Eliza Sam is Worried She’s Not Ready to Be a Mother

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Eliza Sam is Worried She’s Not Ready to Be a Mother

Six months pregnant Eliza Sam (岑麗香) attended a promotional event on Tuesday wearing a red tube dress in five-inch heels, worrying the people around her. Although she knows her responsibilities are a lot bigger now, she is enjoying her freedom and alone time with her husband Joshua before the baby’s arrival. At the same time, they are taking small steps to prepare for the drastic lifestyle changes once the baby comes into the world.

“At the moment, there are many things we need to prepare,” Eliza said. “I need to read more books on babies. I always feel that I am not ready to be a mother, but my mommy friends around me tell me that I’ll always feel as if I’m not ready, so my husband specially enrolled in some baby classes. Every day, I see he takes the effort to do the relevant research. It makes me happy to be taken care of, and actually, he has always been good to me – he is a husband with a perfect score.”

In addition to finding out what food and products are best for the baby, Joshua is always willing to accommodate Eliza’s appetite changes. Although Eliza does not experience too much morning sickness, her cravings are making her husband’s life hard. “The baby really likes to drink orange and apple juice but it’s different every day so you won’t really know what it is I want to drink – it’s very spontaneous,” Eliza shared. “Once, my husband bought orange juice home but surprisingly I didn’t want to drink it, so I forced my husband to buy apple juice.”

The actress also revealed their baby prefers Western food like pizza and hamburger, inheriting the couple’s western personalities. With a decent appetite, the baby is often kicking her, making Joshua feel proud that the baby already knows how to kick. “My family and friends tell me to talk to the baby more, so sometimes I will tell the baby to kick me. I did not expect the baby to understand and really kick,” Eliza said excitedly. “It turns out that we can communicate, it is wonderful.”

Gaining strength from her baby, Eliza is learning to be braver. Recently, she mustered up the courage to kill a cockroach by herself, knowing that she needs to be able to protect her child in the future. She is also taking proactive measures to ensure a smooth pregnancy by lessening her workload to avoid straining herself. Instead, she spends her free time resting, stretching, and getting massages to relieve her back pain. With the Lunar New Year coming up, Eliza will decide whether she wants to give birth in Hong Kong or Canada after the festivities are over.

Source: Mpweekly

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    Bit late for that……..but she should worry more why her acting is still so pitiful after being in the industry for so many years.

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