Deleted Happy Ending in “On-Lie Game”

Samantha Ko shares photos of deleted scenes on social media.

TVB drama On-Lie Game <迷網> aired its finale on August 14, with Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) character Vincy suffering serious concussions to the head during physical altercations with criminals and falling into a coma.

Waking up eventually, Vincy visited her ex-husband who was serving time in jail, and showed up to support tech crime division’s Sunny (played by Mat Yeung 楊明) and Denise (played by Hera Chan 陳曉華) in a victorious basketball match. A mass dance celebration also had her joining her neighbors in the park, while the episode ended with Sunny and Denise representing the tech crime bureau in a televised episode of “Police Report” to warn the public against falling victim to cybercrime.

However, it seemed that a proposal scene originally shot for the final episode had been deleted, as Samantha shared several photos on her social media of Sunny proposing while kneeling before Vincy. Samantha wrote, “On-Lie Game’s final episode is perhaps a beginning for Vincy and Sunny.” In the photos, Sunny had proposed to Vincy at the end of the basketball game, and the two leads hugged in a sweet embrace.

Source: HK01

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  1. This was unfortunately a terrible show. Cyber crime can be super interesting but this whole show was about this relationships mostly. Most of the crimes were not true cyber crimes either. So disappointed.

    Hera Chan is also a terrible actress, I know it’s her first one but my gosh. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying either. Anyways, terrible but this is just my opinion.

    1. Hera Chan was horrible, she keeps making these weird expressions that’s so out of place and inappropriate.

  2. Fortunately, I really liked My Commissioned Lover, so even tho it was mostly 高寧 and Mat’s relationship throughout, it didn’t matter haha

    Plus the whole cybercrime theme was quite interesting. I liked the morals of the story and how everyone ended up with consequences. It’s like a reminder to the audience to always be careful. 🙂

    I was a bit skeptical with Hera since it’s her first act, but turned out ok despite some odd facial expressions and how stiff she was. At least her words don’t slur. She was quite clear in all her lines. Hopefully, there’s improvement next time.

    Overall, not bad. 🙂

    1. @mi520 I agree with you. It was very educational. A lot of girls are smart and successful career women but when it comes to love no luck in their 30s or 40s. A lot really have to turn to dating online or playing apps to fee less lonely…This is when you fall into the trap. It may not necesssarily be a money scam network…but it can be simply an individual person who knows your vulnerability. Girls have to be vigilant. i`m sure it happens to guys as well. But being a girl and i had had terrible online dating experiences myself I have a more softer heart for women in their 30s and still single.

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