Elaine Yiu Doesn’t Mind Staying Single: Will Patiently Wait for the Right One

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Elaine Yiu Doesn’t Mind Staying Single: Will Patiently Wait for the Right One

Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) will patiently wait for the right one, even if waiting for the right one will take forever.

The Justice Bao: The First Year <包青天再起風雲> actress has a beautifully tragic romance with Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), but in real life, finding romance didn’t come that easily. After a tabloid magazine claimed that Elaine was a third party in her new relationship, Elaine had to come forth to make a statement, also announcing that she has already broken up with her new boyfriend.

The 38-year-old admitted that she is now back to being single and dedicating most of her time to her career. Finding romance is no longer the priority for her, but if it does come her way, she will welcome it with open arms.

“I’ve never tried to intentionally look for someone, or intentionally not to,” said Elaine. “I’m sure all girls have thought about getting married and having kids, myself included. But I won’t get married for the sake of getting married. He has to be someone who is suitable for me. Just because I like to have kids, doesn’t mean I’m going to go find some guy to have kids with. I want to have a family with someone I love.”

As for her own future, Elaine says, “I would hope to have kids because I feel like that will be more complete, but that doesn’t have to happen. Maybe, sometime, there will be a moment when I see that kids aren’t in the future.”

Elaine said there hasn’t been a moment in her life where she felt like she wasn’t ready to be in a long term relationship, or get married. But if she does get in a new relationship, that relationship will be for life. “We should all give out our hearts. If we are always feeling suspicious, then that relationship will be very difficult. Or maybe that person is just not walking the same path as you. When you are together, mutual trust will follow. In every relationship I’ve been in, I was dedicated to it. Elaine Yiu is a very simple person. She just want a simple relationship.”

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