Michael Tao & Kiki Sheung’s 27 Year Friendship Over

Kiki Sheung Michael Tao Sisters of Pearl

Last year, when Jessica Hsuan and Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor were filming Sisters of Pearl <掌上明珠>, rumors circulated that they got into disagreements. Although both actresses have denied this, Jessica and Kiki [did not have much to say] in front of other people.

Aside from not getting along with Jessica, Kiki may also have gotten into a cold war with Sisters of Pearl co-star, Michael Tao Dai Yu. Kiki and Michael were classmates in a TVB Acting Class twenty-seven years ago.  Allegedly, during the filming of Sisters of Pearl, Kiki and Michael fought over the issue of out-takes. Allegedly, Kiki may even have criticized Michael’s acting skills regressing and that he did not know how to act.

There was obvious tension between Kiki and Michael, as evidenced at a Sisters of Pearl promotional event this week. The pair had zero interaction with each other onstage. Kiki and Michael’s twenty-seven friendship may well be over!

Kiki Sheung Michael Tao Jessica Hsuan Sisters of Pearl Kiki Sheung Michael Tao Jessica Hsuan Sisters of Pearl

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Kiki Sheung comes across as someone blunt and with a temper. There may be some grain of truth that she did not get along with her co-stars. If she did get into arguments with Michael over such issues, then their 27 year-old friendship may not have been that strong to begin with.

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  1. Wow! Can all these be believed?? So many bickerings between the pronciple cast and they still manage to put out a series. Don’t get me wrong. Actors who don’t get along in real life seems to be able to create that special sparkle on screen. Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis cannot stand each other and yet their chemistry in Moonlighting is irresistible. But still, I can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is one giant publicity stunt for the series. What with it being a TVB production and all. Maybe all those zero conversation between the ‘bickering’ starsat the promotional event are carefully staged acts. If not, then Kiki Sheung is really one lady with a temper and straightforwardness to cause tensions with two fellow co-stars at once.

  2. I wonder if this is all true?? There may be some truth to it though, unless this is all just a publicity stunt?? It is sad if their 27 year friendship would end just because of some arguments. I guess their friendship was not that strong to start with. I believe strongly in friendship,especially one that is so long, therefore, I am shocked that they did not try to work things out. Also, their argument did not seem to be that big of a deal.

    I also believe that if you are naturally good friends or at least get along, then the audience can easily see your chemistry on screen. Unless you are such a great actor/actress that you are able to hide your dislike of someone and can act like best buddies on screen even though you hate them in real life. Hey, but isn’t that all a part of being a professional??

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