Dicky Cheung Responds to Brother’s Debt Accusations

Last week, Dicky Cheung’s (張衛健), younger brother and ex-manager, Henry Cheung (張衞彝), accused him for withholding his managerial and commission fees, which amounts to over $20 million HKD. Despite the incredulous accusations, Dicky kept quiet and refused to respond. With mounting negative press, Dicky finally issued a joint statement with his mother to clarify the matter.

Dicky was accused of taking advantage of his brother when Henry was dazed from medication for depression, forcing him to sign a stack of documents resulting in Henry transferring all the stock rights of their talent agency, In Vogue, to Dicky. Afterward, Dicky allegedly put his brother under house arrest, and barred their mother to make contact with him. The accusations portrayed Dicky as a tyrant in his family, especially in his treatment towards his younger brother.

Dicky: “No Need to Air Dirty Laundry in Public”

Back in Hong Kong to attend good friends, Joey Tang (鄧建明) and Eddie Ng’s (吳國敬) “Man’s Icon Concert 2013”, Dicky held an impromptu press conference after the concert to clarify his stand on the family feud. The usual jovial Dicky was very serious when he said, “Since I was 17 years old, I have been taking on the responsibility of a father figure. Until today, I am still playing that role. This is not the first time I have been attacked by family members. As the head of my family, I don’t feel the need to wash my dirty linen in public, so I didn’t see the need to publicly explain. But this time, it was my mother who initiated releasing a press statement to prove my innocence in this matter.”

In the press statement, it was stated that all accusations against Dicky were false. His mother also stressed that Dicky did not owe any family member anything. On the other hand, Dicky has always given his heart and soul to every member of the family. Dicky has no plans to refute the accusations separately as everything has been clarified clearly in the press release.

Dicky said, “My mother, our family members, and I are waiting for my brother to turn back. My family is and will always be my responsibility. I will still continue to work hard to be a good brother, son, husband, and actor.”

Back for Friends’ Concert

In related news, Dicky had appeared on stage as a guest star in Joey Tang and Eddie Ng’s concert. Dicky did not let his family problems affect his performance. The moment he got on the stage, he resumed his funnyman role and mocked his two friends, “Why did you start the concert so early? In a rush to wrap up? I have a lot of things to say but when I see these two, I don’t feel like saying.” Dicky continued to share anecdotes of his two good friends who stood by him. Dicky said, “Though I was really busy filming in Hangzhou, I still want to fulfill my promise to my friends tonight.” Following that, the three good friends sang “Lorelei” <暴風女神> together.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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