Deric Wan Prepares for Third Marriage

Former TVB actor Deric Wan (溫兆倫) revealed on April 18 that he will be marrying his girlfriend, mainland Chinese actress Zhao Ting (趙庭). This will be Deric’s third marriage.

The Looking Back in Anger <義不容情> star first dropped the nuptial hint on April 17 via his Weibo. On his post, he attached a photo of an elegant high-rise ballroom with tables arranged like a wedding banquet, and wrote, “Does everybody really not understand what I’m trying to say? Next time don’t blame me for not notifying you guys!” Deric’s post was then followed by many animated “double happiness” icons.

The next day, Deric ended speculation with another Weibo post, writing, “This is the official announcement: it is true that I’m marrying my wife. It is true that there will be a wedding banquet. Refusing to tell [the media] about [the wedding] location is also true. If you guys figured it out, come and get me! Even if you do come, you will not be let in! Thanks, thanks!”

Deric and Zhao Ting were rumored to have gotten married in 2011, but that rumor was immediately refuted by Deric. Nonetheless, the 48-year-old’s relationship with the young Zhao Ting was openly acknowledged, and the pair frequently interacted with each other on Weibo.

Deric’s Tumultuous Love Life

Deric debuted in the industry as a singer, and in 1982, he started a job as a DJ for RTHK. Around this time, he was dating Sara Lee (李麗蕊), who was also a singer. Deric and Sara broke up a year later, and Deric wrote about his feelings in his single, “My Sara” <我的 Sara>.

Soon after meeting each other on the set of TVB sitcom, City Japes <城市故事>, Deric began dating Ho Mei Ting (何美婷), the second runner-up for the Miss Aerobic Beauty Pageant, in 1986. The pair broke up two years later, with rumors indicating that Ho disliked Deric’s temper and chauvinistic nature.

Deric’s first wife was Lee Mei Ling (李美玲), a rich heiress from Malaysia. They had a flash marriage in 1989, but their relationship went sour after the outbreak of Deric’s affair with former Miss Hong Kong contestant, Bessie Chan (陳明君). In 1993, Lee filed for divorce from Deric. The actor then claimed that he had evidence of Lee committing infidelity during their marriage.

After his divorce with Lee, Deric made his relationship with Bessie public. However, the couple broke apart in 1996. Deric later sued Bessie to ask for repayment of money he had lent her while dating.

Deric met his second wife, assistant Winnie Poon (潘燕妮), in 1996. The couple registered for marriage in Australia in 2002. However, rumors quickly followed that they had accumulated plenty of debt after business failures. Winnie escaped to mainland China to avoid debt collectors, leaving Deric responsible for the debt.

Prior to his marriage with Winnie, Deric had once arranged for marriage registration with Miao Hong (苗紅), whom he met on the set of Cang Tian You Yan <蒼天有眼> in 2000. However, Deric backed out of the wedding last minute and did not provide a reason.

Deric’s most famous relationship, however, was with Hong Kong beauty, Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮). The two met on the set of The Legend of Love <牛郎織女> in 2002. Sonija finally gave in to Deric’s pursuits when he gave her half a dozen of pineapple buns as a gift. There were rumors indicating that Sonija helped (and some say she took complete responsibility) to pay off Deric’s debts. However, their relationship was plagued with negative press, and in 2005, the couple finally split. Nonetheless, Deric and Sonija insist that they are still friends.

Through the matchmaking of mutual friends, Deric met his next girlfriend, Chinese model Wen Jiarong (溫嘉蓉), in 2004. But this romance also ended on an unfortunate note – Wen later went on to accuse Deric for cheating off 500,000 RMB from her. She also pressed charges on the actor for physical assault. Deric denied all of Wen’s claims.

In 2008, it was rumored that Deric had been seeing Qin Li (秦麗) of Qingdao. Qin Li also affectionately called Deric “Prince Wan.” However, three months later, Deric was seen hanging out with late mainland Chinese actress Pan Xingyi (潘星誼). Deric had hired Pan to endorse his company’s hair products in January 2009. On February 20, 2009, Pan fell on broken glass that slit her main artery and passed away.


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  1. I lost track of Deric Wan’s love life after his split with Sonija Kwok. Based on his past relationships, he seems very passionate yet principled in love, which may make him appear to be stubborn.

    Despite his negative press, I believe that he truly loved each woman he was with at the time. Yet his strong principles may make him appear cold, especially in his handling of money.

    As a big fan of Deric, I wish he finds lasting happiness in his third marriage.

    1. oh common on, “passionate and yet principled in love”. he is just cheating off women.

  2. >gave her half a dozen of pineapple buns as a gift.

    ………uh oh.

    Yep. Just checked my bag, the pineapple bun I bought three days ago.

    …should still be OK to eat.

    1. hahaahhahah LOL…ur comments are always so funny….LMAO

    2. Instead of paying off his debts, Sonija should have bought her own pineapple buns with the money and passed on this loser Deric Wan.

      1. That’s rude. There’s actually a specific reason why Deric bought those pineapple buns. It had to do with their first meeting at work.

  3. Congratz! Btw, how old is Deric’s bride-to-be? And their difference? Just curious.

      1. Clamine,
        Zhao Ting is reportedly in her twenties, but couldn’t find her actual age on Wiki.

      2. He’s after her money too. She has many years ahead of her to work (for him) … haha. People should warn the poor woman. 🙂

      3. Jayne,
        I never knew that Deric and Ho Mei Ting dated in the past. Do you have any recent news of her? I heard that she got married years ago so I know she is retired.

  4. I thought it was chickentail buns not pineapple ones … yes, that is the best reason to remember who this actor is – JESUS, can all these liasons be true? HK where everyone is free, wellpaid, attractive and Alpha in their ethnicity – THIS happens – such a pitfall of being in your element – but as examples go, really one should do all your assassinating in rich waters like HK where the girls are so much prettier and less career-oriented than their Overseas counterparts – also, I think some of the dumber Overseas ones like Karen Mok get played repeatedly because they let themselves get played and tell themselves they are just being modern.

    You don’t see Little Spring (jordan chan)’s wife acting like that!

    1. I know right? He’s never famous for being an actor/singer but he certainly makes up for it by being in numerous relationships. Even thou, most of these women I have absolutely no idea who they were/are.

    2. Who cares if he wants to be in relationships or not? It’s not like he forced those girls to be with him at gunpoint.

      1. because Clean looking males are VERY lethal especially if they have the gift of the gab – wow, I can’t believe how effectively HK entertainment industry has fed GENERATIONS a bunch of these cautionary tales!

  5. LOVE him as an actor. As a person? Not so sure… I don’t follow much of his news, but all this bad press isn’t doing him any good.

    Anyway, congrats~!

  6. I’m sorry but if I got half a dozen pineapple buns as a gift …. I would kick the guy to the curb

    1. I don’t know if he’s cheap in real life but he bought those buns for a reason. It was an inside joke alluding to their first meeting. Hey, it’s more original than flowers,

  7. I used to like Deric Wan as an actor (he’s the best actor for playing villains, imo) but boy, he sounds like a douche in his personal life. Suing his ex-gf over money? Seriously? Even if she owes him money, it’s better to write it off as bad debts than make an ugly scene over it.

    Also, what’s he doing pursuing Sonija Kwok when he was still with Winnie Poon in 2002? What a messy love life! Glad Sonija is freed of Deric now, he doesn’t seem to be able to handle long term relationships.

  8. Such bad luck with love! Truly hope this one will last!

  9. Wow! Deric is a good actor, but he has a colorful dating life. I hope he will be faithful and this is his last relationship.

  10. The article left out one ex-girlfriend. The one who Deric asked to pay back all the money he spent on her while they dated. That was the case that brought Deric’s reputation down in HK and he never recovered from it.

    1. Only a loser (like Deric Wan) would ask women for money (spent while dating or whatever), assault women and blackmail them by threatening to release their nude photos. He knows no shame and TVB is better off without losers like Deric Wan. No wonder his relationships don’t last.

    2. Which ex girlfriend was this?? If he did ask for her to return all if the money spent while dating then I think he is a really calculative person. I guess people can never erase that bad image if it truly happened.

      1. I remember her name liao. She’s Chan Mui Hing (陳梅馨).

        I made a mistake. The article did mention her. It’s Bessie Chan. I didn’t know she has changed her name from 陳梅馨 to 陳明君.

  11. Gosh, Sonija Kwok had a lucky escape splitting with him!! What a mess with his love life. Mind you thought he is a good actor in some of the old TVB series. Where is he working now?? In mainland China?? Not seen him in any series for a very long time.

    1. i think that unforgettable buns thing besmirched her permanently because she must be more beautiful than in photographs but her … eagerness at the scent of buns – really makes her seem looser and less controlled and less well reared than people would like

  12. Good god, I never knew this about him. My respect has gone down considerably for him now. I still think he is a decent actor, but not a very decent guy.
    I wonder if this explains why TVB probably wont ask him to come back.

  13. deric is quite a good actor, why didn’t he focus on acting and set a good record? plenty of chances to get high endorsement fees instead of spending women’s hard earned money

  14. I used to be a big fan of Deric way back in the 80s and 90s no matter how insignificant his role was. An active member of his fanclub. He was a good actor. He was a pretty good singer, to some extend. His reputation is practically down the drain when he (1) provide evidence to the press of his wife’s infidelity and (2) publically asked his money back from the then girlfriend. After that, I hardly heard about him anymore.

  15. I think we have to remember how hard it is to make a living in HK if you are not a silver spoon or an overseas returnee with an expat job – for real HK men, they are clever, alert and they KNOW that it is hard to make money so they are very sharp and hard in some ways about what they are willing to expend – BUT he definitely uses his natural attractiveness to consume good looking girls for his own appetites and then he chucks them – because this is just too many incidents. He should bottle his charm and save it for one and only person instead of utilizing it for decades as he must have been doing.

  16. so sad. i used to like deric and think he’s a great actor but now i realized why his career toppled down badly. he’s not a good man from all that i read and heard from all of you here. not surprised that his career went down after getting himself a scum man image.

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