Crew Member Dies from Injuries On Set of Jay Chou’s “Nezha”

A crew member working on the set of Jay Chou’s (周杰倫) new racing movie Nezha <叱咤風雲> has died on Thursday after incurring head injuries from a fall.

The incident occurred on the morning of November 16th—the 39-year-old crew member was working on a scene that involved a car doing a demonstration in the rain. He slipped on the ground and hit his head. He was already unconscious when he was discovered. After the member was hospitalized, a representative told the media, “The doctor said he is now in a stable condition, but he still needs to be monitored for the next two to three weeks.”

Unfortunately, the crew member eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away on the early morning of November 29th.

“Cause of death has not been ascertained,” said the rep. “At the moment, his family, the production company, and the producers have put the project on hold to assist his family in preparing funeral arrangements.”

Jay Chou, Nezha’s producer, said through a statement released by his agency: “Jay was very concerned about [the crew member] after the accident happened. It is unfortunate and regretful that this became the result. He has already told the studio and crew to assist the family in funeral arrangements. If there is anything else that needs to be done, let him know.”

Nezha, a film about auto racing, reportedly has a budget of over 100 million yuan. Produced by Jay and Will Liu (劉畊宏), the film also stars Jay’s wife Hannah Quinlivan (昆寧) and Tsao Yu-ning (曹佑寧). The film is inspired by the 2005 Hong Kong film Initial D <頭文字D>, Jay Chou’s film debut. Nezha is directed by Jem Chen (陳奕先).


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  1. Sorry for him and his family!

    I don’t understand how he die though, is it unknown?

    – “He slipped on the ground and hit his head.”

    Meaning it’s from a slip to the ground? Or from the car demonstration?

    1. @davy the way i read it was, he slipped on the wet ground, hit his head, sustained a head injury/concussion. This may have lead to bleeding in the brain, but he has since died.

      At the time of the accident, they were working on a scene involving a car demonstration in the rain (hence the ground was wet).

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