Elaine Yiu Is Fine With Being Single at 40

Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), who has been single since ending things with Raymond Young after being accused of being a homewrecker in his marriage, has only been in a few steady relationships throughout the 18 years that she has been in the industry. Though the actress is nearing 40 years old soon, she is not in a rush to get married.

She expressed, “I am just a normal person, so I strive for things and have my own thoughts like everyone else. However, the only thing you can do when things are out of your control is to face it, rest, and start over. Maybe there will be an even better result.”

So, for now, she is happy being single at her age and not letting a mere number define her life. “Everyone needs to maintain a bit of youth. When I am with my friends, we are crazy. We should do what we want to do and not let our age restrict us,” Elaine said.

She Wants Mutual Trust in a Relationship

However, when love does come knocking on her door, she hopes it will be a simple romance where mutual trust exists. “I am a very simple person, so I think love should be simple too,” Elaine stated.

She believes that love does not need to be calculative and difficult. She said, “When I talk to my friends about love, I will sometimes hear, ‘Don’t message too quickly or answer too consistently.’ However, in my opinion, that type of dating is too exhausting. I don’t get why I have to whet his appetite first and not just message him when I miss him.”

From hearing about other people’s experiences, she believes that a simple romance will provide her the most comfort and happiness. Not wanting to treat love like a game, Elaine said, “He should understand me, and we don’t need to follow or check each other. We can just be ourselves.”

Elaine Maintains Friendship With Her Exes

Her straightforward personality also carries over to her relationships with her exes. Preferring to maintain friendships with her previous boyfriends, Elaine said it’s not necessary to think about whether or not it’s appropriate, as long as there is mutual care, given that they once had a special place in her heart.

Moreover, each relationship taught her something new about herself. Enduring each breakup and growing stronger, Elaine learned that moving on is essential to freeing herself and not bringing pain to others along the way.

She Does Not Want a Divorce

Having matured over the years, Elaine believes that although marriage is something that she desires, she can’t rush the process because it concerns the two families as well as the couple. In addition, Elaine wants to avoid making a hasty decision that will lead to divorce since marriage and having children are life-changing milestones.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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