[Breakup Files] Edison Chen’s Cheating Prompts Breakup with Ann Hong

Since Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) nude photo scandal in 2008, his controversial dating life has been constantly in the limelight. He was criticized for “robbing the cradle” when he dated 16-year-old model Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙) in 2011. While his two-year relationship with Ann Hong (洪文安) seemed the most promising, the couple reportedly broke up because Edison was unable to restrain from his cheating habits.

Falling in love with his Taipei JUICE store employee Ann Hong in 2012, Edison seems to have toned down his hothead personality. Despite Edison’s scandalous past, Ann chose to believe and trust him. The couple shared many sweet photos with the public, frequently traveled together, and even met each other’s parents. Edison proclaimed that Ann was his prospective marriage partner.

However, Ann recently erased Edison from her social media contacts. It is reported that the couple broke up half a month ago due to Edison’s cheating. Ann wrote incredulously on her blog, “I discovered the unreal truth,” and said that her blinding trust resulted in the betrayal.

A Birthday Disaster

During Edison’s 34th birthday in October, the pair vacationed in Japan. During the trip, Ann stumbled upon suspicious messages between Edison and another woman. Edison has reportedly been secretly seeing another woman behind Ann’s back. Edison’s infidelity was a heavy blow to the trusting Ann, who decided to permanently cut all ties.

Edison has allegedly been begging for Ann’s forgiveness to no avail. Edison’s representative declined to comment on the artiste’s personal matters.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Holy Cow….WTH happened to him he looks like a crack head now!!!

    1. He looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I’m hoping the bounty is still open for his hand to be chopped off.

      1. While they’re at it, they should chop off that tongue, too.

      1. TBH…he looked good back in the days when he just started filming in movies but i wasnt a fan of his only think of him as being good looking that’s all

    2. Edc does look like a crack head over there. He doesn’t look like a healthy 34 year old! He had so much opportunities to do with his life yet wasted it all because of his attitude!

  2. Such a jerk! Why beg for forgiveness when he already know that cannot be forgive! Once a cheater, always a cheater!

  3. The guy’s not meant for marriage, ladies beware.

    I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine somewhere down the line. Maybe then he’ll stop jerking around like relationships are just games.

    1. Won’t be long before the next dumb one hooks up with him.

      1. Not just blinded trust the dude.

        But it’s who knows if/what STDs he might carry with his proven inability to ‘control’ himself, and seemingly promiscuous lifestyle.

  4. People must be brainless to still date/trust Edison Chen/陳冠希 after the nude photo scandal. Somebody must have hated him enough to leak those photos. Would people do that if he were a nice guy?

    1. Brainless, indeed! It’s just funny how this Ann girl chose to be with him after all the negative news written about him. And it took her this long to ” discover the unreal truth.” Lol.

      1. Leaked/nekkid photos do not correspond with guys who are players. Lots of wo(men) take private photos of themselves and lovers for the heck of it.

        He might not be the bravest guy out there but he doesn’t seem like a player…aside from that one incident before when he dated and subsequently tossed an underage virgin (well, ex virgin after him.)

      2. So was he arrested for having sex with that underaged girl?

      3. I’m impressed with the naivety of some women who think that he would change for them. A leopard never changes its spots. This guy is a satyromaniac. No amount of women can satisfy him.

    2. I thought those photos got leaked by the person who fixed his computer?

      Irregardless, your typical player.

      1. Correct – it was someone fixing his laptop who found the photos and released them.

    3. @MW: This girl is not brainless – she dated the boss. To get ahead most likely.

  5. I’m surprised to see that he still qualified be a playboy now. The girls must be blind.

    1. I know, the above commentator is right. He looks like a regular crack-head. He’s just getting more and more gross looking for being only 34. WOW…n yet all these young women still line up for him. Unbelievable…

    2. Agree with you. Just what do they see in him, you really have to wonder!

  6. Why does Edison look like intoxicated there. Not surprised with this news. This guy is a failure.

  7. Roughly 10 yrs ago when everyone was drooling over EC, I couldn’t understand why. Never found him attractive.. and these news about him just validate my indifference/now distaste for this guy. He’s truly gross.

    1. yeah, i agree with you. I remember the time when there was rivalry between him and Nic and I was thinking what’s the big deal with these 2 bad boys. Look at Nic now and Edison. What a world of difference!

      1. Nic grew up after being a husband and father. Edison has never held such responsibilities. But he has a very complicated family background so there is an effect on how a person turns out in life.

  8. There are many reasons for relationships ending, doesn’t necessarily means it have to be infidelity.

  9. I think Coffee Lam is available if he wanted to chalk this one up as a lost cause.

  10. Watch one day he’ll come out like his father that he’s into men all along, tried every girl he could get his hands on but still didn’t work for him.

    1. Good point. Maybe he is trying to prove something to himself.

    2. I really do think he’s actually a homosexual. He’s just confused with his sexual orientation.

  11. He looks high in the picture above. He probably was/is high on something.

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