Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse at “Raging Fire” Blessing Ceremony

EEG’s new movie Raging Fire <怒火> held its blessing ceremony yesterday. Actors present include Donnie Yen (甄子丹), Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Kathy Yuen (湯怡), Jeana Ho (何佩瑜), Deep Ng (吳浩康), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌). 

It was an extremely hot day with temperatures reaching 91 degrees Fahrenheit. EEG Chairman Albert Yeung (楊受成) came by to visit with an ice cream truck in tow to help cool everyone down. He praised Donnie and Nicholas for their great acting. It has been 14 years since Donnie and Nicholas have collaborated–the last time being Dragon Tiger Gate <龍虎門>.

Nicholas felt that this movie brings some exciting new elements, “Hong Kong hasn’t had a movie in a long time with so much action and ammunition flying around. For the past few days, we’ve shot over 10,000 bullets and every time we shoot our guns, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our movie set is now taking over 40,000 miles of outdoor space. We’re shooting in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Peking Road and Canton Road which are notoriously hard to get a permit for so you rarely see these roads in movies. When I was young I would always watch Donnie’s movies to try improve myself, so I’m very happy that we can collaborate again. As well, Donnie will be taking on multiple roles as actor, director, and martial arts director.”

Raging Fire is slated for release in 2020.


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