Daniel Wu and Lisa S.’s South African Retreat Exposed!

Last night, Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Lisa S. appeared at a charity event in Hong Kong. The couple appeared vibrant, with Daniel especially tanned, after their two-week recent vacation in South Africa, a place where they shared many lovely memories in the past. Recharged from their vacation, the couple indicated that they will shortly immerse in work once again, with Daniel producing a Hong Kong movie in May.

Keanu Reeves was also present at last night’s charitable event, where he jokingly sparred with Donnie Yen (甄子丹). It turned out that it was not the first time that Daniel and Lisa have met Keanu. Earlier Lisa was cast in one of Keanu’s films, but unfortunately, she was unable to participate due to scheduling conflicts.

Nearing the couple’s two-year wedding anniversary, Daniel and Lisa traveled to South Africa earlier and stayed at Lisa’s house there. Director Derek Yee ( 爾冬陞 ) revealed a photo of the couple’s South African home, which was a simple hut that apparently received electricity access only recently.

Daniel and Lisa often went to South Africa when they wished to be in touch with nature and escape from the busy life of a metropolis. The couple got married in South Africa and have an adopted daughter from a local village as well.

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Jayne: Daniel and Lisa S. look very refreshed from their vacation. Their house in South Africa looks very simple and basic in living accommodations, when the couple can easily erect a mansion there.

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  1. Based on this article, both Daniel and Lisa S. seem to be “down to earth” people, escaping the many of the material trappings in order introspect a simple but enjoyable quality of life together at their South African retreat. Hope it last.

    1. Yea, they both do seem like down to earth people and don’t mind living a simple life. Many celebs want a more lavishing life living in big mansions and stuff…

      1. They can live however they like, but I am just saying that it is nice to live humbly even if you are really rich. You also never know when you can become broke and bankrupt.. You can be rich and famous one moment but broke and pathetic the next minute…

      2. But having a big mansion under their affordance isn’t a symbol of arrogance at all. It will be if they can’t afford but still show off.

      3. Living in a small hut soo close to nature will just make people appreaciate facilities taken for granted.

        Lisa S. seems like a cool chick as I can imagine most girls couldn’t live without electricity, their make-up stuff etc 🙂

      4. I guess but I still don’t think that just because you have wealth doesn’t mean that you need to flaunt it…I do agree that it is really annoying when people can’t afford many things but still try to show off. One of my ex friends was like that and I could not stand her and her family.

  2. i saw an interview with daniel. what a fine species in a man. He likes nature because it brings challenges to people who are spoiled with technology these days.

    i admire this couple mucho.

    1. Aww that is terribly cute. He’s very admirable and handsome too! Quite a catch, though she is stunning!

  3. I’m glad they’re able to stay grounded. It’s good to get away from all the glitz and glam as it helps one from losing sight of reality outside of stardom.

  4. Lisa S looks so much older than Daniel and some how, her looks isn’t that appealing to me :/

    Overall, it looks as though they are very in love.

    1. ya lisa look older than daniel. and her face look so weird..haha

      1. I guess its true that westerners does look older than asians lol.

      2. I heard that Lisa S is Eurasian, but she she has more European blood in her than asian so she looks more western.

      3. Since she has more of western blood in her so that made her looks older…(joking)

      4. I think she’s the same age as Daniel (37). She’s only 1/4 Chinese which explains why she looks more ‘Western’ than Daniel (she’s 1/4 French, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/2 Jewish-American).

  5. the key to long love btw celebraties is TO KEEP AWAY FR PAPARAZI and keep matter private. On a different note, o think its a matter of time when Juliana Rancic and Bill Rancic’s marriage going to wreck!

  6. probably went there to bang gep on the beach without anyone watching.

  7. Daniel and Lisa S.’ hut in South Africa would be similar to camping in the woods, where we have to make do with less in our lives to remind ourselves not to be too caught up in material trappings.

    With the electrical hook-up, hot water should be more readily available.

    There are some campsites where there are no bathhouses, where it’s truly a “back to nature” experience, where you would have to jump in the lake to bathe.

    1. If life has gotten too soft, too comfortable, and too boring for anyone, it’s time to “rough it up” a bit to be more appreciative and perhaps less wasteful of what you have.

    2. I really wonder about the bathroom and all… Does this hut have a flushing toilet??

      1. HeTieShou,
        Probably an out house judging by the look of it. The hut looks too small to be built with an underground cesspool for flushable toilets.

      2. I can live without many things, but not a flushing toilet… Who can stand the smell??

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