Elaine Ng Hopes Etta Will Mature and Become More Responsible

At a beauty event, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) appeared with a sexier image by wearing light blue dress and showing off her long legs. During the event, Elaine announced that she will be selling a book containing her personal paintings and her daughter Etta Ng’s (吳卓林) childhood paintings. Elaine hopes that the book will help share positive energy with everyone

As expected, Etta was the focus of the media’s attention and many questions were directed towards the mother-daughter’s relationship. When Elaine was asked if she was stressed due to Elaine moving back to Hong Kong, Elaine replied that everyone has different kinds of stress. Elaine wanted Etta to learn this and the importance of having friends and relatives to support each other.

Etta and her wife, Andi Autumn, were struggling to pay rent earlier and ended up at the police station. Although the couple lived at Elaine’s house for a few days, they have already moved out. Elaine is also uncertain if Andi is able to financially support Etta.

In time, Elaine hoped that Etta will mature and learn to self-reflect on her actions: Etta cannot always do what she wants, but she can give her best effort. Ending her thoughts on a positive note, Elaine is not worried about what will happen in the future, Elaine will go with the flow and leave everything to God’s plans. Elaine wanted Etta to grow and be independent, and thus did not try to persuade Etta from doing something she does not want.

Responding to Etta Being Bullied at School

In an earlier interview, Etta revealed that she was bullied while growing up in Shanghai due to her family background.  Elaine said, “Learn from the past. It depends on if you view the event as something negative or positive. Hoping that she can view more events with a positive lights and her perspective will change. Currently I am focused on personal development and I want to help Etta to feel more positive energy.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. First, etta has a leach on her, no not leash, leach and until she dump the leash or both learn to get a job or two or three, etta will never learn the word responsibility because having a father who doesn’t acknowledge her existence and probably at times an emotional mother and a not so much money in the bank already given her a chip on her shoulders. Secondly, Elain should just drop Etta and tell her I love you but I have to let you go even if you starve. Because tough love is the way to go. Third, why not earn money from this soap opera? Do a reality show. The world is watching for free now, so might as well earn some money. Fourthly, Jackie Chan is a ….. well you fill in the blanks.

    Hmmm what happened to Jaycee? So quiet?

    1. @funnlim In Western society, the man will have to pay child support to raise the children. How come he is left off the hook on the child support? Is it because Elaine refused to take it and that’s why Etta is bitter that he got the Jackie genes but nothing else?

    2. @funnlim why should Jaycee say something? from what I’ve seen, majority of the children whose parents cheat don’t want to have anything to do with their half sister/brother from affair. It’s a constant reminder that their dad/mom betrayed them.

  2. A few possibilities.

    Elaine never asked. Need to sue and need to do paternity. if she never did that, she wouldn’t be able to sue for maintenance.


    She got a lump sum payment, signed an iron clad confidentiality agreement. But she always denied she got paid.

    My thinking is the latter.

    1. @funnlim
      I think definitely lump sum because even the most ungreedy or solid may principled person in the world would not object to fighting for money in which he has the right to take. She must have took a huge amount or regular payments or rest of life…

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