Crystal Fung Returns to HKU for Master’s Degree

Miss Hong Kong 2016 winner Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), 28, is rumored to have fallen out of favor with TVB in the past year but she has denied allegations of being frozen. Although she is still a contracted artiste, the large decrease in jobs and exposure speaks volumes.

With less filming projects, Crystal decided to dedicate more time to furthering her education. In a new social media post, Crystal revealed that she was in a study group and tagged The University of Hong Kong. She captioned her post with “unity is strength,” sharing that she has returned to her alma mater for a master’s degree.

In July 2022, Crystal suddenly revealed that she was studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, which indicated an interest in a career in finance. It is said that TVB has been accommodating with Crystal’s decision to return to university, and will not be booking her any dramas and variety shows so that she can focus on school. However, she will continue to accept jobs with a lighter workload such as filming commercials.

Netizens speculate that Crystal is paving the road for her departure from TVB. However, Crystal clarified that the current master’s degree she is pursuing is a continuation of her undergraduate degree in food and nutrition studies. “It’s my dream to get a master’s degree. Currently, I do not have plans to change careers. Thanks to everyone for their concern! Learning is an endless journey; I hope everyone can continue to live and learn until old age!”

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  1. Mmmm backup plan. She’s following the footsteps of fellow HK winner. Can’t blame her. Her pay will never reach the heights of Charmaine Sheh and others

  2. My son is a CFA and it is a self-study test. You need a bachelor’s degree and work experience to get that credential. I doubt she will fulfill the criteria.

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