Elvina Kong On Divorce: “It is Not a Blemish in Life”

Elvina Kong (江欣燕) returns to television for the drama Brutally Young (十八年後的終極告白) to play a motherly role for Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) character. While Elvina’s character appears to have a successful career and a happy family, it is later revealed that her onscreen husband is involved with another women. Off screen, Elvina’s love life is equally bumpy but in the aftermath of a divorce, she chose to be strong in order to find herself again.

Soon after Elvina ended her five-year relationship with Dicky Chung (張衛健), she met businessman Jackson Ng (吳積遜) and they were together for a total of 22 years. After their marriage, the couple often showed off their loving relationship as Elvina slowly took a backseat in her career. However, in 2012, Elvina’s marriage took a turn for the worse and the two filed for divorce. The reason for the divorce was reportedly due to Jackson’s infidelity and his high alcohol consumption.

Rediscovering Herself After Divorce

Elvina admitted that her unhappy marriage had driven her to depression. As Elvina was lost with her emotions, she coped with her marital problems by drinking and splurging on materialistic items. Elvina eventually made up her mind to separate from her ex-husband and spent a long time getting out of the lowest point in her life.

Looking back at the past, Elvina shared that she gained a lot from the marriage and her divorce was not a blemish in her life. While Elvina thought that she lost herself in her marriage, she learned to be tolerant. Now that she is single, she discovers that she can find her own happiness and has more time to focus on herself.

At the age of 52, Elvina is aging well and is living her life on her own terms. While Elvina’s ex-husband has been in a number of relationships after their separation, she remains single as she spends her time with her family and friends. Not letting any negativity affect her, Elvina often responds to questions about her divorce with an open mind. With her experience, she approaches love with patience and understands that having a divorce is not a sign of failure. On the contrary, Elvina learns to be kind to herself and advocates that nothing is more important than pursuing your own happiness.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @pompidur well not every couples wants a kid after marriage and some maybe they couldn’t have a kid at all. For an example a few couples like Sean Lau and Amy Kwo, Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung, Joey Meng Chan Sap Sam, Paisley Wu and Pal Sinn also Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui and Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh accept their husband caught cheating on them one time I know they don’t have kids but still happily married.

  1. I think she looks too young to be Mandy Wong’s mother in Brutally Young…

    1. @snoopy Yes, only 15 years older. I just goggled that MW’s age. Unbelievable! TVB can’t find older looking mom’s these days. I remember that stupid airport series as well, the one that plays HUGO WONG’s mom?? Come on!!! lol…crazy…

      1. @wm2017 Oh yea, in the Airport Strikers, Strawberry Yeung acted as Hugo’s mom!! I’m like omg, she’s so pitiful!! Especially Hugo looks old and mature for his age. All the professional mom actress are either retired, leaving Tvb or rip.

    2. @snoopy
      you haven’t seen the soy sauce drama then. i couldn’t believe they made che yuan yuan stephen wong’s mom. i think che yuan yuan is at most 5 years older than stephen wong if they are not the same age.

      1. @m0m0 Omg…Stephan Wong is 41 years old!! He looks like 30ish. I really can’t imagine him older than Hugo Wong!! But yea, Stephanie Che is even more pitiful…sigh..TVB needs more older mom actress!

      2. @snoopy Kiki Sheung played Roger Kwok’s mother in “To Get Unstuck In Time” even though she’s only 2 years older than him, she’s even more pitiful.

      3. @melody Well, Kiki Sheung has always look older than her age even when she was supposedly young? lol…..But definitely pitiful. haha

      4. @melody I remember Kiki Sheung lamented it in some of her past interviews that she’s way too young to be Roger Kwok’s mother.

  2. She’s beautiful and funny. Her ex definitely wasted her youth, but she is recovering and living her life now. Hope she meets a nice man. It’s never too old to date!

  3. I like her, happy she’s on screen again last time I saw her was probably M Club.
    For me she looks like a Chinese version of Stacey Solomon.

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