Michael Tao’s New 21-Year-Old Girlfriend

In 2007, Michael Tao Dai Yu and his wife, Wong Wai Bao, divorced, amidst rumors that TVB colleague, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei, may have been the third party in Michael’s marriage. Ultimately, Michael did not mend his relationship with Ah Bao nor end up with Sonija. Due to his linked rumors with Sonija, Michael’s former good husband image was publicly tarnished. Despite this, the 46-year-old Michael may still be a female magnet.

Michael’s taste appears to have changed from middle-aged women to much younger women. Allegedly, Michael may be dating 21-year-old Volina, a woman who frequents the same pool house as Michael. The couple’s photo was leaked to the press.

Participating in several open pool competitions in the past, Michael often frequents a pool house in Tsim Tsa Tsui, which is where he met Volina. Shanghainese beauty, Volina, comes from a wealthy family (her father is a financial executive) and often shops at the designer stores. She is often spotted wearing designer clothing.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Michael’s girlfriend, Volina, is very beautiful! Ah, the older men gets, the younger the woman he desires. Having a twenty-something girlfriend becomes a trophy for the forty-something man.

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  1. If this doesn’t scream MID LIFE CRISIS I don’t know what does.

    Michael, she is expensive to maintain!

  2. It’s funny how he denied and brushed off the pic as ‘picture taken with a random fan’.

    How I wish Daniel Wu will take pic with me in a backhug, cheek to cheek. Yeah, in my next life maybe.

    Don’t be ashamed, Michael. There’s plenty of 40-50ish actor going out with 20 years old. Some even end up marrying these trophy wives.

  3. Micheal’s new girlfriend looks like Fan Bing Bing to me. I actually see a lot of 40 and 50 year olds go after girls in their 20s which I think is sort of sad. If the guy has money, then I guess I should not be surprised. In fact, recently there was a case where a 30 year old married a rich man in his 90s… I guess money really talks.

  4. But I think love is amazing, very normal for the elder man to have younger gf because as long as they love each other. maybe younger woman like them being mature and understanding. as we can see the michael gf come from rich family.not all these may december relationship is based on finance capability.

  5. her face and eyes look quite fake. i wonder if the photo is fake?

    looks sort of like a blown-up doll being hugged by a man from behind…

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