EEG Cuts Chapman To’s Opportunities Due to Arrogant Attitude

With a blunt personality who likes to criticize others for fun, Chapman To (杜汶澤) has angered several artistes within the entertainment industry in the past, including Joey Yung (容祖兒), Deric Wan (溫兆倫), Andy Lau (劉德華), Leon Lai (黎明), Sandra Ng (吳君如), and Anthony Wong (黃秋生). In addition, films he appear in are now boycotted in Mainland China after he hurled criticism at netizens online. Noticing Chapman’s torrid reception with viewers, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) is reportedly terminating his opportunities.

Films such as Naked Ambition 2 <3D豪情> and Aberdeen <香港仔> have both been boycotted in Mainland China due to Chapman’s presence, although he only appears as a cameo in Aberdeen. Despite being affected by the situation, director Pang Ho Cheung (彭浩翔) showed support for Chapman and claimed he will not cut out his scenes. He expressed, “I recommend those netizens who do not wish to see a certain actor onscreen to cover their eyes for one minute when he appears.”

Chapman cut back his arrogance after joining EEG, but his haughtiness returned after he received much praise for his performance in 2012’s comedy film, Vulgaria <低俗喜劇>. Dubbed as Hong Kong’s film idol, Chapman made several offensive remarks at other artistes and angered many with his criticism.

An insider noted, “Chapman gets all smug when he is popular. In contrast, Nick Cheung (張家輝), who is named Best Film Actor, is very humble and treats his colleagues well!”

Filming for From Vegas to Macau 2 <賭城風雲II> will soon commence, but producers avoided re-casting Chapman in order to avoid trouble. Instead, Nick Cheung and Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) have been added to the cast. The insider continued, “Even [EEG]’s executives can no longer stand Chapman’s attitude. After hearing the boycott news, they did not ask other artistes to help him out or speak to the Mainland production companies. Everyone believes he should reflect on what he has done!”


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  1. Chapman is a dead man disenfranchising many folks along the way…he is definitely too arrogant and self-centered!

  2. he angered sandra ng? wow, when did that happen? he was in golden chicken 3 wo~

  3. Omg what happen to his face, he look like Bryanboy

    1. Hahaha! Chapman is wayy better looking though.

  4. Never really understood how he got so high on the ladder in the first place but I dont watch many films. I think he’s most influential in that sector. His wife must be facing alot of criticism for having to support him as well, even if she is TV queen.

    1. TVB TV Queen means diddly squat in the big picture of HK entertainment.

  5. He deserves what he’s getting now. I wonder how Kristal, his wife, is going to defend him after all this.

    1. You are right, he is too much and bad actor. I will never watch his movie, dislike him.

  6. got nothing against him, in fact was I was impressed with his body transformation, but I still have never understood why he was popular

    1. I noticed some people like craps, maybe he was being cast because he talks craps?

      1. well he’s horrible at talking crap, you can’t even take him serious

  7. That’s good. Hope he’ll learn his lesson and the wife too. She say dumb comments too. I don’t know how both of them got so popular. I think they are only good doing supporting roles.

  8. yes that’s good. I never like his acting and personality.

  9. hi there

    1. this prick should have just shut up.
    2. honest, can he actually act?
    3. just too much airs.

  10. Wonder what Kristal ever saw in him. Seriously the ugliest dude I’ve ever seen.

  11. opposite attracts. heard kristal came from a well educated family and she ended up marrying a douche like chapman. poetic justice?

  12. He is brash, he is rude, he is rogue but was he so arrogant? Maybe he is not a people’s person.

    ” “I recommend those netizens who do not wish to see a certain actor onscreen to cover their eyes for one minute when he appears.””

    Better yet, don’t watch the movie.

  13. Yes, agree pls dont cast him, he looks like those thugs and too arrogant and has no respect for others.

  14. actually what happen when been reported he angered the netizen? what did he say to cause anger by the netizen? chapman was once quite poor and andy lau helped him financially? then chapman became popular again in acting…then he was caught with an illness one time that cause worry to his wife? lucky his health is back to normal again…

    1. I heard Chapman could not afford a good place to live so Andy rented one of his properties to him for a cheap price. Then Chapman black-mouthed Andy so Andy took back the property when the lease was up.
      Seems like Chapman has a problem controlling his tongue.

  15. i wonder if these are just all rumors that chapman doesnt get along with so many people

  16. He is an arrogant douchebag. Kristal was also the same way when she won TV queen. I guess that’s why they are a match.

    1. I dont know why Kristal was picked as best actress, there are so many good actresses out there. TVB is clueless, they never award those deserving ones, now they’re desperate to award to those who might threaten to leave their station. Full of craps. Yes, birds of black feathers!

  17. I feel that since he lost weight, his character has gotten much worse.

  18. “Chapman gets all smug when he is popular. In contrast, Nick Cheung (張家輝), who is named Best Film Actor, is very humble and treats his colleagues well!”

    Ga fai is the man

  19. what’s with this “close eye for 1 minute when he appears onscreen” ?

    i mean the whole idea is NOT to support any film he’s in right?

    humility, boy, humility~~~~

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