totally agree. Chow Yun Fat or Andy Lau returning to TVB would be good for a one-time nostalgia kick and ratings bump, but it’s not a sustainable strategy and I’m not sure how it’s supposed to help TVB in the medium or long term. Really what plagues TVB isn’t so much a lack of actors, but a lack of fresh story ideas and good scripts. IMO it would be kinda disappointing if CYF really filmed a TVB series but had to act with a crappy script.

  10. I have a feeling Raymond Lam will be one of his picks, hopefully Sheren Tang as well!

  11. I hope Chow Yun Fatt ,Andy Lau and Stephen Chow will film a TVB version of God of Gambler with Louis Koo and Ekin act as devil of gamblers with current generation siu sang Kenneth Ma act as God of Gambler student with Johnston Lee his sidekick ,Michael Tse act as lung 7 while Myolie as lung 13,Ruco and Kevin Cheng as bodyguard to god of gamblers while Bosco and Raymond lam as bodyguard for devil of gamblers,wayne lai act as spy for both side ,will this work you think ?

  12. the news of actors n actresses like Andy, CYF, Carina, Sandra etc etc etc coming back to TVB for series is great news.

    Really hope the script is good and not like some lousy n lengthy series just to hit 30 or 40 or even 60 episodes like Drive of Life. Big cast wasted on weak script.. and another came to mind is Born Rich that boasted a super strong cast but not too good script. The impact just ain’t there.

    I really hope for a good script that has a good mix of veteran actors/actresses and younger fadans and leads. So looking forward to that!

    But seriously, current batch goddess with CYF? not unless he’s into May-September romance…

  13. I want Elaine Yiu or Selena Li to be the leading lady :/ (but it probably won’t happen)

  14. I wish Esther kwan would star along with Andy… I think they’ll make a perfect match, but since esthr will film w/ bobby, this chance will be unlikely 🙁
    I still love Esther and Bobby though 🙂

  15. Can they bring back Gallen Lo one more time? Pleaseeee. Forget Born Rich, forget that pet show, lets try one last time.

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