Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung Displayed Close Friendship While Filming in China

Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) were flirtatious with each other while filming variety program <反斗紅星放暑假——長隆非常任務> in Guangzhou earlier this month, generating suspicion about their close relationship. The two were seen joking and teasing each other on and off set, and Christine could not take her eyes off of Oscar!

Since collaborating in Tiger Cubs <飛虎>in 2012, Christine and Oscar have dealt with numerous rumors about their close friendship. Christine frequently praised Oscar in interviews, calling him funny, considerate, and attentive. Despite the attention from one of TVB’s hottest goddesses, Oscar is very devoted to girlfriend Tina and insists that he and Christine are only good friends.

Earlier, Christine and Oscar traveled to Chang Long, Guangzhou to film a celebrity game show as a part of TVB’s Amazing Summer programming. The two were sent to Changlong Wild Zoo and were tasked with brushing a hippo’s teeth. To complete the mission, Christine and Oscar must lure the hippos out of the water and convince them to open their mouths. Oscar tried to attract the hippos’ attention by singing a marriage proposal, causing Christine to break into laughter. The hippos were untouched by Oscar’s gesture however and ignored the two; one of the hippos even turned around and began defecating. Ever the gentleman, Oscar immediately protected Christine from the hippo’s “gift”.

After much coaxing, hippo Liza finally allowed Oscar and Christine to do their work. While brushing Liza’s teeth, Christine seemed to pay more attention to her partner; her eyes glued to Oscar’s every move. Oscar continued his humorous antics, shaking his behind rhythmically during the brushing. Even off the set, Christine and Oscar were seen joking and laughing out loud and often whispered into each other’s ears. Seeing their closeness, the director asked the two to act out a kissing scene on the spot. Christine and Oscar quickly agreed, although the kiss was only implied via strategic camera angles and their lips never touched.

Reporters contacted Christine today to ask about their chemistry on and off set. Christine insisted that they are close friends and Oscar is only like a brother to her. “I really respect Oscar’s loyalty [to his girlfriend]. Tina and I would go out for tea together.”

Oscar also cleared the rumors by affirming his devotion to Tina. When asked if he was ever interested in Christine romantically, Oscar said, “Never. I have rid my heart of earthly desires. No one can tempt me, no matter how beautiful! Viewers probably think [Christine and I] are a good match.” Asked if Tina is worried about his work trips with Christine, Oscar said, “No way! She knows all of my friends. The only thing she would be concerned about is if I would eat too much and get a stomachache.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. hahahah that’s like asking

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      1. doesnt matter if it is aron or aaron..

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  1. sometimes money n appearance is not that important. funny, positive guys are pretty attractive after you get to know them.

    ofcourse the whole package would be great but i haven’t met such not to mentioned that they have the choice of not choosing you.

  2. Feel bad for Christine she’s just a magnet with romance rumors!

  3. Christine Kuo love Oscar Leung. She break aaron kwok’s heart. Well done oscar, you are great!

  4. Christine just gave Oscar the red lips in the picture. On a serious note, I wonder how many chinese men have a name Oscar?!?!?!?!?

  5. When asked if he was ever interested in Christine romantically, Oscar said, “Never. I have rid my heart of earthly desires. No one can tempt me, no matter how beautiful!”

    Money quote. Probably just the attitude that attracts unusually beautiful women.

  6. Hmm…this pic says she’s kinda interested in him IMO. Yeah, they may be friends. But pic tells ya she somewhat interested at the least.

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