Deric Wan and Michael Tao Owed Six Figure Salary

Last year, Deric Wan Siu Lun and Michael Tao Dai Yu filed a thirty-episode series in Shanghai. The production company owed the artists a six figure filming fee. Since the company is currently being sued, both Deric and Michael may be uncollectible.

The production company at issue often sells their television series to be broadcast at ATV. Although the artists were contracted to film thirty episodes, the final editing resulted in thirty-four episodes. The payments for the last four episodes have not been paid to artists.

Michael said, “My managing agent at the time asked Mr. Chan at the production company, who promised to pursue the matter. But it was never done! We were not paid for the last four episodes!” (Was it a six figure sum?) “Almost!”

Deric Wan noted that his manager will be pursuing the uncollected filming fees.

Source: The Sun

Jayne: Haven’t heard about Deric Wan in ages! There’s still a sliver a hope that maybe he will film for TVB again!

Ah, the complexities of being an artist. Not only is your income unstable, but the people you work for could disappear anytime and refuse to pay you too!

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  1. ahh I had recently just rewatched ‘Blood of good and evil’ (for the millionth time lol) and I was wondering where the heck did he go! yay Jayne for this news!

    1. Jooky, How lucky you are that you can watch “Blook of Good and Evil” many times so you must have the dvd. I have only watched it once and remembered that it was one of Deric Wan’s best. I cannot decide which one I prefer him in, “Looking Back in Anger” or “The Breaking Point” – both excellent. The last series I watched him in was “Misleading Track”.

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