Eliza Sam Announces She is Carrying a Boy

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Eliza Sam Announces She is Carrying a Boy

Already in her last trimester, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) showed off her seven-month baby bump in two maternity shots shared on Instagram. The 34-year-old actress chose to announce that she is carrying a boy on Valentine’s Day.

In one of the photos, Eliza is wearing her diamond ring while hugging husband Joshua Ngo, who is seen gazing lovingly into the actress’ eyes. Eliza wrote, “To my forever best friend, I’m so lucky that God gave me the best partner in the world! I pray our little guy will grow up to be just like his daddy!” Based on Eliza’s message, it was obvious that the couple is expecting a boy this spring.

Choosing to vacation in Hawaii in December when her belly bump was still compact, Eliza has continued to work by appearing in ad endorsement events. She revealed that Joshua supported her to keep herself busy, “Although I’m pregnant, he feels that I should still have contact with society, meetup [with friends], and work once in awhile as long as I’m careful.”

During her pregnancy, Eliza didn’t gain much weight or become bloated, but she admits that she started having cravings for pizza lately. Fans can’t wait to meet her little prince and responded to maternity photos post, “Beautiful mom!”

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